In this picture gallery, I hope to provide rare, high-quality pictures of the various Sailor Senshi, and try to update on a weekly basis, with 10 new pictures each update. That way, everyone can look forward to an update of the site every week... I don't spend forever uploading a picture gallery like I did with the Outer Senshi...

When I say "main four" in regards to the Inner Senshi, I mean Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. In case you don't know, "bg" refers to "background." When I say "ESM," I mean "Eternalsailormoon;" I didn't have room to fit the whole thing.

Some pictures may be duplicates of those in the Outer Senshi gallery, but probably better quality since I spend time editting these to look really nice :) I've tried to keep the size large enough for all the detail to be present without being so large that it takes forever to download. I've adjusted the highlight/midtone/shadow, plus the red/green/blue; that should make the colors richer than the scans, maybe even more so than the originals o.O I've also dropped the compression just a bit enough to make the file size smaller without losing the quality. Starting May 22, the pixel size of pictures is not listed, just the kilobytes.

Thumbnails version of Galleries 1-4
Thumbnails version of Galleries 5-8

Galleries 7 and 8: May 28 and June 4, 1999- From Serenity to Eternal

61. Serenity in yellow tones, standing on a pillar in front of the crescent moon. 111 KB
62. Serenity dipping her foot in water, sun is finishing setting. 58.8 KB
63. A younger Usagi with brown hair and a greenish doily border around her. 178 KB
64. Usagi's face, hair blowing, on blue with magenta flowers. 124 KB
65. Usagi with her ring, hair draped over herself, on yellow, with small orange flowers. 155 KB
66. Usagi in a cute white and lavender floral outfit, with large yellowish flowers. 142 KB
67. Usagi in her school uniform with an SD Sailormoon and Luna doll. 170 KB
68. Usagi in school uniform with Sailormoon in her mask, on a dark bg. 55.8 KB
69. A cheerfully winking Sailormoon on a colorful bg, bust shot. 158 KB
70. Sailormoon lying back on a crescent moon, looks like sunset. 128 KB
71. Sailormoon kneeling, holding the brilliantly glowing Holy Grail. 117 KB
72. Supersailormoon posing with bright colors radiating from behind. 156 KB
73. Supersailormoon with her wand, on a very bright pink bg. 119 KB
74. Supersailormoon bust shot with a glowing white crescent moon behind her. 155 KB
75. Supersailormoon slightly profile, pastel tones, with crystals (mainpage image in full). 257 KB
76. Eternalsailormoon flying through the night sky. 108 KB
77. Eternalsailormoon kneeling, turning to face the viewer, with feathers on green. 119 KB
78. Eternalsailormoon on white, holding a white rose. 167 KB
79. Eternalsailormoon with white hair and bootless, lying back with a wand. 158 KB
80. ESM with closed eyes, pearls and ribbons wrapped around her, an underwater light effect bg. 143 KB

Gallery 6: May 22, 1999- Chibi-Usa and Elios; Chibi-Usa and Usagi

51. Chibi-Usa nude, bust shot, with a sort of cage with Elios behind her. 235 KB
52. Elios alone on blue; leaning to kiss Chibi-Usa on top. 161 KB
53. Chibi-Usa and Usagi in red on a doily. 81.1 KB
54. Chibi-Usa and Usagi holding flowers on a doily. 77.3 KB
55. Chibi-Usa and Usagi in black and red dresses and hats with red roses. 206 KB
56. Chibi-Usa and Usagi in funny pink outfits and hats with braids, yellow balls around them. 105 KB
57. Chibi-Usa and Usagi lying down in red waitress outfits with fruit border. 317 KB
58. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon with Chibi-Usa holding her Luna-P. 295 KB
59. Supers Sailormoon and Chibimoon with celestial background. 82.8 KB
60. Supers Sailormoon and Chibimoon posing on white. 102 KB

Gallery 5: May 14, 1999- Usagi and Mamoru

41. A sad Princess Serenity with Prince Endymion's profile. 476 x 720, 81.9 KB
42. Serenity and Endymion embracing on black. 672 x 930, 142 KB
43. Endymion embracing Serenity from behind; manga 15 cover. 553 x 841, 193 KB
44. Usagi in a white party dress, Mamoru in a tux, sleeping in her lap. 569 x 807, 151 KB
45. Mamoru with messy hair holding Usagi, eyes closed. 510 x 781, 178 KB
46. From manga 15; Usagi lying on Mamoru's shoulder, facing opposite directions. 547 x 796, 217 KB
47. Mamoru and Usagi embrace; a blue marble-like effect over the image. 576 x 768, 148 KB
48. Mamoru holding Usagi's head to his chest; manga 12 cover. 600 x 909, 161 KB
49. Yellow and orange toned with flowers; wedding image from manga 18. 391 x 567, 113 KB
50. Another wedding image with a pink-purple sunset, white crescent moon in the sky. 650 x 954, 155 KB

Gallery 4: May 7, 1999- Inner and Outer Senshi group pics

31. Cover of manga 9; Senshi bust shots, all surrounding a large SuperSM. 589 x 744, 155 Kb
32. "Bookmarks" of the Senshi as princesses, with the initial of their planet above them. 971 x 768, 323 Kb
33. Usagi in a party hat with SD Senshi in Santa outfits of their aura color. 545 x 788, 185 Kb
34. Inners, Outers, and Chibis in school uniforms with snow. 623 x 539, 122 Kb
35. Every single character from SMS. 1065 x 736, 362 Kb
36. Every single character from SMSuperS. 904 x 591, 292 Kb
37. Every single character from SMStars. 1174 x 838, 451 Kb
38. Manga 15 insert of StarInners and Outers, no Moons. 576 x 768, 182 Kb
39. More "bookmarks," Super forms, rainbow border. 911 x 561, 238 Kb
40. A January calender picture; Senshi in white shirts with hair down. 594 x 784, 127 Kb

Gallery 3: May 1, 1999- Usagi/Eternalsailormoon

21. Usagi as a bride with ESM, reaching for the viewer. 535 x 785, 126 Kb
22. ESM on cerulean, side view, with white flowers. 535 x 785, 135 Kb
23. Closeup of ESM from back, looking over shoulder, with large yellow flowers. 619 x 550, 115 Kb
24. ESM with a bright crescent moon, on pale blue. 632 x 941, 137 Kb
25. ESM on bright pink, with crescent moon and tiny blue stars. 515 x 756, 101 Kb
26. ESM closeup, on muted blue with white feathers. 650 x 901,
27. A different form of Sailormoon on white, cover of art volume Infinity. 611 x 828, 123 Kb
28. Pretty Usagi with bright red/pink bg and petals. Tankouban 8. 518 x 768, 138 Kb
29. Pastel-toned Usagi profile with lots of jewelry, another Infinity. 564 x 828, 154 Kb
30. Note: Not by Naoko! Blue-toned Princess Serenity on a throne. Infinity, again. 560 x 820, 127 Kb

Gallery 2: April 27, 1999- Star, Little-known, and Starlights

11. Luna, Artemis, and Diana as humans, on doily and pink. 592 x 864, 168 Kb
12. Cosmos and Chibichibimoon. 543 x 785, 180 Kb
13. The Three Lights in suits, framed in blue. 550 x 820, 146 Kb
14. The Three Lights in feminine clothing. 540 x 785, 150 Kb
15. The Starlights posing on galaxy bg. 550 x 805, 548 x 840, 115 Kb
16. Asteroid Senshi, Starsaturn and Starchibimoon. 548 x 840, 115 Kb
17. Stars Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. 540 x 788, 108 Kb
18. Starvenus and Staruranus on yellow. 550 x 800, 91.8 Kb
19. Outer Senshi in Star forms, with a bit of Eternalsailormoon. 576 x 768, 157 Kb
20. Inner Senshi in Star forms, with ESM's hair. 576 x 768, 159 Kb

Gallery 1: April 16, 1999 - Inner Senshi

1. The cover of manga 6, as it appeared in the artbook. Pluto is in this picture as well. 768 x 1024, 293 Kb
2. In school uniforms, thin bars, with their aura color as the background. 576 x 768, 153 Kb
3. In kimonos, with Usagi and Chibi-Usa larger than the rest. 576 x 768, 211 Kb
4. In school uniforms, on a smudged pink-green background. 640 x 389, 80.8 Kb
5. In fuku, white background, on torn-out papers of their aura colors. 839 x 576, 120 Kb
6. Main four have arms across chest, Moon kneeling, white background. 605 x 432, 62.5 Kb
7. Party! Cool outfits, streamers, confetti... 384 x 512, 109 Kb
8. In school uniforms, but Usagi and Chibi-Usa are the most prominent. 377 x 512, 83.3 Kb
9. A beautiful picture of the main four in Super forms with snow. 648 x 710, 147 Kb
10. As princesses, with pink flowers and white background with silvery smudges. 576 x 768, 189 Kb

Many of these images originally came from The One and Only Sailormoon!! (see the links) and are used without permission. They have, however, been retouched and resized for use on this page. Please, give me credit or ask permission before you use them for your site.

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