Issue 01: April 2006
"Zines are independent little magazines published by people like you and me and completely devoted to the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ethics. They are very diverse, covering topics from music, art, politics, parenting, ethnicity, sexuality, class issues, religion, feminism and much more. In zines anybody can write about anything."
        — About Grrrl Zine Network

"Why do people make zines? Usually because they want to express themselves in a personal, cheap and quick format. If you do a zine, you're the editor and you can do whatever you want. A lot of people that do zines have some theme or subject they want to deal with that they don't think is already being written about in regular magazines."
        — Questions and Answers About Zines

"Zines are such a great tool for people to express themselves without media intervention, even if the voices are 'quieter' than those of mainstream magazines because of their much smaller distribution. People get a chance to make the messages themselves instead of having messages fed to them about who and what they're supposed to be."
        — Me

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