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I didn't want to put all the fanfiction I have here... and I have a lot on my computer... But just those that were really well-written, really unique. Think about it; you may have dozens of stories about the same thing, why not just put up the best ones? That's what I'm aiming for here.

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Mizuno Ami:

Several stories.
Home for the Holidays-
Haruka goes with Michiru to her parents' for Christmas vacation. Quite amusing, semi-romantic at times.
Sailor Senshi Through The Looking Glass-
The Senshi's reflections switch places with them, and the Senshi have to try and get back out into the world. Hilarious story.
There Might Be A Tiny Problem...-
A girl names Terri mistakes Haruka for a man and starts stalking her. Dramatic and romantic.

Kevin Bruner:

A couple stories.
Sailor Moon S(tupid)-
A hilarious story full of parodies, fake products, crossovers, and the Three Bills.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Smackdown-
The sequel, featuring the return of some of the Witches 5, and the Starlights being mocked a lot.

Jon Carp:

Several stories.
A psychotic Sailor Earth appears and makes a big mess of things. Heavy on drama and dark humor.
Pain: The Lovers-
Michiru dies in a car accident, and Haruka... well, goes insane. Same as above.
Pain: The Story-
It's been awhile since I read this... I remember it was dramatic! -.- ;; And the Senshi were acting wacko.
Secondary Characters- The one Jon's really known for. Takes place right at the end of Stars... boy, is it weird, but it's good. Setsuna is insane, and in love with Michiru, and the Senshi get killed, and... you just have to read it -.-;;
Circles of Time: Bad Guy-
Co-authored with Greenbeans. Again, a rather dark story. A wacko villain shows up and messes the Senshi up. You'll never guess who he is.

Jackie Chiang:

Several stories.
Haruka remembers what Michiru was like in life. Very dark.
Never Forgotten-
Michiru broke up with Haruka, who ended up getting killed. Michiru is trying to get on with her life. Dark.
Reflections in the Mirror-
Part 1 is called The Goddess of the Sea, Part 2 is called The Emperor of the Skies. They are told from Haruka and Michiru's point of view, respectively. The story is basically one of how Haruka and Michiru could have met.
Love Me Again-
Haruka screwed up her relationship with Michiru in the past, and is now living in Crystal Tokyo. She is ordered to go back in time and take the place of her past self to make things work out. Romantic.
Living and Dying-
Arguably her best work... quite serious and very dark. It's another Haruka-Michiru broke up story, with a twist-- Michiru has gone a bit loopy since Hotaru died, and Haruka is trying to get her back in her right mind again.
A short, sad story. Haruka is dying of some strange disease, and is spending her last moments with Michiru.


Several stories.
Destiny's Child-
An amazing Ranma 1/2 - Sailormoon crossover. Ranma and Akane were born over 500 years ago, and after Akane passes away, Ranma wanders the Earth, wishing he could get rid of his curse. Mistress Nine makes an interesting proposition-- if she can possess him, she will find a way to remove the girl form. He has to stay in girl form a lot of the time, so Ranma ends up taking the place of the dead Hotaru. It sounds confusing... but it's one of the best fanfics I've ever read, if not the best. Gee, am I pushing you to read this? ^_^;;; It's fairly serious with some lighter moments. Complete.
Sailor Ranko- Another Sailormoon/Ranma, but this has different events. Ranma goes with Akane to study to be a teacher of martial arts, and finds out that in his female form, he is the reincarnation of a Sailor Senshi. When Jadeite returns, he has to help the Senshi fight him.
Twice in a Millennium - An official continuation of Sailor Ranko, but it's by Kevin D. Hammel.
Vengeance And A Half - Another Ranma 1/2 - Sailormoon crossover, this one just started. So far, it seems pretty dark. Ryouga has learned a new technique and is out to attack Ranma. The Tendo girls have been worried because of attacks around the city, and the Senshi haven't been able to battle all the youma. Looks like it'll be another top fanfic :)

Fred Herriot:

Several stories.
Lonely They Who Guard...-
A crossover with his Urusei Yatsura series called The Senior Year. Jadeite pops up again, among other things. Really good, just hard to summarize -.-;;
Sailor Twins-
I usually hate author-created Senshi. Not these. A professor has taken some girls and turned them into cyborgs modeled after the Senshi they idolize. It's great!
College Life Vignette: When Sisters Come Calling-
Some of the twins visit America and drop in on Beans.
Faith No More-
Continuing with the Twins stuff. Urusei Yatsura cross-overs... I can't remember exactly what happened... but it's great, as always.


Several stories.
College Life-
The series that made her famous. Haruka and Michiru go to college in America. Most of the story is told from the point of view of a student named Beans. Hilarious, sometimes serious, sometimes romantic.
One Wish-
Haruka and Michiru ask Usagi to help them have a child together.
Another of her famous stories. A story of Haruka's past, and a long one at that. Quite good.
Based off Tim Nolan's End of the Beginning. Haruka visits Makoto, who's visiting her parents' gravesite.
Memoirs of a Daimon-
An interesting perspective on a Daimon.
The Trouble with Kittens-
Artemis stays over with Haruka and Michiru and has to deal with a kitten following him around. Cute!
Can't We All Just Be Friends?-
Co-authored with Ophelia. We see just how much Uranus hates the Starlights -.-;;
Revenge of the Plushies!-
Co-authored with Ophelia. Greenbeans and Ophelia stumble across the Outer Senshi. Funny!
Begging Favours-
Another Ophelia co-auth. The two want to see the future, so Pluto says they have to write a special story for her...
A serious fic, telling of Uranus and Neptune's battle with Moon in episode 126.
Circles of Time: Bad Guy-
Co-authored with Jon Carp. Again, a rather dark story. A wacko villain shows up and messes the Senshi up. You'll never guess who he is.

Lady Neptune

A few stories.
The Beginning of Something-
Set during SMS. Haruka and Michiru are stopped at a motel for a night, and they almost have a romantic encounter... Nevertheless, it's a sweet story.
Haruka and Michiru recollect some things that have happened. Semi-romantic.
September Rain-
A sweet story that seems to be set after Stars, about Haruka and Michiru interacting with Hotaru as their daughter.


Several stories.
Follower of the Wind-
A story about Haruka during the times of the Silver Millennium. Very interesting.
Star Senshi Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope-
An outstanding story that puts Sailormoon characters in place of Star Wars characters! A must-read if you are a fan of both series!
Star Senshi Wars, Episode V: Stars of the Empire-
Continuing the crossover :)
Star Senshi Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi-
... And the rest of it :)

Tim Nolan:

Several stories.
Awakenings 2-
Second part of a 2 part story; this is about Haruka's past.
A great story about the Senshi, and some resurrected Shitenno. It's rather serious, and is a seriously good story. Enormous!
End of the Beginning-
Just when you thought Obligations was big... This is a sort of continuation. Great stuff! :)
Outer Senshi Trilogy-
Three stories focusing on the Outer Senshi, in the Silver Millennium, "present", and Crystal Tokyo.
Anniversary 6-
Apparently this was a non-adult part of an adult series, according to other websites. A romantic Haruka-Michiru story, which has them on vacation in Europe, and Haruka is having nightmares as a result of the events of episode 110.


Several stories.
Happy Birthday Michiru! Haruka's Ultimate Gift-
Michiru has a birthday wish that seems impossible, but Haruka makes it come true-- she wants them to have a child together.
Heaven Help the Child-
A story about Haruka, Michiru, and their daughter, Kaifuu. Romantic and dramatic.
If Only I Had The Words-
From their Kaifuu's perspective; Haruka is really sick and Kaifuu is confused.
For the First Time-
This takes place shortly after episode 111. Haruka and Michiru are dealing with those darts that got shot in them, and just how strongly they feel for each other. Romantic, with a little bit of humor.
Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon SuperS: The Lost Episode-
A hilarious story where Tigerseye goes after Michiru and Fisheye after Haruka (someone tell the poor guy that she's not a man!)
Growing Up Haruka-
Haruka is up late at night, upset over her childhood.
Haruka: Dream Sequence-
Note: Did she finish this? I don't have a 3rd part... A different look on Haruka's childhood; Haruka is in an orphanage after her father beat her.

Ilana Tavan:

A couple of stories.
The Kaioh family comes for a visit? An unexpected revelation-
Michiru's parents and sister decided to visit Michiru at her apartment, where Haruka lives as well. Quite amusing :)
Violins and... Guitars?-
Set during episode 180, tells from Haruka's point of view about the incident in the dressing room.

Theresa Ann Wymer:

A couple of stories.
Castle Triton-
A great Silver Millennium story told by Neptune. Romantic in places.
Unending Sorrow-
Set after Castle Triton, again told by Neptune. This is about the end of the Silver Millennium.


A few stories.
The Hardest Step-
Set after Stars and told by Michiru. Haruka and Michiru are starting school again, now at Juuban. Serious and romantic.
Answering the Call-
A great Silver Millennium story about Saturn arriving at the moon to be put in her deep sleep.
When We Were Happy-
A really nice Christmas story about the Senshi, with an appearance by Naru.

Naia Zifu:

Several stories.
One of the first stories of Haruka's past that's actually happy! *gasp!* It's basically about Haruka deciding to go against her parents' and the school's wishes by cutting her hair and wearing the guys' uniform. Third person, but focusing on Haruka.
One Chance Encounter-
The same story above told in first person by Michiru.
And this time, told in first person by Haruka's friend, Urano, a story that takes place a bit after the two above.
Children of the Sea-
Told from Haruka's POV, she and Michiru have gone to the beach, and Michiru starts having strange visions. They run into the Inner Senshi and decide to do something about it. Romantic in parts, dark in others.
My Mile in Heels-
Haruka's POV, a daimon blasts her and Michiru with a ray that makes them switch bodies o.O Quite interesting!

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