Song Reviews

These are reviews of songs I've downloaded. I've described the song itself, and included a rating by adjectives. Poor obviously means it's poor, great means it's great, favorite means it's one of my favorites, etc.

Note: BGM refers to background music.

I just want to comment... Wow, the musicals have great music! I was quite surprised!

Ai no Enaji wo Ubae- Sung by Queen Beryl... Pretty darn cool! It's very mysterious, her voice is great, and the music has a funky beat... I think it's 6/8 time or something, it's weird. Cool song. Great

Aioshin Jiteru- Sung by Mitsuishi Kotono as Usagi... I was surprised; her singing here is really cute and sweet, and the instrumental part is rather nice as well. Great

Amazon Kara Saakasu Dan ga Yatte Kita- This is INSANE! I love it!! The Amazon Trio's voices are so nutty, and the song is very upbeat. I can't get it out of my head!!! Favorite

Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi- Pretty mysterious Trio song with strings and piano. They're singing with more serious voices in this. Tiger's Eye sounds a bit funky, but oh well! Great

Chasin' After You- From the musicals, a Three Lights song... very upbeat, with great instuments and singing. I couldn't understand the English the first few times I heard it, then I saw the lyrics and went "Ohhhh..."... Very enjoyable song :) Great

Choubi! Uranus and Neptune- From one of the musicals. Interesting lyrics, good singing and instruments. Great

Elegant Eternal Sailormoon- Eternal Sailormoon's henshin music, with a nice string-based melody, interesting splashes of vocals ("Eternal!"), then some great, fast trumpet playing. The end features music played for her attack, and quite frankly, it brings the song down... not very interesting, some chimey music, brass, and strings. Great

Dead Moon, Attack!- BGM. Starts out mysterious, then becomes more exciting, then there's some powerful/mysterious, slight mysterious growing more dramatic, finishing up with an electric-guitar melody that sounds like it's post-dramatic battle. Great

Desubasutasu no Yabou- An awesome instrumental song, the BGM of the Deathbusters. Really interesting intruments used, and really dramatic sounding. Great

Eien no Melody- Sung by Tomizawa Michie as Rei. A really pretty song, with nice vocals, and a great melody. Great

Elegant Eternal Sailormoon- This is Eternalsailormoon's really great henshin music, with nice strings and a kick-butt trumpet part and kinda goofy voices going "Etanaa!". Then it has attack music of some sort, which I don't really like. Great

Everlasting Moonlight- *bleep!* cool song from the musicals! Very catchy, upbeat, powerful... it's just so great!! Love the guitar solos too! I saw a clip of the scene where this is sung... really goes great with the action! I get this stuck in my head whenever I listen to it. Favorite

Extreme Evil- A wicked sounding song, with a great orchestral melody, percussion, and believe it or not, a gong. Great

Fly Me to the Moon- Cute, with nice instruments, good singing, and a really toe-tapping beat. Great

Fukkatsu! Crisis Yurusumaji- From the musicals, sung by the Outer Senshi. It's about their mission. Good singing, very catchy. The drums are pretty cool and the guitar is really nice too. Great

Galaxia Gorgeous- Another from the musicals... Whoaaa... Starts out with a mysterious and dramatic intro, then very upbeat when the singing starts. The musical Galaxia's singing is sooo good, and the background vocals are nice, too! I need to find these lyrics! Great

Golden Queen Galaxia- Man, can Horie Mitsuko sing! An awesome, almost heavy metal sounding song, awesome electric guitar part, incredible singing, and the lyrics are very fitting. And she can pronounce English words! Yes, this is as Galaxia... Favorite

Hotaru- Not sure if there's an actual title... You may recognize it from episode 168. A dark, orchestrated BGM. Spooky... Great

Initial U- She is singing as Haruka, but this isn't Ogata Megumi. Anyways, she still sings well, and the instruments are good as well. Love the lyrics! Too bad it isn't Ogata. Great

Knockin' Down Hesitation- From the musicals, if I remember correctly, it's Usagi singing with Three Lights on instruments. Catchy... singing is okay... but man, she sure does pronounce English in an... interesting way -.-;; Wish it was longer... it's only 1:38. Great

Kokoro Tabanete Makin' for the Right- Outer Senshi, from the musicals. A bit funky beginning instruments, nice singing, and there's just something about it that is very exciting and makes you want to listen more. Favorite

La Fatalite ni Sei Senshi- A kinda strange Starlights song from the musicals. The melody is VERY familiar... I can't tell what it is exactly... Good

La Moon- A funky, upbeat song from the musicals. I believe it's the Inner Senshi singing. They sound really good, and the instruments... they're just so funky! Great lyrics as well! Favorite

La Soldier- Played in SMR... but originally from the musicals! I believe I have the SMR version... Anyways, awesome instruments, a great melody, all sorts of interesting little touches... and good lyrics :) Favorite

Listen to Our Song- A Michiru - Three Lights duet... Really, it's just Todokanu Omoi with a violin melody instead of singing -.- ;; Still good though. They played it in episode 180. Great

Mabaroshi no Ginzuishou- A sweet, almost wistful sounding song. I'm guessing it's from the first season... don't have the lyrics... But it sounds really pretty :) Great

Mayou Naka Hitori- Yaten's image song, sung by Sakamoto Chika. Beautiful singing voice, great instrumentals, and the lyrics are very fitting. Great

Mirror Paredory- An awesome BGM piece. I can't recall hearing it... oh well. Orchestra, with some nice trumpet parts. A powerful song at first, then it moves into a more playful song that... I don't know why, but the beginning of it reminds me of a song from Sleeping Beauty... anyways, it then shifts into a slower, almost sad version of that melody, then it turns into a powerful melody again with great brass and more orchestra stuff. Small trumpet solo (like, two measures)! Favorite

Miss Dream- Wooo... a VERY mysterious Hotaru song from the musicals... lots of music box music... her voice is so beautiful! I usually don't like slow songs, but this is just so wonderful! Favorite

Moon Revenge- Brass Fantasy version- Whoooa... Moon Revenge, jazzed up! Mostly brass instruments, bass... It's incredible! If you love Moon Revenge and are a nut for instruments like me, you'll love it. Oh, and you can clearly hear the melody :) Great

Moonlight Densetsu-SMS version- Great singing, really driven melody, and awesome instruments used. I prefer this version. Favorite

Moonlight Densetsu- Brass Fantasy version- Well, it's interesting. The counting is changed, high oboe and clarinet-type melody... and a repetitious, annoying background... then an electric guitar part that warps the melody... saxophone... It just drags on and on... But the musicians are skilled as far as playing ability... Good

Moonlight Destiny- A beautiful song. The singer is incredible, and the background instruments are rather pretty as well. Great

Neherenia Resurrected- An incredible instrumental piece. It's a really mysterious orchestra part at first, then it gets dark and spooky, ending with a very powerful segment with strings, brass, and snare drum. Favorite

Onna no Ronsou- *falls over* Pluto and Queen Beryl from the musicals, their voices are SO gorgeous!!! I can't get over how beautiful this song is! And that part where Queen Beryl joins in... whoa. This is so incredible! Favorite

Orurean no Sei Senshi- From the musicals. I believe it's sung by Uranus and Neptune... Starts with a sad violin part, then moves into vocals, then a long violin and piano part. It's rather sad but beautiful. Great

Outer Planet Three Soldiers- A BGM from the SuperS movie, piano melody with great instruments in the background. Played when the Outer Senshi show up to join the battle. Favorite

Overture- Haruka and Michiru instrumental duet- A really nice song from the musicals. Violin and piano, with some other strings and some nice wordless choir parts. Great

Senshi no Shukumei- BGM, Neptune's death music. Probably isn't as good if you haven't seen it... Anyways, it's a very sad song with piano melody and string background, then a violin melody. Good

Sailor Senshi Powerup- BGM. Sounds like henshin music, then it sounds like a next episode preview... Good

Sailor Senshi Reunion- Starts out fun sounding, then gets dramatic, like it's battle-ready, then it's sad. Great

Sailor Stars theme on violin- This is really interesting; it takes the upbeat, exciting song and turns it into a wistful violin piece with a piano in the background. I don't know if there's an actual title for this. Good

Sailor War *- Inner Senshi together from the musicals... AWESOME! The instruments are so powerful, and the singing is great, lyrics are great (loved 'em so much I memorized them in a day!) You have to hear this! Favorite!

Sailor War '94- Ehhhh... Just the Inner Senshi... I don't like the voices in this. It just doesn't compare to the regular Sailor War. Good

Sailor War Supreme- Quite different from Sailor War! The beginning is very dramatic, with timpani... Starlights start off together, then are joined by the Planetary Senshi, and I can't place it, but the melody is the same as another song... Then it bounces from Inners to Uranus and Neptune, followed by the Starlights, then Saturn singing on top, the Inners on top, Uranus and Neptune... all few different songs piled together. If you listen, you can hear the original Sailor War lyrics in there. Then Pluto alone for a bit... then we go to Starlights, Inners, and Outers piled together. Starfighter and Moon sing (separately) a few lines of Sailor War. Everyone finishes it off together... I miss the one I'm used too ;_; But this is still a cool song. Great

Scene- Some pretty SMS BGM music... they played it when Haruka and Michiru met. Good

Seihai, Kyuuseishu- Sailorsaturn's BGM, features an oboe for the melody, with a piano and other instruments for the background. It then becomes a segment called Shinpi naru Sekai, which features the same melody as wordless vocals. Great

Seiya, Yaten, Taiki- An awesome electric guitar solo song. You hear a tiny bit of it in 180, I believe. The first segment is really cool, then it moves into an mellow part with some warbling. Then it hits a strange part, I can't describe it... but it's neat. Great

Seishuun no Shoumi Kigen- Something about these high, chipper voices annoys me. It's just too cute for my tastes. I didn't even realize Haruka and Michiru were singing in this with the Inner Senshi. But it's not horrible... Good

Senshi no Omoi- Michiru's Stars image song, sung by Katsuki Masako, of course. Instruments are very mysterious for the verse parts and powerful for the chorus. The singing itself is incredible; she uses a throaty voice, and sounds beautiful, with some longing. Great

Senshi no Omoi- Orgel Version- "Music box" version; sounds really sad and longing, but pretty. Great

Shadow Galactica- A BGM piece from Stars... Orchestra, mysterious at first, then a dramatic but spooky melody, powerful parts... Then it moves into a more fast-paced section, which is a bit playful, but has a driven feel to it, then turns into a louder, more powerful version. Next, a fast, battle-sounding part, with electric guitar playing. Favorite

SMTV 10- That's what the webpage called it... It has the "Moon Prism Power, Make-up!" music, which is rather cool, then a carnivalish rendition of it, shifting to electric guitar, then some interesting music... episode preview eye-catch, some muzak with "Oooo... Sailormoon", then what I suppose is Dark Kingdom music, then some upbeat stuff, and finally some really upbeat string type stuff, then wacko stuff that I think is used for one of her attacks... Really long. Great

Solar Miracle- Heavy percussion!!! WOO HOO!!! *ahem* A great group song from the musicals! Very driving, very upbeat, very great voices... yay! Favorite

Starlights Henshin- Techno sounding part, with synthesizers, piano, great trumpets, and "Starlights!" Fast, exciting, catchy. Favorite

Stay Alone- Sung by Pluto in the musicals... short but very sweet. The effect at the beginning is cool, and the instruments are beautiful, and her singing... Whoa! This is such a wonderful song! Favorite

Tekichi wa Ginga TEREBI Kyoku- I can't remember who all sings it; I know Usagi, Haruka, Michiru, and I think Ami, there's someone else though... Anyways, it's from the musicals. It's overall a very good, catchy song. Great

Ten'ou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru- An incredible instrumental piece, featuring the violin and piano, with some other instruments. Whoever they got to play the parts did an incredible job. Upbeat melody, quite fun to listen to. The second part has a violin solo, which you might recognize as a piece Michiru played in a few episodes. Great

To A Brand New World- Another Hotaru solo from the musicals... Wow. The choral part in the beginning is very cool. I don't like this singer as much as the other, but this is still a very cool song. The synthesizer parts are pretty neat too! Favorite

Triple Dreams- From the musicals. I can't tell exactly which all songs are lumped together for this song. There's one with Usagi and Mamoru, one with the Outer Senshi (it sounds like just Uranus and Neptune though), and one with the Amazon Trio. Pretty cool! Great

Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokiyo!- Sung by Ami, Rei, and Usagi's seiyuu, as their characters. Really interesting singing, with solos... Usagi sounds so cute!, Rei's voice is nice, and Ami's okay. Great

Uranus and Neptune- Someone commented it sounds "Spanish". Funny sounding percussion, strings, a guitar... Good.

Uranus and Neptune- Different from above. Overall, Great. Features a few different songs:

Outer Senshi henshin- The best henshin music of the series. The violin part is great, and whatever they used for the background is incredible as well. An exciting song, really sets the mood. Favorite

Outer Senshi introduction music- More violin-melody music. Unusual background part. Good

Something from episode 126- Not sure of the title, a powerful sounding, electric-guitar driven song. Played when Uranus and Neptune battle Moon. Great

Outer Senshi fight music- Yet another with violin and piano, fast-paced background and some interesting stuff going on. Great

We Believe You- Shinohara Emi as Makoto, her voice is incredible! The song is almost wistful in parts, with both pretty and powerful instruments, and rather nice lyrics. Favorite

Yami Koso Utsukushii - Galaxia no Iradachi- Whoa. Queen Beryl, Galaxia, and some henchmen from the musicals sing this... Very cool song. The vocals are incredible, the instrumentals are very powerful... Whoa. Favorite

Songs from the game Another Story:

Entirely instrumental

Hikawa Shrine- Mysterious sounding, with a strange instrument I can't identify *gasp!* Good

Mugen Gakuen- There's something about it that sounds almost muzak-y... Boring. Poor

Searching for Crystals- Has a few parts to it: a sad part that morphs into dramatic; a strange sounding part with an odd bass part; a lighter, restful part; finally, an electric-guitar based, unusual part... can't find the right word to describe it. Long. Good

Hell Destiny- Dark, spooky... dragging. Poor

Four Heartfelt Kings- Here we go! Now we have the good stuff! Dark, but very powerful in places, almost spooky. Great

Shaman Apusuu- Playful, lightheated, but catchy. Between Good and Great

Suspense and Illusion- A upbeat, fun part, with almost carnival-sounding parts. Then it's more dramatic, with a really strange sounding melody. Good

Sailorsaturn Theme- Mysterious, with a nice piano part, then... I can't tell what the melody is! It sounds almost like a clarinet... not quite... Then synthesized-strings, and wordless choral... Just plain great. Very Saturn-sounding :) Great

* I have no idea what musical this version of Sailor War is from! This is not the Supreme version, not the... '94 or whatever version... I can't identify it, but it is so good! I got it from CybrDemon's page... anyone know what version this is?

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