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why should you like her? hair - eyes - appearance - cyborg - fuku - powers - weak
cute as kid - mistress nine - her father - self-sacrificing - messiah - seiyuu

Name: Tomoe Hotaru: Firefly Sprouting from the Earth. Perhaps symbolic of her role as the Senshi of Death and Rebirth; rising up again from the ashes of the earth after death.

Blood type: AB: "proud, diplomatic, discriminating". You really can't think of Hotaru in these terms, perhaps diplomatic but...

First Anime Appearance: Episode #111/112: When the Holy Grail appeared in 111, we see the back of Hotaru's head as she kneels on the ground in pain. She is also in the opening sequence. In episode 112, she is at a park when Chibi-Usa is watching a filming, and when her hat blows off, Hotaru runs to get it. Being weak, she loses her breath quickly. Chibi-Usa befriends her quickly. When the daimon attacks someone, Chibi-Usa doesn't transform. She does scrape up her knee, and Hotaru heals it. She is afraid Chibi-Usa will be disgusted with it, but Chibi-Usa thinks it's wonderful.

First Manga Appearance: Act #24: While Chibi-Usa is on a rollar coaster, her hat flies off. She goes to retrieve it, and finds it in front of "Tomoe Research Labs." Hotaru is on the ground, having a coughing fit. Chibi-Usa asks if she's ok, and Hotaru tells her she'll be alright.

Clothing: In the anime, she wore only black throughout SMS, and when reborn in Stars, she wore cute outfits in pinks and reds. In the manga, she wore only black all-over in SMS to hide her cybernetic limbs. In SuperS and Stars, she dresses in typical little girls' clothes.

Henshin: Unfortunately, there is no henshin sequence for Sailorsaturn in the anime. She does use phrases in the manga, however.

Attacks coming soon.

All That Black: In the manga, Hotaru was injured badly in a fire when she was young, the fire that killed her mother. Her father, Professor Souichi Tomoe, gave her cybernetic limbs to replace those that were injured. They were quite noticeable, so she always wore long sleeves, tights, and turtlenecks in black to keep people from seeing. In the anime, they just stuck her in that color even though there's no mention of her being a cyborg. The ominous color can also allude to the fact that this seemingly sweet girl is really the Dark Messiah, and possessed by an evil entity, Mistress Nine. That isn't to say Hotaru herself is evil. The fact that she has power over death is not evil. She is the Senshi of death and rebirth. You can't be reborn unless you've died. If she really was evil, she wouldn't be a Senshi.

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