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Go back to Authors and you'll find that Fire's Destiny's Child is completed, plus some there's some new stories in the zip as well.

By His Lordship Chaos - Cat O' Nine Tales (a cool Artemis story), Circles of Time: Dark Messiah (just read it, it's cool), and Firefly (a Hotaru story; already in the archive, but it's in this zip now.)

College Life 16 and 17; College Life Omake #2, and Guy.txt - By Greenbeans. The two College Life parts are very serious; I actually had the chance to preread #16... oh, two years ago, and it was #15 ^_^;; Anyways, the Omake is a hilarious story where Michiru made Haruka take care of a Tamagotchi :) The Guy.txt examines how fanfics would be different if Haruka was a guy.

Eien no Naden - By E.L.F. Mainly Outer Senshi, this is a story where the Senshi confront Eternity. No kidding. It's really good.

Vampire Princess Michiru #4 - By Nightbreak. The final chapter *sob*

Orbital Maneuvers - By Setsuna M. Hmmm, what to say without spoiling it... Well, Setsuna gets to be really happy, and Michiru is stuck in a pinch. I can't say more without ruining the build-up.

The Michiru Trilogy - By Jennifer Martina a.k.a. Jira. Basically, a cute Haruka and Michiru story, but there's something about it that seems different than others*, that's why I included it :)

* Ever notice how there's a kajillion Haruka-Michiru fics and I actually don't have that many? So many are the same thing as all the others, so I don't bother with any that aren't stand-out.

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