Bishounen no Mori- By SailorSpazz aka Stacey Rice. A hilarious story of the Amazon Trio meeting the Dark Kingdom! Really great.

Lines of Destiny, 1-10- By Louis-Philippe Giroux. Another Ranma 1/2 - Sailormoon crossover. Akane and Ranma marry, and he decides to teach martial arts. They stay at his cousin, Rei's (yes, Sailormars), temple, and start having strange dreams of a past life... And Hotaru thinks they look like people she knew in the Silver Millennium... Lines of Destiny #11

Network Cutbacks- Author unknown. This is what happens when the company cuts funding for Sailormoon...

Pretty Good Year- By Heles MacAnemy. Used to have this on my old site... A rather intruguing and dark story. Setsuna has a little accident... and the other Senshi start acting rather odd as well. The zip includes the Crumbs document.

The Silver Star Trilogy- By Princess Serenity. In Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity is attacked by a new foe, and her mind gets majorly messed with. A great three-parter.

Vampire Princess Michiru- By Nightbreak. This is apparently taking Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, & the Amazoness Quartet, and putting them in place of characters in Vampire Princess Miyu. I've never seen/read that... but this is a great story all the same. Makes me wonder what the heck the Miyu anime/manga is about.

Waiting For Minako- By DDFA (Mark A Page). The first parts drag, but it picks up later. It's in script format. Basically, Ami and Makoto are waiting for Minako to show up, but she hasn't been seen... then some Senshi decide Ami and Makoto are too boring... and Usagi goes to Hell... and... well, people forget why they were originally doing, and some strange person starts taking control of the story, hmmm...


Abstract Life- By Haruka. Haruka goes to a small house during a thunderstorm after having a fight with her dad, and Michiru comes to help her out. A bit dark with some romance.

All That You Are- By Idylwyld. A rather unusual but intriguing look at Setsuna. Quite dark.

At Last- Author unknown. It's about Michiru, and her relationship with her family and Haruka.

Childhood- By Super Maggie-chan. A story about a younger Setsuna in the Silver Millennium, and her mother, the current Sailorpluto. Sad ;_;

Dark Kingdom STUDS!- By Ace Otaku. I just had to include this... a hilarious story of Rei and Zoisite being set-up on a date by a game show, and the chaos that results... script format.

DiC On Trial- By Amberlin. Sailormoon characters sue DiC for various crimes, slanders, libels, and "providing people with crappy voice dubs"!

Deus ex Haruka- By +Gradient. A very amusing story about Haruka and a girl on her track team that she always picks on.

Fanfic from a non-fan- By Mughi. It looks at first to be just another self-insertion fic... but strangely enough, the author doesn't like Sailormoon, and in the story, she doesn't want to participate in the events she gets involved with. Haruka and Michiru show up at her college, and she thinks they're just nutty fans of the show. They start to bother her about something that she wants no part of... (NO HENTAI, darnit!)

Flashback-- Haruka- By Sailordarkstar, I think... A story about Haruka in the Silver Millennium, first becomming a Senshi.

Furies- By Allyn Yonge. An enormous Ranma 1/2 - Sailormoon crossover. The Outer Senshi made Akane a living weapon in the Silver Millenium, and when aliens attack present-day Tokyo, she awakens and assists the Senshi, along with Ranma. Warning to my fellow Outer Senshi fans-- this story makes them look very much like the villains...

Haruka's Awakening- By Wandering Angel. A story about Haruka and Michiru in episode 198, with flashbacks to other events that happened. Sad but romantic.

Heaven and Earth- By Setsuna Meiou. A very dark story about Haruka trying to find Michiru after she's kidnapped.

Innocence- By Devon Smith. A really nice story about Hotaru and her new, young, orphaned friend.

Lightning Crashes- By John Hitchens. A rather sad, dark story about events leading up Crystal Tokyo's beginning.

Mimete Steps Out! By +Gradient. A funny story about Mimete.

Moon Revenge- By LeVar Bouyer. A sad, dark story about Haruka and Michiru, how they will do anything to get the Talismans... and someone loses their life because of their determination.

Sailor Moon A2- MSTed- By Haruka 'Sol' Ten'oh. A MSTing of Jackie Chiang's "Haruka and Michiru", with commentary from the Outer Senshi. Hilarious!

A Scandal In Crystal Tokyo!- By Pandora D. Waldron. I could not believe this; it is so unique, and is so funny! It's a tabloid paper from Crystal Tokyo. And afterwards, some more humorous stuff! I've never seen anyone try something like this :)

Saltwater- By Steven Mallory. Haruka and Michiru decide to get away from it all and go to a house Haruka owns. Why isn't it placed under "Series"? Because the author hasn't released more of it... Wake up, Steven! This is a great story! Continue it!

Sacrifices and Fatal Elusions- By DarkPluto4. Sacrifices is an alternate past story about Michiru and Haruka meeting and becoming Senshi, and dealing with their families, especially Michiru's. Fatal Elusions takes place sometime afterwards. A car accident leads to Michiru leaving Haruka and breaking off their engagement, and becoming engaged to a man. When she returns to Tokyo for the wedding, she has to deal with facing Haruka again.

Sea Breeze- By Mithril-rama. Haruka's POV, she and Michiru go down to the beach to relax, a rather sweet story.

Song- By Shilpa Kamat. A sad story about Michiru's relationship with her some-what difficult parents.

Truths: A Sailor Moon Moment- By Jennifer Wand. A cute, romantic story, Michiru's POV, just after the events of the SuperS special.

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