This page is just full of stuff that doesn't really make sense to put anywhere else. It's rather silly and pointless, actually. Ah well!

I am a girl. Isn't that nice? And my alias comes from a character I made up. When I needed a name to use for an alias, I thought, "Hey, Immora's a pretty cool character. Why not use that?" And then I realized people mistakenly think the name means "immoral." Er, no. Immora is an archmage that lives on a world called Quenhol, and in their language, "Immora" means "eternal magic." That's it. And so, the character in Silvermoon is not me nor is it a self-insertion type thingy where you make yourself all-powerful and junk, she's the character I'm named after. I wouldn't want to be her and she doesn't reflect me. Confusing, isn't it?

Just for the heck of it, here's my favorite Senshi, not including Galaxia and the Animamates or the Asteroid Senshi, in order from most favorite to least favorite. Some I just don't care for, but when I get into the ones I hate, I'll let you know ;)

1. Sailoruranus
2. Sailorsaturn
and tied for 2, Sailorpluto
4. Sailorneptune
5. Sailorstarhealer
6. Sailorjupiter
7. Sailorvenus
8. Sailormars
9. Sailorstarfighter
10. Sailorchibichibimoon/Sailorcosmos
11. Sailorkakyuu
12. Sailormoon
13. Sailormercury
14. Tuxedo Kamen. Hate.
15. Sailorchibimoon. Hate terribly.
16. Sailorstarmaker. God help us all!

And now, those oh-so-lovable villains!!! Please note, I'm only ranking the ones I've actually seen in the Japanese version of the anime and manga. I'm not including those I've only seen DiCed. I'm noting which ones I've only seen in the manga/anime. I'm not including the Dark Kingdom b/c I've only seen them in the manga and didn't get much of an impression from that. As for the big bad Master Pharoah 90, Death Phantom, and Chaos... They don't appear enough to judge. And those two dudes in SMR, who are they?!

Sailorgalaxia (Kick @$$!)
Mistress Nine
Professor Tomoe
(Fire Buster! Fire Buster!)
Prince Dimando
(his voice is sooo cool...)
Black Lady
(who needs Chibi-Usa?)
(boring, but not bad)
(eh?) [manga-only character]
Sailorchi and Sailorphi
(who?) [manga-only characters]
(die die die!!! EVIL!!! Evil in a BAD way!)

And finally, my thoughts on all the other anime/manga I've seen/read.

Battle Angel Alita- Whoa! This manga is sooo awesome. I am only missing the first volume and one from the middle. The art is fantastic and so is the story. Very neat Sci-Fi story about a cyborg girl named Alita.

Dirty Pair, Anime cels- Ok, so that title doesn't seem to make sense... See, Viz Comics made one of those comics where you take the cels and stick word balloons on them. They did this with Sailormoon in Japan. Anyways, these are really cool. The Lovely Angels-- Kei and Yuri-- are supposed to save people, but always end up causing a lot of trouble in the process, hence their name. This is a Sci-Fi set pretty far in the future.

Dirty Pair, American- I was quite surprised at how cool Adam Warren's manga was. It's made by an American, but it's all really great. His black and white art is great, and the color versions are done by a former X-Men colorist. This is definitely Sci-Fi.

Dominion Tank Police- This anime is based of the manga by Masamune Shirow. I've only seen in dubbed, but I think it's really good. It's very funny in parts, but serious and often very violent in others. A wacky Sci-Fi, really.

Fushigi Yuugi- I only have the first video of this subtitled, but I love it. It's the Pioneer release, actually. I really enjoyed this, and though some characters didn't do anything for me (Miaka, blech!), I did enjoy it. It's a fantasy about a girl who gets trapped in a world inside a book.

Ghost in the Shell- More of Shirow's Sci-Fi stuff... The manga is incredibly well-drawn and the writing is superb. When I saw the dubbed anime, I was so incredibly disappointed that I didn't even finish watching it. Avoid the anime, but get the manga.

Lum * Urusei Yatsura- I have the big, fat, pink and blue volume and a lot of the Return stuff. This is by Rumiko Takahashi, and is absolutely hilarious! I love pretty much all the characters, and the art is so cute!

Oh My Goddess!- This is a wonderful romantic comedy by Kosuke Fujishima. All of the characters are great, excluding one (Aoshima). It's heart-breaking in parts, laugh-out-loud funny in others. It's a fantasy story about a goddess who grants a college boy's rather accidental wish. The anime is great, too.

Orion- More Shirow, yahoo! This is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story, with some of the best art I've seen, some incredible characters, and almost everything you can think of. You have your comedy, your drama, your action... Ok, so there's not really any romance, but that's ok! I wish they'd make an anime of it!

Project Ako- I've only seen the first movie in English, but I really liked it. It was just so funny! The aliens were so wacky, A-ko and B-ko were really great... I hate C-ko, but oh well. This is really good stuff.

Record of Lodoss War- If anything is worth shelling out $100 to get a boxed set of, this is it. This is some of the most incredible anime out there, IMHO. The art is fantastic, the characters are just amazing, and it has everything... action, comedy, romance, drama... it's a fantasy, and a very great one at that. I only wish I'd thought to get the subtitled version... Darnit! [Parn-it, perhaps? ;P ]

X/1999- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa some more. First of all, the manga... the art is beautiful, even in the violent parts. The characters are intriguing. The story is great. And the movie; the seiyuu are awesome [thank goodness for subtitles], the animation is outstanding, and it is quite powerful, even if it doesn't hold true to the manga. Whoa.

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