The more that apply to you, the nuttier you are!

Tired of the typical "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When?" or "You Know You Like Sailor Whatever Too Much When?"... Well, here's something a bit different. This involves your favorite Senshi without naming them. This won't have "You scream Mercury Bubbles Blast" or "You have hair like Usagi," because you might not like those characters. These can apply to everyone! ... Well, if you're a fan of one of the more obscure Senshi like Cosmos or Lethe, you might have trouble... And some of these refer to things like sports, music, etc. that not all people participate in... awww, you get the idea!

See the old ones here. The format is a bit unusual. I couldn't edit it very well, that's why it's separate. There may be some duplicates or some things very similar in this list. The layout hasn't been modified at all; I didn't want to bother ^^;;

"Her" is used to refer to your favorite Senshi. If your favorite is Tuxie, tough!

  1. You to try bubble in scantron tests in the shape of her symbol.

  2. You shout out something like "Jupiter, give me the power to ACE THIS TEST!" before a big exam.

  3. In art class, you are told to paint something in a color scheme of your choice, so you do her fuku colors, even if they don't necessarily form a compliment, triad, analogous, etc.

  4. You have the same bloodtype, birthday, height... And if you don't, you alter medical records to say that you do!

  5. In the middle of an acting rehearsal, you forget your lines, so you ad lib as her.

  6. You own a larger doll collection than most young girls.

  7. You flame any- and everyone that has the slightest misinformation about her on their page.

  8. You write a 500+ page fanfic about her (Immora whistles innocently...)

  9. While in a big championship game for the sport you play, you are about to make the winning goal/serve/run home/etc., but then some on the other team tells you your favorite Senshi sucks or something to that effect. You stop immediately to protest... and the game is lost.

  10. When you compliment people, you compare them to her, like "oh, your hair is just like hers!" or "you're almost as cool as her!"

  11. You compose a symphony about her as an assignment for your music class.

  12. You compose a symphony about her for fun!

  13. You sew SD patches of her onto your clothing.

  14. You draw her on EVERYTHING... notes, brick walls, the actual computer monitor, people's houses...

  15. You try to do her attacks the best you can, using what you have available [ex. beach balls, bubble wands, plastic chains, ribbons...]

  16. You scream and cry when your mom (or family friend/neighbor that can sew) doesn't sew her fuku as a Halloween costume for you like she promised. Even worse if you're a boy.

  17. You sing her image song for a talent show/chorus recital.

  18. You spell words relating to her in Scrabble, Upwords, or a similar game.

  19. When you go out to eat, you order food that she likes.

  20. Your prom dress looks like her princess dress (or tuxedo, if you're a fan of Tux, the Three Lights concert uniforms). Bonus if you're the opposite sex of your favorite Senshi.

  21. Even your bathroom is plastered with her.

  22. If they play an instrument, you play it, too.

  23. If you like an Inner Senshi-- you do a book report on her Nakayoshi character book... even if you can't read it.

  24. In the middle of a really important business meeting, you scream out that you have to see if your favorite shrine of hers was updated.

  25. In the middle of a really important business meeting, you pass out because someone has an appearance similar to hers.

  26. In the middle of a really important business meeting, you burst out in "Happy Birthday To You" because it's her birthday.

  27. You decide to take a business trip to Japan, China, etc. for the sole purpose of buying her merchandise.

  28. You go into a public or school restroom and do graffiti of her in the stalls.

  29. You go into a restaurant or business restroom and do graffiti of her in the stalls.

  30. You go to a live musical and run up on stage to hug her actress.

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