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I'm not really expecting most of these buttons to get used. I just love making buttons! ^_^ The "other buttons" all use game images. The images were captured by KatC.

Volume-based Buttons

Previous; Usagi volume - Volume 16 button

Current, Chibi-Chibi volume - Volume 17 button

Next, Minako volume - Volume 18 button

Fall; Setsuna volume - Unused button

Year 2000; Saturn volume - A year 2000 button

Winter; Haruka volume - A winter button

Other Buttons

Chibichibimoon blinking - Chibichibimoon mini-button, animated

Usagi blinking - Usagi mini-button, animated

Minako blinking - Minako mini-button, animated

Mars blinking - Mars mini-button, animated

Setsuna blinking - Setsuna mini-button, animated

Haruka blinking - Haruka mini-button, animated

Michiru blinking - Michiru mini-button, animated

Saturn blinking - Saturn mini-button, animated

Artemis blinking - Artemis mini-button, animated

Uranus "kicking butt" - Uranus joke button, animated

Uranus, "kicker of butts worldwide" - Uranus joke button, animated

Moon crying - Moon joke button, animated

Funny face Moon - Moon with a funny face

Saturn the milk hater - Saturn joke button, animated

Saturn - Saturn button

Saturn again - Saturn button

Starhealer - Starhealer button

Chibi-Chibi rocks! Chibi-Usa sucks! - The two Chibis, animated

Anti-Yam - "Anti-Yam" joke, animated

Jupiter in the middle of Spiffy - Jupiter button set on white

- Jupiter w/ lightning, animated

Pluto on green - Pluto button set on green

Mars pointing - Mars pointing

Fire! - "Don't play with fire," animated

Mars with ofuda - Mars with ofuda

Venus and her Love-Me Chain - Venus and her Love-Me Chain

Total button count: 32

I never really used the acronym "TSSP" until now. And neither did anyone else. Hmmm.

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