Babylon 5 Test

Oh, what a crazy thing this is. This is so full of my opinions of the characters... aw, who cares! I wrote it before the show ended ;_; If you really, really want to, you could e-mail your answers to me. E-mail addy is on the mainpage. For now, it's just for fun. Pssst... the numbering is off, and I'm too lazy to change it. Oops. And I bet the high/low scores are off because of it. D'oh!

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Highest possible score: 250; Lowest: 80

Please write only one answer. Points range from 1 to 5, depending on how well you answer.

1. Favorite character
2. Least favorite character
3. Favorite actor
4. Least favorite actor
5. Favorite actress
6. Least favorite actress
7. Favorite ship
8. Least favorite ship
9. Favorite alien race
10. Least favorite alien race
11. Favorite guest star
12. Least favorite guest star
13. Favorite episode
14. Least favorite episode
15. Happiest (as in glad) character
16. Saddest (not as in pathetic) character
17. Funniest word used in the show

The following questions are multiple choice. Select the best possible answer. That one is worth 2 pts. The worst answer is 0 pts. A so-so answer is 1 pt.

16. Sinclair is:
a) the reincarnation of the almighty Valen. Praise Sinclair!
b) a chump who thankfully left after the first season.
c) a member of Earth Force.
17. Ivanova is known to be serious, but when she suddenly makes a not-so-serious remark, it's:
a) usually incredibly funny.
b) dull, like she is.
c) a breach of her persona.
18. Garibaldi is the universe's ____ security officer:
a) greatest, coolest, and funniest
b) worst, chumpiest, and least amusing
c) most hairline-receding
19. G'Kar's words and attitude reflect his:
a) great intelligence and infinite coolness.
b) chumpiness and lack of character.
c) Narn background.
20. Londo drinks alot. This makes him:
a) very funny, cuz you never know when he's drunk or not!
b) boring. Lay off the alchohol pal, and get a new coat.
c) get drunk sometimes.
21. Vir's almost limitless cheerfulness can be seen as:
a) a sign that he is truly one with his coolness.
b) a lack of intelligence.
c) a reflection of his young age compared to Londo.
22. Lennier would best be described as:
a) a very intelligent, compassionate guy who understands that not all people are as cool as
he is, but he isn't afraid to show that he is cool.
b) an unimportant Ambassador's aid, who is not a necessary character and should be
removed from the cast.
c) a Minbari from the Religious Cast.
23. Dr. Franklin's medical skills and desire to uphold his oath to protect all life:
a) are a reflection on the fact that he is a wonderful doctor, far above the average doctor.
b) aren't good enough. He needs to improve. He doesn't have to protect all life, only Humans.
c) are good skills for a doctor to have.
24. Delenn looks cooler as:
a) a full Minbari.
b) someone wrapped in a crysalis so we don't have to see her.
c) Half-Human, Half-Minbari.
25. Na'Toth's skills could be defined as:
a) excellent and an example for all who follow her.
b) lacking in many areas.
c) reasonable for someone of her training.
26. Talia is a _____ telepath compared to Troi from ST:TNG.
a) much better
b) weaker
c) Babylon 5 as opposed to Star Trek
27. Kosh's cryptic words and encounter suit are:
a) incredibly cool. Everyone should be like Kosh. We are all Kosh!
b) annoyingly Vorlon and should become more Human.
c) typical of a Vorlon.
28. Sheridan is:
a) pitiful compared Sinclair.
b) much cooler than Sinclair.
c) Human.
29. Bester is known as:
a) a waaaaay spiffy, waaaaay powerful PsiCop, who has more coolness than he knows what to do with.
b) a back-stabbing, lying chump who needs to die.
c) a member of the PsiCorps.
30. Harriman Gray's telepathic skills show that he:
a) is an incredibly cool, powerful guy that needs to be in more episodes.
b) is in need of serious training.
c) was taught by PsiCorps.
31. Marcus Cole is:
a) spiffy, intelligent, humorous, and skilled, and he has a sweet accent too!
b) chumpy, stupid, boring, and unskilled, and his accent is annoying.
c) a Ranger.
32. Lyta Alexander is:
a) a great telepath, even cooler after working with Kosh, and a really cool person.
b) a lame telepath, Kosh's influence did no good, and a real boring character.
c) an unwilling member of PsiCorps.
33. Zack Allen is definitely a _______ security officer:
a) great, sarcastic
b) horrible, not-at-all-funny
c) Babylon 5
34. The ships in Babylon 5 are designed:
a) incredibly well, and look very realistic.
b) incredibly poorly, and look very fake.
c) to look futuristic.
35. The variety of aliens in Babylon 5:
a) is pleasing and very entertaining.
b) is unacceptable and needs to change.
c) is satisfactory.

Essay time! Grading is based on how well you answer, up to 10 pts. Explain answers fully. Cite examples. If you can remember episodes titles, use them!

36. Is it good or bad for Sheridan to allow the rogue telepaths to remain on the station? Why? What could their presence hold for future people?
37. Who is the best captain-- Sinclair, Sheridan, or Lochley? Give examples of decisions that would show they are the best.
38. Which race of aliens is the most advanced in civilization, culture, and technology? Why?
39. Who are you? What do you want?
40. Explain what you think it would be like to grow up on Minbar.
41. Do you think the Rangers are necessary for the growth of the worlds? Give reasons why they are a positive or negative influence.
42. What do you think is the main theme (i.e. "moral") behind Babylon 5? What does Babylon 5 teach us?
43. If you could go back in time to any place in the history of Babylon 5, where would you go and why?
44. Explain what actions you would take if someone killed G'Kar. Tell what your reaction would be and how
you would avenge him if you chose to.
45. What qualities does Ivanova have that make her a great character? What makes her unique?
46. Why do you feel Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek? Be specific with your answers.

Insane, wasn't it?

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