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why should you like her? green hair - red eyes - time key - great fuku - powerful henshin - dead scream - mysterious - humorous at times - pretty - ancient
hates cochroaches - computer skills - risks life for others - seiyuu

Name: Meiou Setsuna: Momentary Dark King. As the Guardian of Time, Setsuna's life revolves around time, her control over it, and her duties to it. Her coloring, both physical and clothing, is darker than the other Senshi - deep tan, dark green hair, mostly black fuku.

Blood type: A: "nervous, introverted, honest, loyal". While Setsuna definitely fits the latter three traits, she doesn't seem to be a nervous person; in fact, we don't see much emotion from her.

First Anime Appearance: Episode #75: Chibi-Usa was lying in bed, unconscious, with a bad fever. When she says "Puu," Luna-P floats up in the air and glows. An image of Sailorpluto appears, tells the Inner Senshi that Chibi-Usa is being attacked through her dreams, and sends them into the dream to help. After they do, Chibi-Usa sees her image, asks to go back to the future, and Pluto says she can't yet.

First Manga Appearance: Act #18: When Sailormoon, Sailorvenus, Chibi-Usa, and Tuxedo Kamen try to go through the Time Gate to the future, Sailorpluto stops them, telling them they are not allowed to cross. Chibi-Usa apologizes for stealing a key and going to the past, and Pluto lets them through.

Clothing: Setsuna dresses very stylishly. She loves fashion design, so she often makes her own outfits. A common outfit in the anime in a lavender jacket and short skirt with a white blouse and red bow. She also wears a deep red dress in Stars, as well as a more casual orange and black shorts set. In the manga, she is seen in a lab coat when she works at a school, and she will wear small tops with meshed coverups, shorts, short skirts, etc.

Henshin: After saying "Pluto Planet Power, Make-up!", she is standing in a deep blue, almost nebula-like space, then she starts to turn in a circle with her pen. As she crosses her arms over her chest, her hair swirling around her, the view is from overhead, and what looks like a funnel of liquid surrounds her. Then her hair rises up over her, close-up on her face as her lipstick is applied, and finally her pose.

Attacks coming soon.

Time Guardian: Setsuna is responsible for the Gate of Time, the "soldier who controls time and space", and makes sure the future happens as it should, that no paradoxes happen, etc. She is supposed to remain alone there; Luna calls her "lonely" and "solitary". Queen Serenity placed three taboos on her that she cannot break on pain of death-- "you may not cross time", "you can never leave the door you must protect" and "you must never stop time." Some people have quoted that "when she appears, you know all Hell is going to break lose." She only leaves the Gate for important events in the anime; the upcoming battle with Master Pharoah 90, Neherenia's return, and Galaxia. In the manga, she breaks the third taboo, and dies. She is reborn in SMS, and we have to assume that she no longer is the Guardian, for she never goes back to the Gate.

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