Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SS

Season #:
Episode #'s: 128 - 166
Senshi involved: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Tuxedo Kamen, Chibimoon
New Senshi appearances: None
Main villain group: Dead Moon Circus
Story: Good
Categories: Comedy, some romance
Animation: Great
Music: Great
True-to-Manga: Sorta true; difference in events, characterization, deaths, Outer Senshi not included

I will probably edit this at some point... but hey, I finally wrote this after almost two years. Funny how the season I've seen all the episodes of (Japanese-wise) is the one I have the most trouble writing about ^^;; Also, I have no idea what the heck Zirconia is. I think it's a woman that's really ugly and talks weird.. It's hard to say. Some websites say it's a man though, and some subtitlers put that it's a man, but others say a woman... Ahhh! I'll eventually sit down and listen really hard to when the Quartet says "grandma/grandpa" (doncha love a subtitler that doesn't know what is being said?)

The Inner Senshi view a solar eclipse. While it is happening, the Dead Moon Circus's big flying tent thingy comes to Earth.

Zirconia assigns the Amazon Trio-- Tigerseye, Hawkseye, and Fisheye-- to extract people's dream mirrors, view their dreams, and see if the Pegasus is hiding in them. The Pegasus has something called the "Golden Crystal" that their master, Neherenia, wants. She can't take it from him, and he can't use it himself. The Amazon Trio was created by taking a tiger, a hawk, and a fish, and turning them into humans [so no, they are not brothers!]. Tigerseye always goes after younger women, Hawkseye after older women, and Fisheye after men ^.^ They use monsters called "lemures" to attack people, and they trap their victims on a board to take out their dream mirror.Chibi-Usa & Usagi from transformation sequence

Pegasus appears to Chibi-Usa in her dreams, and she has some strange item that helps her talk to him. He is actually boy named Elios, guardian of Elysion. Neherenia has his body trapped in a web with her in her mirror realm, while his spirit form, Pegasis, roams around people's dreams. Elios and Chibi-Usa fall in love.

Pegasus appears at irregular intervals, and powers up the Senshi to their Super forms.

Chibi-Usa's pet kitten from the future, Diana, appears... and she's the daughter of Luna and Artemis.

Fisheye is supposed to attack Mamoru, but falls in love with him... it doesn't work out, of course, since he loves Usagi to pieces. He befriends Usagi when she finds him sitting in the rain after he's looked at Mamoru's dream. He's afraid to return to the circus. He's figured out that the Trio isn't really human; Zirconia confirmed this. He goes to Usagi's house, and while she's running an errand for her mom, he sees Chibi-Usa in her loft, talking to Pegasus, and realizes Pegasus is in her dream. He returns to the circus to tell the others that he's found the holder of Pegasus. He tries to show them who it is, and it accidentally shows Usagi. The Trio learns Neherenia is very displeased with them, and if they fail again, they'll return to their true forms. Tigerseye and Hawkseye are sent to take her dream mirror. When the Trio is gone, Zirconia talks to some shadowed figures (really the Amazoness Quartet), who send their own lemure to follow.

Hawkseye and Tigerseye find that Usagi doesn't have Pegasus. Fisheye is there, not too pleased, and brings in Chibi-Usa, who's in a block of ice (he apparently captured her). The lemure appeares and attacks them, and Usagi's dream mirror is shattered. Usagi lies near death, and Fisheye tells them she's Sailormoon [he figured it out]. Hawkseye is also in bad condition after he threw himself in front of Fisheye to prevent him from being hurt. Fisheye restores Chibi-Usa. The Trio have a ball thing that contains the spell used to keep them humans. They could take it and make themselves human, but decide to heal Usagi instead. They restore her mirror, then she and Chibi-Usa transform and defeat the lemure. The Trio lie near death, and change back into their respective animals. Then Pegasus turns them into humans, and their dream mirrors appear. They are happy because they didn't have dreams before. Pegasus takes them away.

Four young girls called the Amazoness Quartet--JunJun, CereCere, VesVes, and ParaPara-- take the place of the Trio. They were brainwashed to serve the Dead Moon Circus. They have these strange balls they use to draw power from. They use pool cues to shoot their ball at a victim and knock out their dream mirror. They also have lemures. They hate Zirconia. They are supposed to find a golden dream mirror.

The Dead Moon Circus comes to town, and people visit it, not realizing what it really is.

Amazoness Quartet w. Pool CuesThe Amazoness Quartet appear to people in human forms, and end up sorta becomming friends with the Senshi in their human forms.

Spider webs start appearing everywhere. An eclipse starts happening again, and Mamoru starts hurting bad-- he feels the Earth's pain. The Amazoness Quartet starts attacking huge groups all at once. The Senshi come across them, and demand to know what's happening. The Quartet reveals their true forms, and the Senshi transform. They fought some. The Senshi decided they needed to go into the circus tent and attack. Neherenia charged up the Quartet's balls, and they went into this weird zonked state. They attacked the Senshi and defeated all but the two Moons. Neherenia saw Elios start glowing and realized the owner of the Golden Mirror was close, and realized it was Chibimoon. Zirconia came to "rescue" the Quartet when Moon went to attack them and Pegasus appeared (since he's a part of the attack.) Zirconia said Pegasus was an illusion. Zirconia knocks the Golden Mirror out of Chibimoon. Pegasus flew into it, and Chibimoon took it back. Then Zirconia's staff tapped the ground, and Chibimoon was trapped in a huge mirror.

Chibimoon remains trapped in Neherenia's realm, and Neherenia reveals back when the Silver Millennium was around, she was the queen of an icy asteroid. She wanted to rule everything, and the Golden Crystal could help her. She eventually decided she wanted Elios to rule by her side as well. She couldn't take the Golden Crystal-- it chose its owner, and she wasn't it. Serenity sealed her in the darkness of the New Moon.

The Quartet was goofing around and put a doll in Chibimoon's place, taking her away with them. They tried to ride Pegasus and take his crystal. Fire burst up around him, and Chibimoon ran into it, and the fire went out. Zirconia then appeared again, trapped the Quartet partway in mirrors, and removed the Golden Mirror again.

In a flashback, we see that the Quartet inadvertently woke up Neherenia, and she then gave them those magic balls, saying that would let them keep their dreams forever.

Pegasus attempts to rescue Chibimoon from the web, but Neherenia threatens to destroy the Golden Mirror if he doesn't go back into Elios. Elios ends up waking up and standing up away from the web. Neherenia cowers and starts getting wrinkles, then blasts him backwards into Chibimoon's arms.

The Senshi have been battling Zirconia, who has split into mirror doubles, and manage to find the real one. Zirconia calls for Neherenia, and the Quartet is dumped out of a mirror. Zirconia snags them in webs and zaps them with electricity, thanking Neherenia, who says they've become obsolete. The Senshi try to free them and realize that the balls are being drained, that's what is hurting them. They have to destroy them. The Quartet is afraid they will lose their dreams, and Zirconia says the Senshi are wrong. Finally, the Quartet smashes them and are freed from the webs, and Zirconia flees.

Neherenia is able to take the Golden Crystal and Elios fades away. Neherenia talks with Zirconia, who of course sucks up to her, but Neherenia then steps out of her mirror (something that should have turned her ugly and killed her), and makes Zirconia disappear. The mirror shatters. The eclipse finishes completely, and more circus tents descend upon the web-covered city.

Chibimoon does a really weird thing-- she calls out to the whole city to give power to the Golden Crystal, and they all start chanting "Moon Crisis Power". A blast of light appears and starts cleansing the city. Neherenia is shocked as she sees Chibimoon holding the crystal, then blasts Neherenia.Neherenia smirking

The circus starts rising towards the New Moon. Sailormoon grabs on and rides with it, then heads up the stairs. Neherenia is carrying Chibimoon upstairs. Sailormoon comes across her in front of her shattered mirror, white-haired and ugly. She is mad, saying that Sailormoon is the reincarnation of the queen of the White Moon. She told Moon that she wanted to stay beautiful, that was her dream. The key to eternal youth was taking other people's dreams. She ate all her subjects dream mirrors. Neherenia was a bit glad that she was returning to her mirror and the darkness, because she could be beautiful again. Moon reminded her that she'd be all alone. A strange Zirconia thing popped out of Moon, pushing her to the edge and strangling her, but she kept telling Neherenia she felt sorry for her. Neherenia was mad at this, saying that was the look she gave her when she sealed her away. She takes Chibimoon and flings her off the edge. Neherenia stepped back into her mirror and became young again, and the circus platform crumbled. Moon started falling. She turned into Princess Serenity, and the eclipse ended. Somehow, she caught up to Chibimoon and tried to stop their fall by turning. Chibimoon woke up, and we see that Elios has woken up as well. Pegasus appears and smashes into them, and they suddenly have wings and land safely on a bridge.

The Senshi and Mamoru gather. Elios says he has to leave again to guard people's dreams. Elios kisses Chibi-Usa's hand. We see the Quartet in human form, watching and talking. Elios turns into Pegasus and flies away. Chibi-Usa says they'll meet again in her dreams.

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