The Deathbusters are dedicated to bringing the evil Master Pharoah 90 to Earth and thus causing the Silence-- the utter destruction of all life. On Earth, the entity Mistress Nine, who has possessed the body of Tomoe Hotaru, gives orders to Professor Tomoe, who then gives them to Kaolinite and the Witches 5. They have to find the three Talismans that will summon the Holy Grail. Using the Holy Grail, Mistress Nine can summon their master to Earth. The Kaolinite and the Witches 5 are the women that find possible holders of heart crystals, found only in the pure-hearted, which might have a Talisman in them. The creatures used are daimons.

Professor Tomoe
Tomoe Souichi was married to a woman named Keiko and had a daughter named Hotaru. In the manga, a fire broke out in their mansion, killing Keiko and wounding Hotaru to the point that Souichi replaced her limbs with cybernetic parts. In the anime, Hotaru was in the lab with him and many other scientists when an experiment went awry and a huge explosion occured. Souichi was the only one left alive. In both these cases, a strange entity appeared to him, saying that Hotaru would be spared if he would give up his soul. He was eager for his daughter to live and agreed. Little did he know that Hotaru would be possessed by the evil Mistress Nine, and he by the daimon Germatos. Tomoe became a warped and twisted scientist that created more daimons to help summon Master Pharoah 90. During the final battle, he reverted back into Germatos. In the manga, he was killed, but he survived in the anime.

Kaolinite was both a servant of the Tomoe household in the form of Kaori and an evil woman that did the professor's bidding. She doesn't seem to have special powers outside of her hair that stretches to ensnare people. In the manga, she was a magus that gave orders to the Witches 5, and had a strange pool of sorts that she viewed things in. She ended up warping into a daimon when the Senshi foiled her plans and was killed by Sailormoon. In the anime, she was just a henchwoman, and was apparently killed by Sailoruranus, then reappeared as Kaori, finally being killed by Mistress Nine. She is named after the mineral kaolinite, the principal constituent of kaolin, a fine clay.

Eudial was one of the Witches 5, level 78. In the anime, she had a powerful gun called the "Fire Buster," which shot out flames at whatever target she chose. It even held back Supersailormoon's attack. Mimete was her fierce rival, and she removed the brakes in Eudial's car, which sent her plumetting off a cliff after she couldn't slow for the sharp turn. In the manga, she posed as Arimura Yuuko, teacher of a philosophy class on etiquette at Mugen Gakuen. She took a class into the woods, where the Inner Senshi also were. Eudial corrupted the class into followers of Master Pharoah 90. Rei saw what happened, transformed, and attacked. She mutated intro a monster before dying. She is supposedly named after the mineral eudialyte.

Mimete was one of the Witches 5, level 40. In the anime, she was obsessed with idol stars and always followed around the cutest guys. She loved to read shoujo manga. She used a machine to charge herself up, and while she was in it, Tellu pulled the plug, killing Mimete. In the manga, she posed as a Mugen Gakuen student that was an entertainment director as well as an idol singer, Hanyu Mimi. "Mimi" gave a concert while Michiru also was, and Mimete drained people to the point where they couldn't move. She was killed by Uranus. She is supposedly named after the mineral mimetite. Mimete is also seen written as Mimet.

Viluy was one of the Witches 5, level 202. She used "nanorobots" ("programmed computers loyal to my command") to infect people and leave only their heart crystals. In the anime, she appears after Tellu. She posed as a Mugen Gakuen student named Yuri Viluy on the same academic level as Ami, and tried to lure Ami in. She was suspicious of Ami, Haruka, and Michiru. Her nanorobots were confused by Sailormoon's attack and turned against her. In the manga, she posed as a Mugen Gakuen student, Bidou Yui, and tried to get Ami to join the school, saying she would be called "the genius" of the school. Uranus killed her with her Space Sword. The origin of her name is unknown.

Tellu was one of the Witches 5, level 404. She ran a greenhouse, where she grew plants called "tellurians" that she drew energy from and used to draw out others energy. In the anime, her master plant went out of control and killed her. In the manga, she posed as a Mugen Gakuen student named Teruno Ruru. Chibimoon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" warped her into a monster and then Pluto killed her with "Dead Scream." She is possibly named for tellurium, a silvery-white metallic element usually found combined with gold and other metals.

Cyprine and Pikuroll
Cyprine and Pikuroll were part of the Witches 5 and were considered to be one, level 999. These twins-- Cyprine wearing blue and Pikuroll wearing red-- always acted together and attacked as a team. They could control people's minds, which they did with the Mugen Gakuen students. In the anime, the Senshi tricked them into killing each other. In the manga, Sailormoon's first action as Supersailormoon is to kill them. They are possibly named for sapphirine (relating to sapphire) and ptilolyte/pucherite, respectively. Pikuroll is seen written with a wide variety of spellings, including Piturol, Ptitol, Pichurol, Puchirol, Pucherol...

Mistress Nine
Mistress Nine was an entity from Tau Ceti that possessed Hotaru after her father basically sold their souls. She was basically dormant during Hotaru's everyday life, seeming to take partial control when Hotaru was threatened. She had control over Hotaru during some occassions where she'd be sitting on a throne, telling the professor what to do. In the anime, when Chibi-Usa's heart crystal was found and brought to her, she ate it and gained enough energy to completely takeover Hotaru's body. The Senshi were unable to stop her. She tricked Sailormoon into thinking Hotaru had control again and needed the Holy Grail to heal herself. Sailormoon gave it to her, enabling her to summon Master Pharoah 90. Hotaru eventually regained control and disintegrated herself. In the manga, she ate Chibi-Usa's ginzuishou from the future. She tried to leave Hotaru's body behind, but Hotaru wouldn't let her. She took over the energy of the ginzuishou and the souls of the Four Guardians. Hotaru finds a strength inside her that frees Mistress Nine and the captured souls. Mistress Nine then mutated. Hotaru gave her life to restore Chibi-Usa, and then Chibimoon attacked Mistress Nine. Two Holy Grails appear, and the Moons combine their power with the other Senshi to attack her. She keeps growing larger from the power, but eventually collapses.

Master Pharoah 90
Well, he's the master. And he's an alter self of Chaos in the manga. That's the extent of my knowledge -_-;;

Note: If I say "supposedly" in regards to a name, I haven't confirmed that the mineral exists. If I say "possibly," I've found a mineral that could match up, but I can't confirm whether this was Naoko Takeuchi's intent.

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