Episode 98- Save the friends! Moon and Uranus work together
Summary: Moon and Uranus get handcuffed together and have to keep from driving each other nuts so they can rescue Neptune.
My Thoughts: I love this episode! The beginning parts with Haruka racing were cool, and there's an interesting shot of Haruka and Michiru with bright light that looks mighty suspicious... When Uranus and Moon get stuck together, ooo that was funny! And it was so sweet at the end when Uranus went over to Neptune... you have to see the look on her face ;_;

Episode 100- She wants to quit being a Sailor Senshi?! Minako's worries
Summary: Minako is tired of being a Senshi. She plays some volleyball and mopes about a guy she likes.
My Thoughts: For a milestone like the 100th episode, it sure was disappointing. I like Minako, but I didn't enjoy her here. Yes, it was a change from her normal hyper behavior to see her all gloomy and depressed, but I don't like seeing her like that. It wasn't a very interesting episode anyways.

Episode 99-
A man's kindness! Yuuichirou's heart broken by Rei?
Summary: Yuuichirou mistakes Haruka for a man and thinks she's dating Rei, then sees Haruka's dating Michiru and thinks Haruka's a two-timer. He plans to leave the city, but is attacked, and ends up staying.
My Thoughts: Yuuichirou is one of the funniest characters, and I really enjoy seeing him in episodes. He was so funny in this episode... I couldn't believe how ignorant he is, but that's part of why he's funny. When he's standing around shouting and then all the people stare at him like he's crazy... And whoa, Haruka and Michiru in this episode... trust me, you can't doubt their relationship when you see them here. It was nice to see Rei's tender side for once.

Episode 101-
Usagi in tears! Glass shoes for her birthday
Summary: Usagi thinks Mamoru forgot her birthday and doesn't love her anymore. Kaolinite tries to take her heart crystal. She freezes Tuxedo Kamen and tells Usagi to give it up or he'll die. Uranus struggles with the fact that Usagi might have a Talisman and she doesn't want Usagi to be sacrificed.
My Thoughts: Part one of two... not a bad episode. Usagi slaps Mamoru, yes! Interesting idea but... Not a thrilling watch. I believe I've only watched it one time.


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