Episode 106- The day of fate! Uranus's distant days
Summary: When Haruka's old friend Elza Gray is attacked, she remembers meeting Michiru and becoming Sailoruranus.
My Thoughts: This is the best episode! First of all, it's focused entirely on Haruka and Michiru; the Inners appear only briefly. It's very, very romantic; c'mon, Michiru risks her career to save Haruka's life and admits her long time attraction to her! And the ending lines, whoa!... And this is a minor point I suppose, but the animation is just great in this episode; a nice change from some of the poorly animated SMS episodes. Oh yes, Professor Tomoe running on a treadmill while doing his insane laugh!!! Simply wonderful.

Episode 108- Usagi's dance is the waltz (?)
Summary: Mamoru's English friend Edwards invites everyone to a party for bright young people at his house, Haruka and Michiru performing there. Edwards is attacked.
My Thoughts: The Inner Senshi trying to speak English! Mwahahaha! It was interesting to hear the party guests speak English, too. Really funny episode... Usagi gets drunk (!) by accident, and the other Inners get jealous of her getting to dance with Haruka and argue over who gets to dance with her next, and what a strange daimon! That strange "music" it plays o.O

Episode 107-
Art is the explosion of love! Chibi-Usa's first love
Summary: Chibi-Usa, Masanori, and Michiru attend the same art school. Chibi-Usa likes Masanori, but he likes Michiru. Then he gets attacked, and likes Chibi-Usa.
My Thoughts: Certainly interesting! The whole Michiru-Masanori thing was amusing; Chibi-Usa actually thought Michiru would compete for a little boy? Hello? And when Haruka gets jealous, heh heh...

Episode 109-
??? (anyone know the title?)
Summary: Minako is upset that she hasn't had her heart crystal taken and tries to prove she's pure. Eudial takes it and Minako runs off with it. Inner Senshi and Uranus/Neptune find out their identities.
My Thoughts: At first, it's probably the most hilarious episode ever. Minako's attempts to prove she's pure; donating lots of blood, playing crane games to excess... Whoa! o.O When she runs into Haruka and Michiru in the bookstore, that whole "Ta... ta... ta..." And then when she gets her heart crystal taken and runs away with it! OMG, it's just so funny! And then the big shocker: Haruka and Michiru transform in front of Usagi and vice versa. Uh oh! Eudial is applying for a patent on her Fire Buster, hee hee! And she can beat Sailormoon with it, MWAHAHAHA!

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