Babylon 5 versus Star Trek

Thank you Dad, for introducing me to these shows :)

And ziyal47... This craziness is all your fault. Not that it's a bad thing! :)

Okay, here's how the story of this nuttines goes.

One day, I casually mentioned watching Star Trek to my best friend since 2nd grade, ziyal47. To my surprise, she'd been watching it too, for many years. After we went on for months about it, I kept harassing her to watch Babylon 5 since I felt it was much better. She insisted nothing could be better than her beloved Deep Space 9. I persisted. I made her watch.

She saw the light.

We often joke about how cheesy Star Trek can be, and how great Babylon 5 was. We came up with all sorts of insanity because of it.

I'll soon bring you some more products of this, but for now, here's some stuff to whet your appetite. Be warned, heavily opinionated stuff!

Babylon 5 test - This was a joke to see if she knew what was "right" and "wrong" in B5.
Properties of Coolness - Beware ideas spawned from a boring day in band! You'll find it fascinating, believe me. It's not opinion... really! *innocent look*
Babylon 5 versus Star Trek - Mwahahaha... This pits B5 characters against corresponding ST characters in a battle of the best show. Oh boy... I started turning it into a help file a long time ago, from what was originally a text file. It was never completed, but I'll try to, just for you lovely people out there :D Yeah, it's the same name... but I used it here just cuz I liked it so much.

I shook hands with Stephen Furst. And JMS. Envy me.

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