Episode 94- Protect the pure heart! The enemy/ally three way battle
Summary: Unazuki wonders about first kisses. A daimon attacks her and leaves with her heart crystal, while the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen try to get it back.
My Thoughts: This was a really cute episode. Unazuki is so cute about the first kissing thing, and Haruka and Michiru have quite interesting insight ;) When Unazuki's heart crystal is out, she acts really nutty, and it's rather funny. It was a bit shocking to see Uranus and Neptune battle Moon and Tux... but a bit satisfying, I don't like them anyways (they had Chibi-Usa together! EVIL!)

Episode 96- The cruel Uranus? Makoto in a pinch
Summary: Makoto admires Haruka a lot, and Kaolinite has Makoto singled out for her heart crystal. She battles Uranus as Jupiter, but loses.
My Thoughts: Very interesting episode, that sparks a lot of debate as to just what exactly Makoto felt for Haruka. The other Senshi were funny when they tried to convince her that "there's still other men out there! Don't give up!" The brief Jupiter-Uranus battle, ooo... Uranus didn't pull that punch at all, and Jupiter was still weak from having her heart crystal taken... that's gotta hurt!

Episode 95-
Leave it up to Moon to aid in love
Summary: A couples contest is in town, and Naru/Umino and Haruka/Michiru enter. Umino's heart crystal is taken.
My Thoughts: It was good to see Naru and Umino again :) Good old Umino, he tried so hard for Naru, and though he comes off corny in parts, he really is sweet. Haruka and Michiru together in the contest, heh heh... It's nice to see old characters return.


Episode 97-
The labyrinth of water! They are after Ami
Summary: Ami competes with Michiru in swimming. Her heart crystal is taken.
My Thoughts: Blah. Michiru kicks Ami's butt. Ami isn't too happy. Ami gets heart crystal taken. But Ami gets it back ;_; No fun, really.


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