Other Anime, anime in general or some sort of anime plus something else

All Animecity links are down!! I will correct these once I find out where the sites moved to!

AnimeArt- A great place to find manga artwork and a search engine to help you find fanart as well as other pages. A huge wallpaper archive. My page somehow ended up in here without me even knowing about this page! o.O Links to all sorts of anime related pages, and you get to rank them!
Anime and Manga Resources List- A large links site.
The Anime Web Turnpike- The incredibly popular, definitive anime links list.
Annapuma's Script Crypt- Has a ton of scripts from many series.
CybrDemon's Anime Music Station- A great source of Real Audio.
*Dazzle*- An amazing combo site, with SM, Lum, and some stuff.
Ganymede's Palace- Has SM, as well as some British comedy series, ani di franco, and humor.
Gilles' Service to Fans Page- The author of the great book The Anime Companion.
Greenbeans's Homepage- Has great fanworks, plus lyrics and things.
Gunnm Ultima- A shrine to Gally of the manga/anime Gunnm; called Battle Angel Alita in the U.S.
harukaNET- A huge Haruka shrine, plus other stuff.
KatC's Home- Includes KiSS files and ROM games.
Kuno's Summer Home : Ranma 1/2- A collection of Ranma 1/2 stuff.
Lennie's Homepage -- An Avid Fanfic Reader- Mostly SM fanfiction-related things, but it has some other files as well.
Mangacenter- Lots of manga and anime site links.
OtakuWorld!- KiSS dolls, desktop things, computer stuff, game reviews... and more o.O
Parodies and... Other Stuff- Very humorous page, with fanfiction.
Project Anime Magazine- Has some good, informative stuff.
Sailorpluto's Outer Limits- The homepage of a great artist :)
The Shrine of the Almighty Chicken of DOOM!- An awesome Fushigi Yuugi site.
Whimsy- Sailormoon... and men-bashing o.O

Star Wars and related actors/actresses

Darth Vader- The Dark Lord of the Sith- An awesome Darth Vader shrine. A site all about Ewan McGregor. If you don't know who he is, SHAME ON YOU! Awesome site updated daily, with all the latest Star Wars news, and some cool extras.
Natalie Portman: America's Queen- A HUGE site to the great Natalie.
Natalie Portman Forever- More Natalie! All Queen Amidala and Natalie :D
Queen Amidala Tribute Page- Excellent source for Amidala pictures, including all of her costumes (except one)
Shaven Wookie, Ltd.- A hilarious Star Wars site, with a huge links collection.
Star Wars Humor Page- A collection of Star Wars humor.
Star Wars: Welcome to the Official Website- Like it says... It's beautiful ;_;
Star Wars Parody: Welcome to the Site Gag [listed out of order cuz you need to see the real one first] Hilarious parody!
Star Wars vs. Titanic- Gooooo Star Wars! You can be #1, yes you can! *cheers*

Non-Anime or Star Wars

Absolute A great site for the band Garbage.
Abstract Dimensions - PSP- Has all sorts of neat ideas for Paint Shop Pro.
Adobe Systems Incorporated- The makers of Adobe Illustrator (which I'm sloooowly learning how to use) and other software.
Band Instrument Jokes!!- If you've ever been in band, you'll love it :)
Boba Fett's Home Sector- My friend's cool Star Wars page.
Cardassia in Cahoots with the Dominion Page- My best friend's really great Star Trek page.
Circle of Dreams: Kabuki- A lot of stuff from my favorite comic book, Kabuki.
Copernic- You will never use a search engine again. Really. This software is the best.
Darwin Awards Official Homepage- Ahhhh... great humor here. Awarding idiots who managed to die in the most creative ways.
Dee's Death Gate Homepage- Information on my favorite series of books, one of the very few out there.
Delirium- A cool shrine to Delirium from the comic book Sandman. A collection of humours lists.
EPH4's Super Car Page- My younger brother's site; devoted to "super cars", also has pictures of our cars (ooo, my brother and my's car and our dad's; you can see our house in the background).
eXTReMe Tracking- Where I got my tracker. Good source for authors and readers of various types of fanfiction.
Geffen Records | Hole- Official site of the band Hole.
Home of Jasc Software, Inc.- Makers of Paint Shop Pro! (Thank you!)
HTML Goodies- I basically learned HTML here, and go there to figure out stuff from time to time.
The International Lyrics Server- Their servers were confiscated... But they're still going!
JENACTIVE.COM- A huge shrine to lots of stuff. Includes the comic book Gen13.
Jennifer Lopez Official Website- Name speaks for itself. Incredible design, btw.
Journey Education Marketing Online Campus Store- If you're a student, you can get computer stuff for great discounts. -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics- A hilarious collection of people's misinterpretations of songs.
The Legendary Dragonlands- A huge Dragonlance site. Not only is it a great resource for writers and readers, they're the wonderful people that agreed to host my site :) :) :)
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5- An incredibly popular Babylon 5 site, that has every episode, announcements, and JMS himself contributes!
Lyrics HQ- Good place to find lyrics.
NetFreebies- Stuff for people that go online.
Noh TV- Another Kabuki page.
Nonags- A huge collection of nice shareware and freeware.
orgy official website- The band Orgy's official website. I have very varied tastes in music, okay? -_-;;;
The QuizSite Main Page- Has all sorts of fun quizzes.
Ricky Martin Offical Website- RICKY!!! ^_^
Riley's Savage Garden Homepage- Savage Garden page, obviously.
RinkWorks- Just try not to laugh out loud. I dare ya.
The Rosie O'Donnel Show- Hey, I love the show, okay?! GO ROSIE!
seventeen online- The official site of seventeen magazine.
The Simpsons Archive- Awesome! Lots of stuff here!
The Simpsons Directory- Think Karl's, but it's Simpsons! He even ranks them! (not all are ranked yet, though) Good stuff for fellow site owners :)
sites that do stuff- A bunch of sites... that do stuff o.O Where I got my counter.
The Ultimate Vanessa-Mae Website- A great site for Vanessa-Mae, an incredible violin player.
Welcome to Warp Graphics and!- Official website for the comic book Elfquest.
Who's Who Among American High School Students- Hee hee, I was recognized. I'm special ;P
The Worthless Page! List- Links to a bunch of silly pages.
Zany Video Game Quotes! A Winner is You!- If you like crazy stuff like this... boy, is this funny!

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