The even more unpopular survey of my fanfiction! Wooo!

This is a pretty much anonymous survey. If you want to be a prereader for Daskbrhe, please leave your e-mail, otherwise you don't have to tell me anything about yourself. I just want people to take it so I can get an idea of my readership numbers and what I'm doing good/bad in my stories. The questions are written assuming you've read all my fanfiction and checked out the websites. I know it's long, but it will really help me out... a lot is yes-no anyways. Please fill it out! If you don't want to take a survey, please send me e-mail at

For multiple selection pull-down menus, hold CTRL and click on each one. If that doesn't work... d'oh!

For the 1 to 10 scale; 1 sucks in the worst kind of way, 10 rules in the best kind of way.

Are you male or female?

What age group do you fall into?

Dark Skies, Bright Heavens questions:

Are you looking forward to reading Daskbrhe?

Do you like the fact that it will be huge?

Did you like the teaser?

Did you like the family list?

Did you like the two pictures?

Any comments on what should/shouldn't be included?

Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon questions:

How would you rate Pasosamo Episode I?

Did you think it was funny?

How would you rate Pasosamo Episode II?

Did you think it was funny?

Which characters did you like the portrayal of? All None Usagi Minako Ami Makoto Rei HotaruHaruka Michiru Setsuna Chibi-Usa Mamoru The cats The Amazon Trio

Which guest appearances did you like? All None Monty Python and the Holy Grail Dragonlance Ricky Martin The author (me, ha!)

Which commercials were funny? All None Chibimoonifying Sugary Sweet Lumps
Venus Ditzifying Exercises Outer Senshi's Guide to Partial Success Professor Tomoe
Fire Buster 3000 Outer Senshi follow-up guide

Which Sailor Losers did you like? All None Muststudy Maso Dee-itz

Did you like the lyrics?

Any other comments on the story?

The keely Crisis questions:

Was this a good MST?

Were the MST3K characters true to their characters?

Were the riffs too harsh?

Did it make you laugh?

Did you like the host segments?

Any other comments on the story?

Silvermoon questions:

How long have you been following Silvermoon?

How did you discover Silvermoon?

How would you rate the story before the rewrite?

How would you rate the story now?

Which chapter is your favorite?

Which is your least favorite?

Which characters did you like the portrayal of? All None Princess Serenity Ami Minako Rei Makoto Hotaru Haruka Michiru Setsuna Endymion Usagi (Chibi-Usa) Luna Artemis Queen Serenity Jadeite Nephrite
Zoisite Kunzite Queen Beryl Mistress Nine

Which original characters did you like? All None Immora Akeru Ka'ina
Sharra Lorenada Kulju Necros Nagera E'melok Curse Dageena

Did you like the extra files?

Did you like my drawings?

Did you like my computer art?

What are your thoughts on parts 10 and 11?

Any other comments?

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