Issue 01: Live with Regis and Kelly
The 2005 entries were originally written for the journal I kept in WST 3015/Intro to Women's Studies. They have been modified slightly since then.

2005 October 05, 3:07 pm

Hoooo boy... The other night, Mom and I were watching a recorded episode of Live with Regis and Kelly. Teri Hatcher was one of the guests that morning, and we were both appalled at how she looked.

I can't remember precisely, but I don't remember Hatcher being so tan and SKINNY back when I watched her on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. On Live, however, she made me think of a description in an article that something like "I looked like a concentration camp survivor, a cancer patient, or a fashion model." Hatcher's bones were pretty defined along her elbows and knees, and she didn't have much flesh over her arms. Mom and I kept yelling things at the TV like, "Girl, you are too thin!" and "What happened to you?!" Hatcher started talking about a trip she took to Africa with her daughter, and she made a comment about seeing people starving there and wanting to feed them. I couldn't help bursting out with, "They're not the only ones who need to eat!"

I guess it bothered me so much because she's now on that very popular Desperate Housewives, and this image of the overly thin, unnecessarily tan woman is quite prominent when attached to a star like her. She gets praised for how "good" she looks, how whatever she's doing is working, but I can't help thinking that she looked so much better BEFORE getting so thin and risking skin cancer to get that "healthy glow." She doesn't look healthy at all now, yet that is the "glamorous" appearance that Hollywood projects.

I know I shouldn't judge people's appearances and weight like that, since some people really are naturally skinny and don't want to be. However, Hatcher's appearance looks like a deliberate slim-down rather than her natural, healthy weight, and as a celebrity it projects a different image than, say, one of my skinny friends.

It was a relief that another guest on the show was a nineteen-year old named Raven-Simone, formerly of The Cosby Show and now some sort of Disney television actress. As she described herself, she is "thick and beautiful." I did have to laugh at the use of "thick" because I'm used to hearing "big and beautiful," but Raven made an excellent point that the important thing is to be healthy— good blood sugar, good blood pressure, and that sort of thing— which can sometimes come in a "thick" package. She was a strong contrast to skinny little Hatcher, and she looked so much more healthy for it. Bravo to Raven for not getting talked into the crazy diets and slimming down of other stars, because she's giving the young Disney watchers a much better role model than ol' Hatcher is.

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