The Dark Kingdom
was around in the days of the Silver Millennium. They were the greatest threat to the peaceful kingdom. Because of a huge attack on the Moon Kingdom that wiped out almost all life, Queen Serenity used her ginzuishou to send her daughter and court into the future. In order to do this, however, she had to send the Dark Kingdom as well. In the anime, they had warriors called the Shadows, which were trapped in pieces of the ginzuishou called nikazuishou when sent into the future. In both versions, they use youma to attack people with.

Beryl-mangaQueen Beryl
Once a noblewoman, she fell in love with Prince Endymion of Earth, and let Metallia control her life, turning her evil. She ruled over her legions mercilessly. The Shitenno helped her in this. When she was sent into the future, her new mission was to find the ginzuishou so they would have great power. She was pretty much controlled by Metallia. Beryl had the Shitenno collect energy and search for the ginzuishou. Her love for Endymion remained. At one point, she turned him to evil as well, just so she could be with him. In the anime, she had to find all the nijizuishou before she could have the ginzuishou, and was killed by Sailormoon in her Princess Serenity form. In the manga, Sailorvenus stabbed her with her sword. She is named after the mineral beryl; some varieties of which are valued as gems, also aluminum beryllium silicate."

One of the Shitenno, Jadeite was the first to take up the duties of energy-gathering. He tried being a radio announcer to lure in people, a cruise, and other business-related things to try and find victims. This didn't work too well. His uniform trim was red. In the anime, he discovered the identities of Moon, Mars, and Mercury, but was frozen in eternal sleep by Queen Beryl. In the manga, he was in charge of the Far East and was killed by Sailormars. He is named after the mineral jadeite, a more tough and higher-valued form of jade, used as a gem and for ornamental carvings.

One of the Shitenno, Nephrite was the second to take up the duties of energy-gathering. He was an expert in astrology, and used the stars to determine a victim. He would take an item they commonly used and place a symbol on it that would push their energy to the peak, then try to take it. His uniform trim was gold. In the anime, he fell in love with Osaka Naru, and because he was leaning towards the side of good, Zoisite had some of his henchwomen kill Nephrite. In the manga, he was in charge of North America and was killed by Sailorjupiter. He is named after the mineral nephrite*, a variety of jade.

One of the Shitenno, Zoisite is quite different in his anime and manga forms. In the anime, he was supposed to find the nijizuishou for Queen Beryl, which would be in the hosts of the reborn Shadows. He hated Nephrite and was Kunzite's lover. Queen Beryl killed him for failing to get the ginzuishou and attacking Endymion. In the manga, he had no such relationship with Kunzite and was friends with Nephrite. He was in charge of Europe, and was killed by Sailor V. His unifrom trim was green. He is named after the mineral zoisite, used in ornamental stonework.

One of the Shitenno, Kunzite is also different in the anime and manga. In the anime, he was Zoisite's lover, and was supposed to get the ginzuishou back from Sailormoon. He was rivals with the evil Endymion, and was killed when Sailormoon deflected his own attack at him. In the manga, he was not Zoisite's lover, and he was in charge of the Middle East. Some scenes suggest he was Venus's lover in the Silver Millennium. He was killed by the Sailor Planet Attack [he was really powerful!]. His uniform trim was blue, and he wore a long cape. He is named after the mineral kunzite, used as a gemstone.

All we see of Metallia is a big energy ball thingy with a face. She was the brains behind the Dark Kingdom, it seems, and was the one they all serve. She was quite mysterious since we saw her very rarely. She was an alter self of Chaos. She is probably named after metal in general.

In the manga, the Shitenno were corrupted by Queen Beryl into serving the Dark Kingdom. They used to be friends with Prince Endymion, and after they die, he is able to summon their spirits to talk to him on some occasions.

* You might find this interesting: one of the interior colors for a Porsche (y'know, the cars?) is called "nephrite green"... OooOoo..
** I don't know much about Metallia. It's hard to find any information or pictures of her, and I've only seen her in the DiC version, and that was a few years ago, so I've forgotten most of what she's about. I can't tell what the heck is going on in my manga, sooo....

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