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What's New?:

March 10, 2000- Finally, the third (and busiest) quarter of school is over, I'm on Spring Break, I can finally do some updating. Creeping up quickly on three years old! Anyhoo... *drumrolls* I now present... for your viewing enjoyment... the finally complete... the wonderful... the enormous... Dark Skies, Bright Heavens! How did I manage to finally finish and release it? Go there, read it, and you'll see. I hope you enjoy it :) Anyways, the only other update is a sad (for some) announcement, rainbow reviews is closing in it's infancy. Please take the time to go see why.

February 14, 2000- I know, I know, it's been awhile, and this isn't much of an update. I've been super busy with projects and tests, and this week I have two standardized tests to take, one is a writing assessment and the other determines whether I graduate or not. So, just a LITTLE stress O_O *ahem* Anyways, I have for you just a little bit to look at in the form of two new mainpage layouts (though I'm keeping the volume number), which I think are my best yet, and a new sister site, The Sailor Senshi Page. Yes, that is the one. I do plan to make a site for my KiSS dolls. I'm currently working on manga-style Haruka and Michiru dolls, Haruka is pretty well along, and I have base dolls for Hotaru, Setsuna, and Galaxia. I plan to make some comic books characters such as Dawn, Phoenix, and Kabuki at some point. I love KiSS ^^;;; And expect more scans and if I'm not too busy, I'll start making real audio versions of my cds. How does that sound? ^^;;; Sorry to all those people waiting for me to review them, things are just too crazy lately.

December 31, 1999- More new pictures are up, and the manga covers I put up yesterday had some color/saturation correcting done to them since they were a tad washed out.

December 30, 1999- New pictures are up, with thumbnails-- and better than the type I used to have! Yay! Also, another sister site, Anime Candy!

December 29, 1999- Well, rootbeer reviews (now rainbow reviews) is officially open *yay* New layout is up for the mainpage to celebrate the new year. Isn't Sailorsaturn appropriate? I just realized I forgot to upload this for the last update ^^;;; Oooops... I also have a KiSS doll now! I haven't added it here yet, but it is available at in their fashion section. Expect plenty of pictures (and if I'm up to it, episode reviews) to come... since I just got 2 anime albums, and I now own all of SMS and Stars and all the manga! Also, lots of KiSS dolls! Oh, and remember that page that stole my Saturn profile? It's now down *mwahahaha!* Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and enjoys the new year!

December 06, 1999- I'm all the way well now *whew!* Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Things are hectic since the semester is almost over *dreads upcoming exams...* I'm in the Moon Circle now, woohoo! Just need to get my page up about those sites... As for updates, the picture gallery has four new pictures, design help returns with tiles for you (form is down because I haven't taken care of them in months,) and I've taken over rootbeer reviews o.O I haven't gotten anything done yet-- I made a mainpage and put the old stuff in an archive. I've actually received a flame through my survey; since I don't have a flames section, allow me to share it here, with my responses in green:

Ok you open your own review team, but you can't even bother to read the rules of the reviewers. That's sad...

There's "rules" for reviewers? Anyways, I'm not a team, I'm all by myself, and I'm not the one that opened it; I'm taking over for the old owner. Duuuuh...

I'm refurring to the time you submitted the "spiffy" moon page to every reviewer you could find.

Which I did not do *bonks you on the head* I submitted myself to a couple reviewers, other people nominated me to them, and some reviewed me without me knowing they existed!

And they ASKED if you had a self nomination that you didn't so such things.

I have no idea what you're trying to say with this sentence... What in the world are you trying to say? Are you trying to say WPRs specifically asked me not to self-nominate, or that they asked me not to submit myself to other WPRs, or what?

it won't get off the ground.

That's a pity, because it's already far off the ground. I just have to put my own things up.

It's pretty pathetic that you do this through my survey so I don't know who you are :P And that you claim you were coming since the first volume, which only I ever saw since it was open only one day...

November 20, 1999- I'm still sick O.X Doing a ton of make-up work... so be patient... I've gotten the links pretty much in order now, so hopefully you can get around the site again. After many months, the picture gallery returns (yay) so enjoy. Awards for you and the design help are temporarily down (I haven't removed the links but just keep that in mind) because I plan to make some changes. Well, see y'all later. *goes to rest some more*

November 14, 1999- Well, after nearly two months without updates, history projects, reading assignments, volunteer work, and an upper respiratory infection which I still have, I've returned. As you can obviously see, I am no longer at They've been plagued with problems for awhile now, and after they went down for over a week... well, about time to move, right? ^^;;; Diana graciously offered to host me *grovel grovel worship.* It will take a little bit to get all the links pointing to the right spots, but then I can finally start actually updating again. In positive news, I have a scanner now ^_^ I've already scanned some pictures for the next picture gallery-- from a Sailor Stars anime book. I hope to have the whole thing scanned for you, spread across multiple galleries of course. Hey, like the new mainpage layouts? Well, see y'all around! *wave wave*

September 27, 1999- The picture gallery has been updated and two new awards added; one is a review from the Witches 4 ^_^ The Cutie Moon contest is over and I won first place, yay!!! ^_^ I will receive the award image soon. Congrats to Sailoreagle whose site "Wind Spirit" came in second!

September 24, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated. Sorry about the delay; I have been busy with schoolwork and overall not feeling up to site work. I'm considering making the two galleries bi-weekly; pictures one week, RealAudio the next. Also, someone had the nerve to rip off my Saturn profile. I have contacted their host and asked that they be promptly removed from that service.

September 19, 1999- The picture gallery was updated and I finally corrected the broken Animecity links ^^;; Also... yesterday I reached 30,000 hits!!! YAY!!!!!

See all the old updates here.


Hello, and welcome to The Spiffy Sailormoon Page! I'm Immora, the author of this site [obviously ^_^;;; ]. I started TSSP! on March 20, 1997 at this location and received 18,718 hits. Then I moved to Crosswinds and had 4405 hits. Then I went back to Geocities, and started the counter at 23,123, those two figures added together. Now I've moved to Confusing, eh?

This site is based on the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, if you haven't figured that out already. I've tried to provide extensive information, more so than most sites, as well as entertainment. I have reviews, fanfiction, You Know You Worship The Senshi Too Much When, and a picture gallery. Hopefully, you'll enjoy your visit here :)

I have read almost every episode summary there is and have many stored on my harddrive. I have seen every episode shown in America several times [unfortunately...] own a good number of subtitled Japanese episodes: 47-50, 73-80, 82-200 (that is, all of SMS, SS, and Stars,) and all three movies. I also own Sailor V #1 and all of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga, art volume #3, and the anime albums for the first season and the SMR movie.

Oh, minor thing that annoys me: The title of the site is The Spiffy Sailormoon Page!, not The Spiffy Sailor Moon Page. Sailormoon is one word, and there's an exclamation point at the end.

Small disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, all related characters, stories, images, etc. are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, Toei Animation, and some other peoples who I'm not aware of. Most of the images were originally from someone else's page, but I have editted a lot to some extent--adjusting the colors, adding a shadow, etc. It's fine if you use these
as long as you don't link directly to them... However, if it's my artwork and fanart, you should not use them. Please don't copy any
of the information I have here. I spent a long time writing up this stuff! If you need a reference, fine; copy and pasting is not fine. I have had a site taken down for stealing a profile-- and I'll do it again.

The name "Immora" and her likeness are copyrighted 1995-2000 by me. You may not use the name or character for any purposes. Other characters that were included in my Silvermoon fanfic that did not appear in Sailormoon were created by me as well, and they and their likenesses are also MINE. All layouts were designed by myself and may not be used without permission. Editted graphics (logos, the rainbow divider, the images in the season and profiles sections, etc.) may not be used without permission.

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