Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R

Season #: 2
Episode #'s: 47 - 89
Arcs: Ail and Ann, 47-59; Black Moon, 60-89
Senshi involved: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Tuxedo Kamen, Pluto
New Senshi appearances: Pluto
Main villain group: Ail and Ann; Black Moon Family
Story: Good
Categories: Drama, romance, comedy
Animation: Good
Music: Great
True-to-Manga: Ail and Ann is an anime-only story; Black Moon part remains true, with some changes

Ail and AnnAn alien couple, Ail and Ann, come to Earth with a strange, sentient tree called Makaiju to gather energy for it. The Senshi (reborn with no memories of their previous life) don't know what's going on. Luna and Artemis notice the threat and Luna gives Usagi back her memories. Ail and Ann went to Usagi's school disguised as Seijuurou Ginga and Natsumi Ginga. Surprise, surprise, Ail falls in love with Usagi, and Ann falls in love with Mamoru. The other senshi get their memories, but not Mamoru. A strange hero named Tsukikage no Knight appears He is actually Mamoru's spirit in human form. At the end of the storyline, the Makaiju kills Ann, then reveals the history of her existence and that of Ail and Ann. She says she actually needs love energy to grow, and they were effectively killing her ^_^; The Makaiju gets healed by Sailormoon, and Ann comes back to life. Ail and Ann leave. Tsukikage no Knight goes back into Mamoru.

One day, Usagi and Mamoru are enjoying a nice day at the park... when suddenly a pink-haired girl falls from the sky right on top of them. She holds a (fake) gun to Usagi's head, and claims to be named "Usagi Tsukino". She stuns Usagi with a suction cup from her gun and runs off. When Usagi goes home, she finds this girl has hypnotized her family into thinking she's their little cousin, Chibi-Usa. She used a strange toy of hers that she calls "Luna-P" to do it, and it looks like Luna's head as a floating ball. She can turn it into a variety of things by shouting phrases. Chibi-Usa is trying to find the ginzuishou at any cost.

Chibi-Usa crying, with Luna-PWe are later introduced to the Wiseman; Rubeus; and the Ayakashi Sisters, who are Cooan, Beruche, Karabaras, and Petz. They are trying to disrupt the past so that the Black Moon will rule over Crystal Tokyo, which is ruled by Neo-Queen Serenity, the future form of Usagi. The Ayakashi Sisters are supposed to do the dirty work for Rubeus (who is working for Wiseman) and get Chibi-Usa back. In their time, the Black Moon is at war with Crystal Tokyo, and have succeeded in demolishing much of it, and now Neo-Queen Serenity and her husband, King Endymion (Mamoru) are in a deep sleep with the Senshi forming a protective barrier to keep the Black Moon from getting them.

After failing many times, the Ayakashi Sisters are healed by Sailormoon. Chibi-Usa sees the Senshi transform when they are going off to battle Petz and Karabaras before healing them.

Rubeus is growing increasingly frustrated. A woman named Esmeraude appears and taunts him before she leaves. When Chibi-Usa takes Usagi's brooch and tries to return to the future, he brings in his UFO and tries to capture her. The senshi protect her, and Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are captured. Sailormoon and Chibi-Usa run off to the UFO, and are able to stop Rubeus. When the UFO bursts into flames, the senshi use the Sailor Teleport to escape. Esmeraude appears again. Rubeus begs for her to take him with her, but she tells him that he's failed and leaves him. The UFO explodes and Rubeus is killed.

Soon, the rest of the Black Moon Family appears: Prince Dimando and his brother Saffir. Esmeraude is now given the mission Rubeus once had. We find out Esmeraude loves Prince Dimando, and he loves Neo-Queen Serenity.

Chibi-Usa is caught in a strange dream, and the Senshi are all worried since she can't wake up. The Luna-P changes and Sailorpluto can be seen in it. She tells them to go into their dream, which they do, and try to bring her out of it, which they are able to do.

Wiseman reaching for the cameraThey are attacked by Esmeraude several times. Chibi-Usa goes into the future with the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen. At the Time Gate, Pluto tries to attack the senshi before realizing who they are. She then lets them pass. Esmeraude tries to attack them in the time corridor. The Senshi see the state that Crystal Tokyo is in and are devastated. King Endymion appears in a projection and talks to them. They learn that Chibi-Usa needs the ginzuishou to free her mother--which they learn is Usagi-- and that her father is Mamoru.

Wiseman later turns Esmeraude into a dragon, she attacks, and the Senshi kill her (they don't know she's the dragon). Wiseman turns Chibi-Usa into the Black Lady by mixing up her mind so she thinks everyone hates her. The Senshi are able to turn her good again. Wiseman kills Saffir when he tries to warn Dimando about Wiseman's real intentions-- trying to summon some master of his. Dimando is killed by Wiseman for protecting Sailormoon.

Wiseman uses his dark crystal to start summoning his master, the Death Phantom. Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, and Chibi-Usa becomes Neo-Princess Serenity. Together, they kill Wiseman. Chibi-Usa then goes back to the future, where her parents are now awakened and everything has been restored to normal.

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