Ahhh... a look back at all my old versions of this site... I will try to get HTML versions up one day... See how many of these you can remember, and enjoy!

Volume 1 screenshot... AHHHH!!!Volume 1- March 20, 1997 was the day my site opened. Wow, did it stink. Default background, text, links, one big picture linked to someone else's site, a notice that the site was "under construction," and a link to Karl's link list. Whooooa. This lasted one day. The general public never saw this, thank God. Isn't it strange how I still remember what the link and the picture were, considering it lasted a day and it was nearly 3 years ago? o_O

Volume 2 screenshotVolume 2- Well, it had a black background, a list of updates, Jupiter's profile, and links. I don't think there was anything else. I know that I had no picture of any sort, h3 was a frequent text size (groans) with h1 as the header (no logo, no idea how to make one...), and basically... well, it stunk. Simple as that.

Volume 3 screenshot
Volume 3- I actually figured out how to do background colors and things, thank goodness. The background was bright purple and the text bright pink. I liked it, ok? ^^;;; There were two sidebars; Princesses Uranus and Jupiter's bookmarks. There wasn't much in the way of sections. I remember having profiles, pictures, "Temple of Spiffy" (remember that?), and links. If there was more, I don't remember. I had a midi playing in the background (cringe), I know at one point I used "Moon Revenge." I had that cute widdle rock that stuck out his tongue (remember him?) and a cow named Kami.

Volume 4 screenshotVolume 4- You know how I use that black, starry night background a lot? I first used it here, with yellow text. I kinda "borrowed" the starry bg from The Temple of Uranus (I miss that site...) The midi at this point was "Route Venus." I was collecting names to have an Outer Senshi club, and I was giving awards to people for having spiffy sites; "Pages of Spiff". I had a Sailoruranus shrine. I think I got GeoPlus around this time. It was mostly left-aligned... I don't really remember this one well.

Volume 5 screenshot- THE HORROR!Volume 5- Let it be known that this layout totally sucked. The starry thing was a sidebar, the rest of it was white. Yuck. I had obnoxious images of each Senshi going down the side, a midi, a scrolling Javascript, two large images I just liked a lot... By now, there was Silvermoon, YKYWTSTMW, reviews, and season summaries. There was also an incomplete manga 15 summary, a quiz, a survey, a me page, my computer art, a rings list, feedback, a guestbook, and info on the character Immora. I'd scrapped the "Pages of Spiff" by now. But I would like to mention I was a bit ahead of my time with the background; I had the sidebar thing going before it became really popular to do... even though this was ugly.

Volume 6 screenshotVolume 6- This one was blue to black shaded, very nice but very, very simple. I had a transparent GIF of Pluto going down the left side, which stuck around for awhile... Buh-bye to Kami (moo!), the Sailoruranus shrine, me, Immora, Outer Senshi club, midi, Javascript, quiz... I put up the Outer Senshi shrine though (yay!). It would eventually move to a different address, then back to being a sub-index.

Volume 7 screenshotVolume 7- I think this is where I shoved this one in... I briefly had a pastel/rainbow background, but everything else was exactly the same. I think I had it a couple of weeks, but after awhile, it was just too strange (Pluto in her dark fuku and... bright rainbow colors?) Plus, it was really tough to find text and link colors that were readable. I moved Pluto to the right.

Volume 8 screenshotVolume 8- And this one was black to purple shaded, still with Pluto. The sections were profiles, season summaries, YKYWTSTMW, Silvermoon, Immora's Outer Senshi Shrine, reviews, stuff, The Temple of Spiffy, and links. I got rid of the pictures because there was no point to them anymore; I never updated them. I also briefly had the sections in a table with lavender cells, the only change to the layout.

Volume 9 screenshotVolume 9- The move to Crosswinds, woo hoo. I started shifting into layouts with tons of white. This had an image of Eternalsailormoon on blue [note: not the same as volume 15] as a sidebar (but it didn't touch the margins like it should have). No changes in sections, just in the way they were listed; I started using little pink hearts as bullets. I changed the logo since I'd moved to a new location... plus, the old one just didn't go with this layout.

Volume 10 screenshotVolume 10- I thought this was rather nice. The sidebar was almost correct; touched the margins, but the text overlapped the shadow. It featured an image of each Senshi (the same ones I use in the profiles now), plus a rainbow-shaded border type thing. Ahhhh... just look at it, I really can't explain it well. Now that I look back, that logo really didn't go well with the layout...

Volume 11 screenshotVolume 11- I finally got the sidebar correct. I started dividing things into "Information," "Entertainment," etc. The mainpage only linked to each section, however ^^;;; I changed the logo to a funky, multicolored one. It isn't too bad... it's okay, but it really could have been better.

Volume 12 screenshot... The lost volume...Volume 12- Never saw the light of your monitor. This used the sidebar image from volumes 10 and 11, but without the rainbow separation. It was the whole background, however, and the table on top was white with rounded corners. I was inspired by Sailorstars.net (I miss you! ;_; ) to make the corners rounded; they had a layout that I was just wowed by.

Volume 13 screenshotVolume 13- Ah, the era of the image map... ^^;;; The whole site changed to have a table border with three stripes on the top and bottom. Each section had an image map that linked to the pages inside it. A bust shot of Supersailormoon winking was prominently feature on most pages. Not bad... It was around here that I made TSSP! a separate section of a larger site, The World Of Immora. The logo really is the same, just broken up, while the section headers are different.

Volume 14 screenshotVolume 14- Still kept the stripes, but now a pastel image of Supersailormoon was on the right and blended into the stripe closest to it, and the table was set to be 640 pixels wide, as were the rest of the pages (except some reviews). I had all pages linked from the mainpage, but listed under subheadings for the sections they had been a part of before. The logo changed to match the layout. Very, very compact on the screen. Wasn't it pretty?

Volume 15 screenshotVolume 15- This was the first layout that was really stand-out from other sites, which Iron Mouse of sar inspired me to do. Also the first to take forever to download on purpose -_-;;;. It featured an image of ESM standing on the left, with the links on the right. I started the separate splash pages for each section, but they weren't linked from the mainpage (the way the layout was setup didn't allow for that). It lasted, oh, three weeks. Again, logo change to match the layout.

Volume 16 screenshotVolume 16 buttonVolume 16: Summer Spectacular!- Ah... My pride and joy... My first beautiful, magazine-inspired layout with an image of a summery Usagi and flowers, and instead of a list of links, I made sentences with the sections linked in them, kinda like a magazine has stuff highlighted for you to check out. Lots of people begged to know where the image came from and said they really loved this layout. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Volume 17 ScreenshotVolume 17: Cutey-Patootey Chibi-Chibi Craziness!- Chibichibimoon... Heh heh... I blame this on Coki and Kimikat for being such sugar-happy, Chibi-crazy nutcases and influencing me. To quote Coki, "Not bad... but mine is pinker. =)" Well, take THIS! LOL! Anyways, I planned to release this when I moved to Lit.org, but got tired of waiting for confirmation and decided to stick this up on Geocities anyways. Isn't it just soooo cute? The "cutey-patootey" thing comes from watching too much Rosie O'Donnel ^_^;;

Volume 18 screenshotMinako buttonVolume 18: Mad about Minako!- A heavily yellow layout featuring Minako in a cute gingham outfit, hat, and Artemis sitting on her hat. I think it's a pretty cute layout :D I condensed the layout with this volume to save space. Isn't it cute how the button is timed to be a cheer? "S-P-I... F-F-Y... Spiffy! Spiffy! Gooo Spiffy!"

Volume 19 screenshortVolume 19: After a rather long hiatus, I came back with this layout of Makoto for Christmas. I had been harassed to make a Makoto layout *cough, Spridle, cough* so I did. I doodle the picture in blue ink while I was sick and ended up computer coloring it. Notice how the table isn't perfectly centered. There were only a few issues before this was taken down, and no button was made.

Volume 20 screenshotVolume 20: Rebirth- Sailorsaturn is perfect to bring in the new year. This image came from volume 10, when she is using her attack. I scanned it, colored it on the computer, added decorative motion lines and blurs. I left the background white-- wow, been awhile! I was hoping for a touch of elegance, but still showing the power this tiny girl has! The logo is in an "Olde English" font. There is no button yet.

Unused layouts:

Volume... uh, it has SetsunaSetsuna buttonFall Fantasies!- Featuring the always-lovely Setsuna in a nice black dress, holding a wine glass. For some reason, I think of really old wallpaper when I look at this background O.O Whaddya mean, I'm crazy? Anyways... I think it's very nice; elegant, classic, and beautiful, like Setsuna herself. The button is kinda neat, IMHO; the definition of "spiffy" scrolls across. Hey, it fits Setsuna! Woooo! I planned to use this in October.

Volume... er, well, it would have been the first for 2000Saturn buttonResurrection!- What would have been the first layout for 2000... mwahahaha! With all this "Millennium" stuff people are going nuts over*, I thought I'd cash in on the hype and make something to fit with the "end of the world!" mentality. Saturn's very appropriate, don't you think? This is unique from the others in that there's two images instead of just one, and it's the second to not have a flower on it. Colors are the same as her fuku. Button is spiffy!

Volume... um, with HarukaHaruka buttonWonderful Winter!- This features Haruka in a lacy black and white outfit, with everything else in black and white. And people always call her "manly," too!... What is it with these Outers? All their layouts are sophisticated and not very bright compared to 16 and 18... More fitting of the Outers than bright and colorful, right? The background is supposed to look like lace; it's really hard to tell from the screenshot. I'll probably use a modified version of this in February.

For the older volumes (8-10 and whatever), I do not indicate logo changes--I can't remember them! I used the same logo for the re-creations as I did with some of the other volumes just so I'd have something there.

* The real new millennium (and century, I believe) is 2001. Everyone just started going nuts because we were hitting the 2000's and figured it was the start of the millennium (and century). I blame it on Marketing, mwahahaha! ... Ah, too much of my Dilbert desk calender ^^;; Who says you have to work to enjoy work humor?

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