Princess Serenity sitting on a throne

Silvermoon is a story started over two and a half years
ago dealing with the Senshi in an alternate timeline.
Setsuna and Chibi-Usa are the only Senshi that know
what the original timeline was like. The time has returned
to that of the Silver Millennium, but things aren't the same as they were. The Senshi aren't exactly the same people,
and the planets now use a combination of magic and
technology in their everyday lives... not the mention
some new faces that pop up along the way.

Silvermoon is currently on hiatus while I write Dark
Skies, Bright Heavens. The most recent addition is
over a year old.

Story: The story itself and additional information.
Picture: Drawings and CGI based on Silvermoon.
Tour: Temporarily closed, will reopen eventually.

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