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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Anna'S Sailor Moon Gallery- This site has closed now :( But I'm keeping this link in hopes that she'll return...
The Anti-Mercury Page- A hilarious site that makes Mercury look really stupid... as it should be :)
Artemis and Luna's Central Command Headquarters- Sailor Skuld's for awhile; has huge weekly fanfic archives.
The Best Sailormoon Fanfiction on the Net- This reviews really great SM fanfics. Updates are rare, but oh well.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Anime and Manga- Information, pictures, etc.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Coloring Album- Sailormoon coloring book pictures!!!
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon)- Lots and lots of merchandise-related images. Where I got my laserdisc cover images.
Bow to the G L A I V E- What was once a great Hotaru shrine with some unique features, now down... the image galleries are still left up and are free for the taking.
Channel V- A really nice Minako shrine. DOWN
ChibiMoons Yumilicious Sweet Tooth!- A really, REALLY cute site!!! There's so much stuff here! Go there now, darnit! Same person that runs Luna*C, my sistah site ^_-
Chibiusa's Wild Sugar Rush!- A collection of fanworks; Silvermoon is here.
The Chibi Project- Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Who knew Chibimoon could be fun?
Coki's SailorMoonSquare!- A cool combo page with great information and really fun surveys.
The Compleat Sailormoon CD List- A huge listing of every Sailormoon CD, plus MP3s of almost all of them.
Darker Than Black- Another Hotaru shrine, which has some non-Saturn stuff as well.
dreaming in colour- A very beautiful site! Lots of cool stuff here. Envy the pretty layouts.
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik- A huge collection of Haruka-Michiru pictures.
The Empire of Suns and Shadows- Lots of pwitty manga pictures.
Endymion's Sailormoon Windows Archive- Basically what it says in the title.
E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.'.9.9.!- A cool Makoto shrine.
Fire Senshi's Realm- A really awesome Rei shrine.
Glitter- A collection of shrines to various characters.
The Guide to Sailormoon Fanfiction- Discusses different types of fanfiction and how to write them.
The Hall of the Meatball King- A really strange name for a very pretty, informative page..
The Haruka and Michiru Fanfic Centre- Harukaandmichiru fans, go there NOW!
Haruka's VW Dealership- I couldn't believe it. Anime and Bugs... Brilliance. Pure brilliance.
Hitoshi Doi's Sailormoon Page- Probably the most widely-recognized SM site, good source of info.
Iky's Outer Senshi Homepage- Like it says, an Outer Senshi shrine.
Impressions- A very nice combo site; formerly "Moonlight Dreams."
I Support Haruka And Michiru- A very worthy cause ^-^
Kaolinite -- The Other Mistress- A Kaolinite shrine! Woo!
Kawaii Haru-chan's Secrets Page- As the name suggests, a cute Haruka shrine! *dance dance*
Kinmoku Kingdom ~ Yaten Shrine- An awesome... you guessed it, Yaten shrine.
The Legend of Galaxia- Galaxia's story, plus a nice archive of pictures.
Letocities - A World of Sailormoon- This is an incredibly comprehensive combo site, both fun and informative. New address!
Let Me Tell You A Story...- An author's fanfic page. Nice stories :)
The Light of Little Firefly- An awesome Hotaru shrine, with all sorts of neat stuff.
l i g h t s . eien no starlight- A spiffy shrine for all the Three Lights.
Lyric Moon- The best source for SM song lyrics; unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since October.
Lyta's Sailor Moon Homepage - Gone *sobs!* But she now runs
Manga Style- Beautiful site with lots of beautiful manga pictures. All has some good PSP 5.0 tips and resources.
Marie's Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon MPEGs- Great source of videos.
Memoirs of a Fish- A really unique Fisheye shrine. I LOVE it!
miss meioh- A very nice Setsuna shrine. Sophisticated, just like Setsuna herself.
Moonlit Dream- Gorgeous site run by a drama freak* (woo hoo!)
Neko's Sailormoon Musicals Page!- Dedicated to Seramyu.
Neo Moon Kingdom- A combo page, very cool.
The Neptune Castle - Home of the Embrace- A Michiru shrine with nice features.
Neptune's Palace- The best Michiru shrine around! *note: you have to look really hard for it, but it's in there!*
The Nineverse- It's not back up yet, but it's a really neat site.
Once upon a time...- A cute combo page.
The One and Only Sailormoon- An excellent source of pictures! Beautiful! (pssst, thank you!) DOWN
Otaku-Girl's Sekai- This page is just soooo cute! Lots of Minako. Go go GO!
outer limits- A Haruka and Michiru shrine. DOWN
The Palace of Moonlight- Sailoreagle's cool combo page... that is now bye-bye ;_;
planet chuu- A lovely shrine to Sailorironmouse.
pluto planet power!- An incredibly spiffy Setsuna shrine.
Pluto's Purple Planet- Another great Setsuna shrine.
Pretty Soldier Paradise- A combo page with a ton of stuff.
Psycho Sailah Humah Archives- This is so hilarious!
Purple Magic- A really neat Hotaru shrine, very bright! DOWN
r e b i r t h- Can it be, another Hotaru shrine? :) Really nice. DOWN
Resignation: A Brighter Look at the Soldier of Decay- A cute Hotaru shrine, also bright.
Sailormoon and the Sailor Senshi- You'll be surprised at how young the person is that made this great site.
The Sailormoon Channel- Rotating Real Video SM episodes and other things.
Sailor Moon Country- Combo page, anyone?
SailorMoon CyberCity- A very great source of information, incredibly popular.
The Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Headquarters- A good place for fanfics, with author of the month awards.
The Sailormoon Galaxy- A nice combo page... but hasn't updated in awhile.
Sailor Moon Manga Utopia- Manga gallery broken up by character. Bootiful :P
Sailomoon Music Archive- An excellent MP3 source... but now it's password protected.
The Sailormoon Quoteables- A collection of quotes from Sailormoon.
The Sailoruranus Shrine- Marie Kelly's Haruka shrine, returned to us recently :)
Sailor Moon and Sailor Stars Screen Shots- A very well-known screen shots archive.
Sailormoon and the Sailor Senshi- A nice combo page.
Sailormoon Real Audio- A good source of Real Audio files.
A Sailor Moon Romance- Artemis and Luna's archives get put here in text form. There's also pictures and things, too.
The SM Zone- An excellent combo page, with information, web tips, and more.
Sailor Pluto- Has some nice information and pictures. Probably not updated in years, but oh well!
The Sailor Senshi Page- A very well-known combo page, very nice.
Seiya, Haruka, Rei, and Ami's Crazy Comedy Fanfic and a Whole Lot More!- What it says ^^;;
Sensations- All sorts of cool stuff. DOWN
senshi battle zone- An amusing site pitting Senshi against Senshi. You can vote on the outcome!
senshi conversations- Hee hee... cute idea, cuter site :D
Setsuna's Outer Senshi Archive- An collection of Outer Senshi things.
Shadow of the Future Moon- A really cool Black Lady shrine.
Sheer Lunacy! A Nitpickers Guide to the Sailor Moon Universe- Not complete yet, but a great information source.
s i l e n c e- A cool Hotaru shrine.
The Silent Walls of Destruction- Another cool Hotaru shrine.
Silver Moonlight- A really great combo page.
Sky Colored Oceans- A spiffy Haruka and Michiru shrine.
Sky Senshi at the Racetrack - Now known as Turbulence : The Second Impact, a well-known shrine to Haruka.
The Slippery Mermaid- A cute Aluminumsiren shrine.
SM Fanfiction Review- Name speaks for itself, ne?
Star Goddess's Sailormoon Galaxy- Not back up yet, but an outstanding site. She runs a Villains shrine, too.
Suburbs of the Silver Millennium- Has all sorts of cool, unique stuff. DOWN
The Transparent GIF Gift Shop- A great source of trans GIFs.
Troublemakers and All Things Naughty- A really fun shrine to the villains.
Violent Winds- A large Haruka shrine.
Violin Tide- Another shrine to Michiru.
Wind Spirit- Another Haruka shrine, with nice pictures.
World Shaking!- formerly known as The Haruka Tenoh Shrine, very nice.
Yorkie aka Warpmoon's Fanfics- Lots of Outer Senshi stories-- some are absolutely hilarious, but be warned, a lot are too twisted to be enjoyed.
z e t t a i . ni . a y a k a s h i- They are totally funny, 'nuff said. Some people have a problem with them.. *shrugs*

* I don't use drama freak as an insult, btw. Drama freaks are cool :D
Is it just me, or is there a ton of nice shrines to Hotaru?
Things I've received awards from are just linked on the awards page.

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