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Featuring Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon and The keely Crisis!

Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon

There comes a time when you love a show enough to parody it. That time is now. Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon glorifies the Outer Senshi, makes Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Mamoru look like idiots, and features doubles of the Inner Senshi. In a handy script format, with songs and commercials included!

Would you believe people love Pasosamo? Here's what people are saying!

"*Wipes tears from eyes* that was one of the funniest kick@$$ stories I ever read! Loved the Monty Python touch to it and the fact that the Outers were the stars of the thing!" -- Queen of the Alien Penguins

"I love this parody even though I don't watch the show that often, I thought it was hilarious." -- Doralee 23

"This was hysterical! a great spoof for anyone who worships the outer senshi (as is only proper)" -- ds

"It is one of those stories that can keep you laughing. You have to read it to believe it. Be prepared for the strange and the weird. It is different and pretty good. I would recommend it to people who like and don't like Sailor Moon." -- Heriara

Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon : Episode I
Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon : Episode II
Lyrics - Songs parodies, SM and other.
Sailor Losers - A picture of the infamous Muststudy, Dee-itz, Maso, and Jerkyturd.

The keely Crisis

Nothing like a good MSTing to make you laugh your butt off! This story MSTs two stories by author keely Thompson (yes, that's how they write their name in all their stories!) moon beam boarding school and meetings at the beach. It should be a wild ride for MST3K and Sailormoon fans alike!

The keely Crisis

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