why should you like her? seagreen hair - blue eyes - henshin - smart - determined pretty - violin - painting - romantic - girlfriend - singing - seiyuu

Name: Kaiou Michiru: Mature Ocean King. Michiru is incredibly mature for her age; though she was born the same year as the Inner Senshi, she acts much older, smarter, and cultured. She has a natural affinity for the ocean, being the Senshi of the sea, and is seen swimming. She sometimes paints underwater scenes.

Blood type: O: "workaholic, insecure, emotional". Being a well-known artist and violinist, it makes sense to assume she is a workaholic. She is very emotional; though she hides her emotions when we first see her, we later see she is prone to sadness, crying, anger, etc. She seems to be very insecure in episode110 regarding her feelings for Haruka and trying to pursue her.

First Anime Appearance: Episode #90/92: In episode 90, Rei was attacked by a daimon. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune appeared in shadowed form to examine her heart crystal. In episode 92, Michiru came to the arcade when Haruka had finished her game, had tea with her, went with her to the garage, and battled a daimon with her. She was basically the one that revealed Haruka's gender to the Inner Senshi.

First Manga Appearance: Act #24: Michiru is swimming in a pool and then calls her helicopter. She goes to the race track and leaves with Haruka, people saying they're "the perfect couple." She runs into Mamoru outside the arcade (where Haruka is playing a racing game) and her mirror reveals that he was a prince once. Haruka comes out and they leave, then they observe the other Senshi.

Clothing: Michiru always dresses in elegant clothing. She never wears pants or shorts, always a skirt or dress. In the anime, she wears a magenta dress suit in several episodes, white dresses for concerts, a nice pink and magenta dress in Stars, but she does have some stranger dresses, too, that seem a bit tacky (animators fault!). In the manga, she is always wearing something classy and stylish. Floral print dresses, skirts with long sleeved shirts, anything feminine.

Henshin: After saying "Neptune Planet Power, Make-up!", she is standing in a blue area with her pen, and she turns away from the camera, arms raised at her sides as a wave washes over. She then appears in fuku with her eyes closed, flipping her hair, then she poses.

Attacks coming soon.

Interest in Men?: Some people assume Michiru is bisexual due to her "flirting" with Seiya in episode 180. People are misinterpreting what happened. Michiru was doing a joint concert with the Three Lights. While performing, she noticed a strange energy coming from them, and they from her. Now, remember, her duty as an Outer Senshi is to prevent outside invasions, so she would obviously feel obligated to investigate something like this. While she was in her dressing room afterwards, Seiya came in. He then complimented her for her performance and said he was a big fan, and said he wanted to get to know her better. Michiru offered to let him help her change. This is probably where the assumption comes from! You have to remember, she needs to find out what the energy was. She needs to gain his trust in order to learn about him. That's why she did that. Besides, after everyone left her and Haruka alone in there, she was really interested in letting Haruka undress her...

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