Episode 90- A premonition of destruction? The mysterious new soldiers appear
Summary: Rei has a vision of the Silence. She is attacked by a daimon. Usagi loses her ability to transform. Uranus and Neptune appear.
My Thoughts: When Rei first has the vision, I was struck by how powerful it was. The stark use of red and black, plus the statues of the Senshi being destroyed one by one, really showed how horrible the image was. When I first saw Professor Tomoe, I was thrilled by just how nutty he really was. I like insane villains ^.^;; You could really see that Usagi genuinely cares for Rei in this episode, and that was a nice change. It's hard to get an impression of Uranus and Neptune from this episode, however.

Episode 92- A handsome guy? Ten'ou Haruka's secret
Summary: Haruka and Michiru meet Minako and Usagi. They follow Haruka, mistaking her for a man. A mechanic is attacked, and Uranus and Neptune really appear. Others find out Haruka is a girl.
My Thoughts: I really loved this episode! When Haruka first appears and plays the racing game... Minako was so funny! They way she and Usagi act like twins, ooo boy! Haruka and Michiru's subtle indications of their relationship were a nice touch. And we finally see Uranus and Neptune's faces :) The final scene when they find out Haruka is a girl was very funny. Plus, the little still shots of Haruka and Michiru were very nice :)

Episode 91- Rod born of love! Usagi's new transformation
Summary: Usagi and Mamoru find some stray cats and try to get the others to adopt them. A little girl has a pet cat, and she is attacked. Usagi gets a new henshin.
My Thoughts: The cats were sooo cute! It was hilarious how Usagi tried to push them on everyone. The daimon was a cat-girl o.O It wasn't much in the way of plot, but it was cute.

Episode 93- Usagi's idol! Graceful genius Michiru
Summary: Usagi admires Michiru's "princess" qualities, wanting to try to be better for Mamoru and thinking Michiru is a good role model. Inners go to a concert and a daimon attacks.
My Thoughts: I found this episode boring. I wouldn't watch it for fun. A few scenes are amusing: Michiru bouncing the lemon on her violin, Usagi trying to play it, the daimon was just nuts... But it really wasn't all that great.


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