Episode 110- The death of Uranus and Neptune? The Talismans appear
Summary: Haruka and Michiru go to the Marine Cathedral, where Eudial says they'll find the Talismans. She captures Neptune, tries to take Uranus's Talisman, but Neptune "dies" protecting her. Uranus "kills" herself afterward.
My Thoughts: Definitely the saddest episode of all ;_; The Inner Senshi's thoughts are so sad; the windowsill scene is romantic but again, it's sad; then Neptune basically giving her life to try and stop Eudial from killing Uranus despite the promise they made... Then Usagi knocks Eudial off the bridge, a bit of humor there, but... Uranus takes the gun and shoots herself ;_; Really sad, but romantic episode... And don't forget, the reappearance of Setsuna! Wonderful episode.

Episode 112- Who is the real Messiah? The chaos of the light and dark
Summary: The Inner Senshi wonder about the Messiah, then go see an actor filming. Chibi-Usa and Hotaru meet. Professor Tomoe is shown in regular form.
My Thoughts: Professor Tomoe being funny again :) He tells Mimete off, heh heh... I don't like her. Setsuna is here, yay! "Meshiya" huh, Minako? Ami not forcing study on everyone! *gasps!* Wow! And YAY! Hotaru appears!!! It's a bit surprising to see nice old Souichi turn into the demented Professor Tomoe, y'know? Hard to believe they're the same person. Cool episode :D

Episode 111-
The magnificent powers of the Holy Grail. Moon's second transformation
Summary: Pluto wakes up Uranus and Neptune. The Talismans come together and form the Holy Grail, which Moon uses to turn into Supersailormoon. Eudial dies.
My Thoughts: The opening with Uranus lying there "dying"... ;_; Wah! I like how the Inner Senshi got stuck in the glue, that was funny... Pluto kicks @$$ here, yes! And she makes Uranus and Neptune ok :) Moon's face looks stupid when she is using her new power though. Poor Eudial's brakes were cut by Mimete! ;_;

Episode 113-
The house with evil feelings all around. The secret of the pretty girl Hotaru
Summary: The Outer Senshi tell Tuxedo Kamen about their mission. Chibi-Usa and Usagi go to visit Hotaru.
My Thoughts: The Outer Senshi/Tux thing was really cool :) And it has Hotaru, yay! Kaolinite returns, that was freaky... And poor Hotaru, going all nutty over the crystal... The Inners weren't very nice to the Outers though, that babble about teams and individuals and what-not... Oh, and Mimete gets her heart broken one of many times (ha ha!) Pretty good.

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