These are reviews of the Sailormoon CDs I have and the songs on them. Poor obviously means it's poor, great means it's great, favorite means it's one of my favorites, etc.

Best Song Collection

CD Rating: Favorite
Has some great songs that everyone should love, but it also has some awful remakes.

1. Sailor Stars Theme- Powerful instruments, beautiful singing, and great lyrics. Favorite.
2. Nagareboshi He- Sung by the Three Lights. Rather 70's sounding, brass instruments and things. Nice lyrics. Great
3. Todokanu Omoi- An awesome Three Lights song, with great singing and a really powerful, catchy instrumental part. Favorite
4. Kaze mo, Sora mo, Kitto- Ending for Stars... The singer is alright, but the song is just kinda boring. Good
5. Moonlight Densetsu- Original version. The singing is good, string and other instruments are great, but it lacks the power of the SMS version. Great
6. "Rashiku" Ikimasho- Another 70's sounding sound. Cute singing and really good instruments. Great
7. Watashitachi ni Naritakute- A sad but pretty song, and the lyrics are really nice, too. Great
8. Sanji no Youse- I'm not sure who all sings it... it's really cute and catchy, but it gets annoying after awhile. Good
9. Morning Moon- Pretty singing and nice instruments, but I get tired of it after awhile. Great
10. Sunshine Moonlight- Shoot me now. Stupid instrumental part, rather dull, and the singing sounds... just ugh. Skip this track... Poor
11. Tuxedo Mirage- A beautiful song, sung by Usagi, with pretty instruments and lyrics. Favorite
12. Moonlight Destiny- A remix of the original... A bad one. Singer sounds bad, funky music... Try listening to it with headphones... I literally wince everytime she hits those high notes. Ruined a perfectly good song! Skip this track... Horrible
13. Otome no Porishii- Really cute, catchy, and exciting. It's fun to listen to in the car or on a bus ^.^ Favorite
14. Moon Revenge- They let these two women sing it, and it ruined the song. What made the original good was the group singing! These singers have bad voices, and they make the song sound horrid because of it. They have no emotion. Definitely skip... Horrible
15. Heart Moving- A pretty song with nice instruments and singing. Great
16. Princess Moon- Really pretty instruments and cute singing. A very nice song. Great

Complete Vocal Collection 2

CD Rating: Favorite
Great music, with only one real problem song. Just ignore the Chibi and you'll love it...

1. Ai wa Energy- I think Usagi sings it, it sounds like her... great instruments, and cute singing. Great
2. Unmei wa Utsukushiku- Whoooa... Michiru's SMS image song... Great singing and incredible instruments, plus the lyrics are sooo romantic... Favorite
3. Yume wo Ijimenaide- Shoot me now!!! Chibi-Usa's song... The singing is awful! AWFUL! The only thing even slightly good about it is the instruments! I've listened to it all the way through only twice. Poor
4. Ai no Etude- Sung by Kakeru and Himeko from the SMS movie... Nice singing, random bits of French... but it's boring. Good
5. Ai Dake da Dekiru Koto- Nice singing and great instruments, very catchy. Great
6. Moon Revenge- The best instuments, great singing by the Inner Senshi, awesome melody... the perfect song. I can sit and listen to it over and over and over... I practically have it memorized just from hearing it so much! Favorite!
7. Suki to Itte- Really cute, with nice instruments and singing... and clapping! Great
8. Ai no Senshi- Wow, this song has incredible instruments and really good singing, with a good driving beat. Favorite
9. Overture- Moon Heart Sequence- Ehhh... the instruments sound good, and the voice is good, but it just isn't that interesting. Good
10. Sailor Team no Theme- The instruments are really, really great, and the singing is very nice. Good melody. Favorite
11. Kaze ni Naritai- Ogata Megumi sings as Haruka... her voice is gorgeous! The instruments, mainly guitar (not electric!) and some woodwinds, are very nice as well... and the lyrics are so sad! ;_; Favorite
12. I am Sailormoon- Really good instruments, and the singing is just too cute! Great
13. Heart Moving- A pretty song with nice instruments and singing. Great

Game Music- Sailormoon S

All instrumental/synthesized. CD Rating: Good
It's not worth getting unless you like the game. I actually bought this on accident; I didn't notice it was a game CD... my 2nd Sailormoon CD, too...

1. Opening Scene- Nice strings and other instruments, but it gets boring. Good
2. Player select- Has wordless singing, nice instruments, strangely fun to listen to. Great
3. Eyecatch- Short, but fast and exciting. Great
4. Demo Visual A- Too me, it sounds goofy... nice instruments used, but the music isn't interesting. Good
5. Action Combination System- Strangely catchy piano melody, tame instruments... monotonous, though. Good
6. Demo Visual C- Sounds like circus-type music to me. Piccolo, tube, some others... Good
7. Demo Visual B- Really cool sounding, even if the instruments are a synthesizer... Great
8. Moon's Theme- Kinda cheesy sounding, gets old. Good
9. Mercury's Theme- Alright saxophone melody, strange background stuff. Good
10. Mars' Theme- Really cool electric guitar stuff, then some cool synthesizer stuff. Great
11. Jupiter's Theme- Intro is kinda neat, then we have an electric guitar melody. Great
12. Venus' Theme- Kinda funky but upbeat, entertaining. Great
13. Uranus' Theme- Funky percussion in beginning, then a drum set throughout, really cool electric guitar parts, main melody synthesized. Great
14. Neptune's Theme- Synthesizer, tamborine, and piano. Really pretty. Great
15. Pluto's Theme- Cool bells, some strange instruments/synthesizer, violin... a bit mysterious, but pretty. Great
16. Chibi-Moon's Theme- I'm not kidding when I say the introduction sounds like island music! Melody is a saxophone... just weird... Good
17. Ending theme-
Has some wordless vocals that aren't that good, funny instrumental part... booooring. Poor

Mirai he Mukatte

CD Rating: Favorite
This CD is filled with great stuff. You should get it! It was a birthday present :)

1. Suki to Itte- Really cute, with nice instruments and singing... and clapping! Great
2. I am Sailormoon- A rather nice remix. Same singing, but the background instrumentals are different. There aren't as much of them... An almost techno twist, piano, just plain neat. Great
3. Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte- A pretty song sung by Ami, with nice instruments, too. Great
4. Fire Soul Love- A pop-sounding Rei song, really funky, but the singing is very good. Great
5. Otome no Porishii- Really cute, catchy, and exciting. It's fun to listen to in the car or on a bus ^.^ Favorite
6. Dakishimete Itai- Tsukikage no Knight, actually... he sings fine, and the lyrics are kinda nice... but the song is boring after awhile. Good
7. Starlight ni Kisu Shite- Can't go wrong with Makoto ^_- Great singing, great instruments, very catchy... Great
8. Route Venus- Sung by Minako, an incredibly fun song, very upbeat, with good singing, very toe-tapping. Great
9. Ai no Senshi- Wow, this song has incredible instruments and really good singing, with a good driving beat. Favorite
10. Moonlight Densetsu- Original version. The singing is good, string and other instruments are great, but it lacks the power of the SMS version. Great

Music Fantasy

All Instrumental, except track 1. CD Rating: Good
I wouldn't bother; just download the stand-out ones...

1. Overture ~ Moon Heart Sequence- Ehhh... the instruments sound good, and the voice is good, but it just isn't that interesting. Good
2. Make up! Sailormoon- Some of Moon's henshin music... pretty, with a driving beat, but it gets boring. Little bits of other music as well, some are interesting, but it's not that interesting as a whole. Good
3. Sailor Illusion- Kinda neat instruments used, saxophone melody. Good
4. Knight of Tuxedo- A very cool guitar (not electric!) melody, with some great bass. Great
5. Rendezvous- *yawn* Flute melody, then piano, flute, strings... but it's rather dull. Good
6. Energy Hunter- A really cool harmonica intro! O.o Then saxophone with more harmonica... electric guitar... really neat, but it drags... Good
7. New Wave Heroines ~ Uranus, Neptune, Pluto- A really cool tango-sounding piece, with a violin melody and piano accompaniment. Very cool. Great
8. Holy Grail- Wordless choral intro that's pretty and mysterious, then some synthesizers and... a gong. Goes into instruments, violin melody, kinda neat, actually. A pulsing beat underneath it. Has an almost Celtic feel in parts. Great
9. Tuxedo Mirage- All instrumental, with a saxophone melody... but it just doesn't compare to the original. Still interesting. Great
10. Finale ~ Dancing in the Moonlight- A very cool song! Has Moonlight Densetsu, Otome no Porishii, Moon Revenge, and Princess Moon in a really neat instrumental piece. Favorite

Orgel Fantasia

Everything played on a "music box". CD Rating: Favorite (sentimental value, that's all)
Beautiful! I find it enjoyable, very relaxing. My first Sailormoon CD... ah, memories...

1. Moonlight Densetsu- Strangely enough, the song sounds great like this. Great
2. Heart Moving- Very pretty and sweet. Great
3. Otome no Porishii- It just isn't as exciting, hard to enjoy... but it is nice. Good
4. Koibito ni Hanarenai Kedo- Never heard the original... whatever it is... but this itself is very nice. Most pages don't list a name for it because it apparently is hard to read or something... I found it on someone's that actually could read it... I sure can't! Great
5. Starlight ni Kisu Shite- Very pretty version of the song. I really like it this way, but I miss Makoto... Great
6. Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte- This song is nice like this :) Great
7. Ai no Senshi- This was a bad idea... The song sounds too weird like this, just not the same... but if you hadn't heard it before, it's ok... (*cough cough* I loved it before I heard the real thing) Good
8. Princess Moon- Strangely enough, the song seems quite fitting for a music box... Great
9. I am Sailormoon- The song isn't the same perky one we know, but it's interesting. Good
10. Tuxedo Mirage- Well, they did have Princess Serenity spinning around like she was on a music box for the SMS ending... This is quite excellent as a music box song. Great
11. La Soldier- The song just isn't the same!... Good
12. Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute- Gorgeous, quite nice, something about it feels right when it's in this form... (*snickers* "The Song Remains the Same * "....) Great
13. Moonlight Densetsu ~ Locket version- Really pretty, but sad. Great

Sailormoon R Movie Soundtrack

All Instrumentals for most. CD Rating: Great
This is very cool!

1. Prologue- Some "Ooo Sailormoon" stuff and boring instrumentals... Good
2. Moon Revenge- Yahhooooo! :) You've already seen my comments... Thank you, whoever created this song... Favorite!
3. Akai Kami no Shounen- Harmonica melody, guitar background, sounds sad... Then we get into some funky sounding, mysterious, dramatic stuff, building up to... Orchestra for a note or two! Then it winds down into some oboe stuff. Good.
4. Shokobutsuen no Happening!- Eh, it starts with a funny violin part, then some silly sounding wordless vocals. But then we have a pretty piano part, kind of sad, then joined by a quiet violin and some more soft strings, then a little funky stuff again to end it. Good
5. Hana Youma Gurishina- Mysterious orchestra starts out for awhile, then a few dramatic bursts and a large bell, then we get into the good stuff... A really neat electric guitar part!, then it gets quiet, a large bell sounds, some orchestra again... return to electric guitar, a bit of trumpet, then what sounds like a timpani! (Yay! Timpani is fun to play!)... Great
6. Make Up!- All the Inner Senshi's henshin music, with a bit of extra stuff in the middle! Great
7. Moeru Bishoujo Senshi- Moon's speech music, then some cool electric guitar, bursts of trumpet and strings, one of her attacks, some sad orchestral stuff, funky music, then dramatic!, oboe. Good
8. Tuxedo Kamen Toujou ~ Mamoru to Fiore- The catchy trumpet music that plays for Tuxie, then some... almost wary sounding music, then brass and electric guitar comes in, goes to a sad string and piano part. Great
9. Sailor Teleport!- Starts hesitant, then gets dramatic and exciting. Following music is mysterious and dramatic, finishing with powerful electric guitar stuff. Great
10. Tsuisou no Fiore- Very dramatic, with some great wordless choral stuff. Sad in places, then growing playful, then quite powerful. Winds down into a long harmonica part. Great
11. Hana Meiro no Shitou- Strings start out, then a great, dramatic orchestral part. Shifts into some wordless vocals and exciting music and "Sailormoon!", electric guitar, and brass. Great
12. Gekitotsu! Sailormoon VS Fiore- Harmonica and piano, then some darker music, dramatic stuff with a bit of electric guitar, powerful wordless vocals!, sad but a bit dramatic piano, finishing up with harmonica and a little orchestra. Great
13. Seimei Moyashite- Electric guitar, then a little funky but dramatic, some sad bassoon (I think), strings, funky, building up to a brief powerful sound, then electric guitar and strings, and some strange wordless vocals. Good
14. Fukkatsu no Serenity- A sad piano version of Moon Revenge, building up to be more dramatic with some strings taking over the melody, and a bit of wordless vocals doing the melody, then "It's Moon Revenge, ooo". Great
15. I am Sailormoon (Sailormoon and the Senshi)- Really cute, with nice instrumentals. I don't know why they put "Sailormoon and the Senshi" on the title as well... Great

Sailormoon S Movie Soundtrack

Instrumentals with a couple vocal tracks. CD Rating: Great

I would do a more complete review, but they screwed mine up... it's one long track! It's supposed to be 12 separate tracks!

* Okay, so I love classic rock groups... and if you do too, you'll know where this comes from ;)

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