Ah yes, the ever unpopular site survey...

This is pretty much an anonymous survey. I just want people to take it so I can make it more enjoyable for everyone. I know it's long, but it will really help me out. Please fill it out! If you don't want to take the survey, please send me e-mail to immora@gmail.com

For multiple-selection questions, hold down CTRL, then click on your choices. They will all remain hilighted. If this doesn't work... maybe you have a weird browser?

For the 1 to 10 scale; 1 sucks in the worst kind of way, 10 rules in the best kind of way.

Be ready to refer to volume numbers. You might want this open in a new window.

Friends and family, please leave your name and e-mail in the comments spot :)

  • Are you male or female?

  • What age group do you fall into?

  • How did you find my site?

  • Do you have a website (gimme the URL if so)?

  • Did you take this survey before?

  • What's the first volume you saw?

  • Do you like this volume better than previous ones?

  • Is it too plain, too bright, or just right?

  • Is the downloading time on the mainpage worth the wait?

  • Is it easy to navigate my site?

  • How's the downloading speed now that I'm back at Geocities?

  • Overall, how would you rank this site?

  • What are your favorite parts of this site?

  • What're your least favorite parts?

  • Are my Sailor Senshi profiles complete enough?

  • Are my Villains profiles complete enough?

  • Are the season descriptions complete enough?

  • Did you learn anything interesting from Understanding the Names?

  • Think I have a good selection of links?

  • Does Other Fanfiction offer a good selection of fanfiction?

  • What do you think of the picture gallery?

  • What do you think of the RealAudio gallery?

  • Did you notice any broken pictures or links? Please tell me what they are here and BE SPECIFIC, not just "in the picture gallery", tell me which picture (#31)! (limited space):

Any additional comments? (limited space)

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