The followers of Shadow Galactica were once true Sailor Senshi. Chaos, however, corrupted Sailorgalaxia, which led to their formation. Queen Galaxia took the star seeds of other Senshi and gave them two choices: serve her as one of her Animamates, or die. They were given a golden bracelet that allowed them to survive without their star seeds. Their goal was to control everything by stealing the star seeds of everyone.

The entity known as Chaos had several alter selves; Queen Metallia, the Death Phantom, Master Pharoah 90, and Neherenia.

Queen Galaxia/Sailorgalaxia
When the Sailor Wars ravaged the galaxies and left millions dead, only one Senshi stood a chance against Chaos. That Senshi was Sailorgalaxia. She took Chaos into herself so that everyone could survive, thinking she was powerful enough to contain its evil. She underestimated Chaos' abilities and was corrupted. Her new mission was to seek out star seeds to gain control of all the galaxies, the star seeds of Senshi, in particular. She became the queen of Shadow Galactica, a separate dimension of sorts In the anime, Galaxia sent out her star seed, the light of hope, to prevent Chaos from tainting it. It later became Chibi-Chibi. Usagi didn't know she'd killed Mamoru. She was completely taken over by Chaos, then healed by Sailormoon and restored to her true self. In the manga, she killed Mamoru right in front of Usagi, and also killed the Outer Senshi. There is no connection between her and Chibi-Chibi. Chaos' control was so complete that when she did break free, it killed her. Her name is a play on "galaxy."

Ironmouse was originally Sailor Chuu from the planet Chuu. She went by the name Chuuko Nezu in her civilian form, wearing a black gangster suit with sunglasses and a hat. She was very small, hyper, and eager to complete her mission. In the anime, she failed to find a true star seed, but discovered Seiya was Starfighter before Galaxia came and killed her. In the manga, she didn't kill anyone and was killed by Starhealer.

Aluminumsiren was originally Sailor Mermaid from the planet Mermaid. She went by the name Aya Reiko in civilian form, wearing a pretty dress and hat in her civilian form. She was always eating something, and when she got nervous, she just ate more. She seemed ditzy and didn't realize it when Leadcrow insulted her. In the anime, Galaxia killed her for her failure. In the manga, she killed Makoto and Ami and was killed by a combined attack by Starfighter and Starhealer.

Leadcrow was originally Sailor Coronis from the planet Coronis. She went by the name Karasuma Akane in her civilian form, wearing a white shirt with a vest and skirt, her large wings apparently disappearing so her identity wasn't revealed. She yelled at Aluminumsiren a lot but really did care for her. In the anime, she was swallowed by a black hole released by Tinnyanko. In the manga, she killed Phobos, Deimos, Rei, and Minako, and was killed by Sailormoon.

Tinnyanko was originally Sailor Mau from the planet Mau. She went by the name Suzu Nyanko in her civilian form. She seems to be pure evil. In the anime, she lost one bracelet due to an attack by Sailormoon. She started to turn good, then Galaxia took the other, killing her. In the manga, she almost killed the three cats and was killed by Galaxia.

Appearing only in the manga, she was responsible for the spirits of people once their star seeds were taken. She liked to turn them into butterflies. She was killed by the Asteroid Senshi.

Sailorlethe and Sailormnemosyne
Appearing only in the manga, they guarded two rivers that flowed through the Zero Star Sagittarius, the River of Oblivian and the River of Memory, respectively. They were loyal to each other, even touching fingertips together as they were killed by Chi and Phi for siding with Sailormoon. Their names represent "forgetfulness" and "memory," respectively.

Sailorchi and Sailorphi
Appearing only in the manga, they were sent to kill Animamates that failed as well as attack the Senshi. They killed Lethe, Mnemosyne, the Starlights, and Kakyuu. They were killed by Sailormoon.

Anima is defined as the true, unconscious self of a person. It is also defined as the inner feminine qualities.

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