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Name: Ten'ou Haruka: Distant Sky/Heaven King. Haruka often remains separate from everyone except Michiru, rarely exposing her softer side to anyone. She is always trying to become one with the wind, faster than humanly possible, truly free.

Blood type: B: "outgoing, optimistic, adventurous". Always looking for excitement and entertainment, involved in many activities. She believes that the Outer Senshi are enough to save the world, that things will somehow work out.

First Anime Appearance: Episode #90/92: In episode 90, Rei was attacked by a daimon. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune appeared in shadowed form to examine her heart crystal. In episode 92, Minako is playing a racing game at the arcade, and Haruka comes in, dressed in her school uniform, winning a match against Minako. Minako and Usagi have a crush on her, thinking she's a guy. They follow her around after she leaves with Michiru, and eventually a daimon attacks. She then returns with Michiru, and the Inner Senshi find out she's a girl.

First Manga Appearance: Act #24: Haruka has just finished a car race, and people are complimenting her for her racing and others are discussing "his" popularity and how "his" girlfriend is arriving in her helicoptor. She leaves with Michiru, with people saying they're "the perfect couple." Ami, Minako, Makoto, Usagi, and Naru are at the arcade, and Haruka plays the racing game, Minako and Usagi also. They notice how well she races. Haruka comes across Michiru talking to Mamoru, and observe the other Senshi.

Clothing: In the anime, Haruka wears masculine clothing all the time, with a few rare exceptions. Her school uniform is the male uniform. When not in that, she wears pants and loose shirts, occasionally being seen in shorts and a vest. In the manga, she wears the male uniform at first, later the female. She usually dresses in feminine clothing, or she'll wear androgynous clothing. Short skirts, mid-riff bearing tops, sweaters, and sometimes ankle-length skirts are frequently seen, as well as pants and dress shirts.

Henshin: After saying "Uranus Planet Power, Make-up!", she is standing in a red-orange area, a full body shot. She makes a slow turn until she faces away from the view, the bends forward slightly and her fuku appears. The shot cuts to her in profile on dark blue, pushing her bangs back, then smiling seductively and posing.

Attacks coming soon.

Gender: It's been debated for awhile now what exactly Haruka is. Some say she's all female. Some say she's a hermaphrodite. Some say she can change genders at will. Others try to convince people she's a man or was in a former lifetime. Volume 9 of the manga often misleads people into making all sorts of strange assumptions-- Neptune's comments about "Uranus being the Senshi of both genders" causing speculation. It has been confirmed by Naoko Takeuchi herself that she is female, always has been, and always will be. While some drawings can be misleading-- she appears quite flat-chested compared to her normal well-developed figure, her hands masculine, strong jawline, broad shoulders, when Michiru refers to her she uses "him"... But this was done so the reader would mistake her for a man like the characters do. If she just looked like a woman dressed as a man, we wouldn't be fooled. She definitely is not a hermaphrodite; look at the swimsuit pictures of her! SOS hasn't helped the matter with their "Prince Uranus" story. The fact of the matter is that Haruka is a woman: deal with it.

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