September 14, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated *yay* and... that's it. I didn't make it into the finals for the Sailor Moon People's Choice Awards >:( I honestly have no idea why I didn't and some of those sites did. Ah well. Good luck to all the contestants whose sites I like ;D

September 11, 1999- The picture gallery was updated, including thumbnails for galleries 17-20.

September 07, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated, and there's two new awards. Qupee button removed since it's over. *eyes spin* Wow, my counter is going by fast O_O *cheers* I'll eventually get around to links... *whistles*

September 05, 1999- A new section of World is up, Desktops By Immora. There's about 50 desktops in there, including 10 from Sailormoon. WROC fragment removed since it's closing ;_; ... Wow, I almost have 29,200 hits o_O

September 04, 1999- Picture gallery updated (woo hoo!) and two new awards. I'm fighting off a cold *wah!* and I had the hardest test of my life on Thursday in History *wah!* so I'm not really in the mood to do any more updates.

September 01, 1999- Wow, the first time I've been late with my RealAudio gallery update! o_O ... Ok, it was one day... but I know some people look forward to it and want me to be punctual! Blame the school board for it!!! Mean people, always assigning lots of homework and tests *sob!* More awards; one is for a "grading" of sorts of my page by the new online mag, Sugar Happy. Please go see it! ^_^

August 29, 1999- I missnumbered some of the issues (whoopsies) so I really did go past 12 issues, and it is time for a new layout! Yay! I condensed the layout so it wouldn't scroll (as least for me.) I think it's mighty cute! The picture gallery has been updated; more Soraya, yay!

August 24, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated. Cómo estas? Ugh, too much school...

August 23, 1999- I've made a pretty big change the this week's picture gallery. I've gotten sick of trying to find 10 decent manga or anime images every week, so I've changed the focus to 5 fanart pictures every week. I know this is going to make a lot of people mad... well, tough. I have to enjoy making my site, so I'm going to do what I want with it :P And some people out there will be thrilled, sooo... Hope you like it.

August 21, 1999- My MST is now available, yay! It's on a new page called It's Comedy! along with Pasosamo. More awards added. The picture gallery is on hold since I have a world history project to do.

August 17, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated and more awards added. Ugggh, too tired to think of doing much else...

August 15, 1999- I updated the picture gallery; sorry that I had it linked wrong on this page ^^;;; You'll notice I moved it to Xoom... I store all the newer galleries there, and they won't let me link to files from another server :( Anyways, I've been busy with school, so sorry for the delay. Work on Moments continues. It's been two weeks since I contacted the author about MSTing; that's the standard amount of time you wait for a reply before you go ahead and do it ^_^;; So that will be up soon, once I finish it.

August 10, 1999- The RealAudio gallery has been updated. Well, I'm back and school... and it seems like I'll have a considerable workload every night ;_; So, maybe I won't update as much as I'd hoped I could. Sorry! I'll try to keep on top of the two weekly updates though...

August 08, 1999- Sorry about the delay! The picture gallery has been updated... and *bangs head repeatedly on desk* I fixed the design help form because it sent incorrectly, so if you submitted the form since the move to, I didn't receive it... I'm working on an HTML version of the Moments file, like I promised ^_^ I'm going to go ahead and upload it as I go so you can see it in progress; I'll announce when it's finished. And, well, school starts tomorrow... *groans*... I don't have digital art like I thought, they cut the funding, and my schedule was so screwed up that I don't know what classes I'll be having! o.O On the plus side, I have Internet access in my room now, so that should updating much easier!

August 05, 1999- Thumbnails for galleries 13-16 are now up... It seems that I have to actually stick the galleries on Xoom for any pictures stored on Xoom to work *grumbles* Dangit!!! A new World layout is up, just in time for having hit 27,000 hits *whew!*

August 04, 1999- More awards (woo hoo!) plus the song reviews have been updated. I'm going to try to finish up some episode reviews soon (don't hold me to that.) Ummm... I think that's it!

August 03, 1999- If you took one of the surveys since the move to, it did not go through! Please take it again! Awards For You added. The RealAudio gallery has been updated. Some links were corrected (thank you, Stéphane!) You might be seeing a MSTed story in the future (assuming I get the author's permission.) I go back to school Monday... *whimpers* I should have Internet access in my room soon, so I'll be able to work more on this site. I know you're tired of me saying it, but please vote for me, especially in Cutie Moon! I know a lot of people are coming here... I got 53 hits yesterday! Come on, it doesn't take very long... And look at what's in the lead right now : The Hidden Negamoon. Do you really think they deserve to be #1???

July 30, 1999- The picture gallery has been updated. Link me has more buttons. Please keep voting!

July 29, 1999- Link me section added with several cute game-based buttons; mainpage altered slightly to accomodate. My interview is up at The Luna Ring Newsletter!!! Please keep those votes coming! Help me stay #1!

July 27, 1999- I joined a Top 25 sites list, so please click the banner at the top of the page and vote for me!! The RealAudio gallery was updated. Guestbook is working now (yay)

July 26, 1999- I think I got everything up and running now. I've moved a lot of stuff out of Crosswinds since they won't let me link to my own files (how rude!!!) More links up, yay. Don't expect many updates to pages with a lot of writing; I'm getting used to the Natural Keyboard, which will probably take awhile.

July 25, 1999- I've moved the site here to (yay!!!!) The picture gallery has been updated. The guestbook is screwed up, I'll fix it later. Let me apologize in advance if anything on the site is sluggish. We have the Roadrunner installed, and everything's really fast, so I wouldn't realize it if any of the pages are slow. I highly recommend getting a cable modem. I downloaded the SMR movie (from the Sailormoon Channel), two Cake songs and two Sailormoon songs in mp3 format in less than an hour. Whoa.

July 24, 1999- Isn't the new layout soooo cute?!?! *pats herself on the back ^_^ * Yeah, I know I was going to do Minako but... next time! So, the volumes archive has been updated accordingly. New section up, Understanding the Names... hey, you might learn something! And more awards (I'm starting to get used to saying that). I'll get around to the pictures later; the Roadrunner gets installed today, so once I have that, updating will be a snap! Yessss!

July 20, 1999- More awards (gee!), and the RealAudio gallery updated. I didn't change the issue number because I would like to see 12 be the last issue for the volume. Hopefully, I'll have the stuff worked out this week and get everything moved there, with a new volume to celebrate. And, you guess it, vote for me. Please? No offense to my competition, but I probably have the best site there. And I'm stuck at the bottom of the list!!! >:( You can vote once per day, you know... so, get your votes in everyday. Please? Please? I'll give you a cookie...? ... Keep on the lookout at The Luna Ring Newsletter, I'm going to be interviewed soon ^_^

July 18, 1999- I just added several more awards. Wow O.O I'm working on possibly having host my site. They already agreed, I've just been trying to figure exactly what services they provide before I switch over. Great, great site by the way. I just joined the staff today! ^_^ Getting a Roadrunner cable modem next Saturday, yesssss! So that will let me update MUCH quicker. Might have to do even more music every week :) Don't forget, please vote for me in Qupee! You can vote everyday even! C'mon, please?

July 16, 1999- Picture gallery, as usual, and... Pasosamo episode II is up o.O Wow, I've been cranking out the fics! Now that I don't have them looming over me, begging to be written, I can really concentrate on Daskbrhe! *cheers* My fanfiction survey has been modified accordingly.

July 15, 1999- Everyone, try to stay calm, but... Chapter 11 of Silvermoon is now up! O.O I actually wrote another part! Yay! *dance dance* I added a survey for that chapter too, so please take it. Oh yeah, *singing* I got another award... Also, there's a little banner at the bottom of the mainpage for Qupee, please check it out and vote for me! Dad's back from the hospital, yay! ^_^

July 14, 1999- Other fanfiction is updated. Don't worry, it's really good stuff ^_^ I created a mailing list for Daskbrhe. As for World updates, Journalism Articles renamed to Feuilleton and updated, and Olde World Charm added. Dad just when in for his surgery, wish him luck!

July 13, 1999- I opened up the Sailormoon Weekly RealAudio World *dance dance* I'm so proud of myself ^_^ Hope y'all don't have too much trouble downloading stuff; I know it can be annoying. I'm planning on adding Olde World Charm soon, plus changing the name of Journalism Articles, adding more stuff, and redesigning it. Dad's surgery is actually going to be at a later date since it isn't serious (thank God!)

July 11, 1999- Picture gallery updated and the design help form changed somewhat. The World has a new look. It might take me a little while to make another update; my dad is having surgery tonight to remove his gall bladder. Get well soon, Dad! I might not update next weekend because my mom's birthday is the 18th. Good news for all you Silvermoon fans that pestered me to write more (all, what, three of you? LOL). While waiting for feedback from my prereaders on my latest Daskbrhe stuff, I've been working on the next chapter for Silvermoon. I've actually gotten a lot finished. I figure I need to satisfy you poor people, right? And I had too many ideas to keep bottled in until I finish Daskbrhe. So, you may be seeing another chapter of that soon.

July 8, 1999- Not a big deal, but I changed the descriptive text on the profiles page to be more accurate. I also corrected the broken logo in the B5 vs ST page and the missing anime article.

July 7, 1999- Added a thumbnail gallery for galleries 9-12. I can see I'll be hitting 25,500 hits really soon... wow! 500 hits in 15 days! Who woulda thunk, huh? I'm probably going to change the look of the World again soon to accommodate more stuff; this layout is spiffy but doesn't allow much room to change. I'm going to keep featuring my artwork though, don't worry, just different pictures :D

July 6, 1999- She's BA-ack! Well, I had a great vacation and a nice Fourth of July :D Some more awards were added (including another review! Yay!), the picture gallery updated, volume achives updated and the background changed, found out Aluminumsiren's civilian name, and guess what? I opened a new thing in the World, called Kiss The Queen : The Natalie Portman KiSS Doll Project. Check it out, KiSS and Nat fans! Oh yeah, I've been considering a weekly RealAudio file... if I ever figure out the right combination of programs to make them ^^;;; I would record them off my own CDs and all. So, if I figure out how to do that, you'll have two types of weekly galleries :D Oh, thank you to all the people that have been filling out the surveys recently! I'll do some more updates later, okay? I'm going to try to do lots of small updates instead of trying the large ones I usually do ^^;;; Ever noticed how I try to lump stuff together?

June 24, 1999- Well, I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, so there's another picture gallery to hold y'all over till I return. The links are updated and the survey modified slightly... New section: Design Help. Woo hoo. Remember, I'm going to be gone until late next week, so try to save your e-mails and requests until then. Oh, and people who've been e-mailing me about link exchanges and webrings: I'm not interested in link exchanges. The only webring I'm a part of is exclusively for an award I received. I don't plan to join any more... Okay? Please don't waste the space in my inbox with your requests! If you've started up an award or review thing of some sort, I'm definitely interested. But no webrings or link exchanges. And please don't just e-mail to say "COME VISIT MY SITE!"... especially a certain someone that sent me a 410 KB zip of low-quality pictures trying to get me interested! STOP IT!!!... I think my point is clear ^_^;; ..

June 23, 1999- 25,000 HITS!!! *screams!* YAHOO!!! :D :D :D... Oh, I completed the Volume Archives, with pictures of each volume plus images for two upcoming volumes, and updated the links.Yippie yippie yippie! ... Just out of curiosity, what's with the sudden rush of people e-mailing me to ask me to look at their site? o.O

June 22, 1999- Sorry sorry SORRY about the delay, but I was busy for awhile, and then once I had free time, my modem wasn't working right! And then I pulled a muscle in my upper back from typing too much... and then I've been busy with fanfiction and a novel (I'll eventually finish it... in a few years...) SORRY! All pages have been redesigned with the exception of the profiles themselves. Really. There's been updates to Daskbrhe, awards, pictures [two galleries to make up for all this craziness], villains (the actual pages, not just the splash page), and links. Pasosamo is working, btw, I know some of you brought to my attention that the link was broken. A new section called Volume Archives is up, but it isn't complete. Don't forget to look at The World Of Immora; if you ask me, the new layout totally kicks butt. You do look at that, right? And isn't this new magazine-inspired mainpage totally spiffy? Oh, I accidentally deleted my guestbook while I was clearing out files... Everyone, HELP ME! I'm low on ideas for galleries in the pictures section! And I'm also running low on pictures of that size and quality! I have 2,000+ images on my computer from Sailormoon, but most are smaller and a lot are black and white! What should I do? Eeeeek! Would galleries of those pictures work? Perhaps wallpaper images? Am I worrying too much about it? ^^;; Anyways, I'll also be on vacation from this weekend till the next. I'm just crazy with all this, aren't I? Oh, I do have ideas of things to do with this site... I just have to finish what I've started -_- ;;;

May 30, 1999- Just a BIT of a facelift to the index... ^^;; Blame Ironmouse of the sailor animamates reviews. I was awarded 4 starseeds out of 5 by her. *dance dance* The picture gallery now includes thumbnails, also because of her. Some slight changes to Neptune's profile and the SM season info. Remember, give Ironmouse the credit/blame... LOL. More updates thanks to her coming soon ;) This will include some better navigation from subpages, some more corrections to profiles, probably (not sure) design tweaking elsewhere.

May 28, 1999- I went ahead and did twenty pictures for this week's picture gallery since I'll be busy next weekend. Some more other fanfiction is up; now the new fiction has its own page. I received the Silver award from TelevisionCity, yay! Removed the Hitbox since it didn't tell me that much extra. More links added in both sections.

May 22, 1999- Picture gallery, as always. It's getting annoying to list the physical dimensions of pictures, so I'll only be giving the file size. I finished up the school year, yay! But in a week I'll be in summer school for two weeks *groans*... Why can't schools offer all classes during the school year? I would have updated yesterday, but I was seeing The Phantom Menace again ^.^ It is soooo good! I got four more SMS and four more Stars episodes today; yay! I'm going to make a webpage about Queen Amidala; it will be up soon. If you want to take a peek, it will be here. Don't forget, I'm in Small Lady's "Finals Time," so please go there and review me!!!

May 14, 1999- Yes, the picture gallery was updated, of course. That's the weekly update, after all. I've been too busy with Daskbrhe and the last two weeks of school to work on anything else, so I'll eventually finish the villain's profiles and episode reviews (up to what I've seen so far)... Only one more week, thank God! And Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace opens Wednesday... my dad waited in line over an hour to get us tickets *weeps with joy*. So that makes up for taking final exams *groans*. Also, I was awarded a Top O' The City award by TelevisionCity (the neighborhood this site is located in)... I got the silver, according to the listing on their page for it, but I never got the award itself o.O I was also Moonlight Dream's Site of the Month.

May 8, 1999- Outer Senshi shrine is finally complete, with the individual shrines back up and better than before. Episode reviews for the SMS episodes I've seen are up. The Silvermoon text files have been split into four different parts for convenience. I got another award, see the links. This intro was updated, but do you really care? :)

May 7, 1999- Picture gallery updated again. A few more links, too, and corrections to those linked to Animecity sites. Besides the picture gallery, updates will be sparse for awhile-- I finally reached the point in Daskbrhe that I can really get interested in writing it, so I'll be working furiously on it. Plus, only a couple weeks of school left, so I've got tons of work to do. Summer coming up though...

May 1, 1999- Picture gallery updated. Yay! :) Fixed incorrect links in the Outer Senshi shrine. A whole two links added (big whopping deal)

April 30, 1999- No guestbook signatures yet, hmmm... Well, I got all the artwork working finally... I hope o.O I'm too tired to add the next section of the picture gallery... maybe tomorrow...

April 28, 1999- Guestbook added. Please take the time to fill it out! Still working on getting some things corrected... like, the artwork is kinda screwy right now... I also have a V3-URL now:

April 27, 1999- This site is back on Geocities! I'm still listing all the updates that were included with the Crosswinds address. I'm keeping the account for storage. Annnyways... I've changed the layout so it's much cleaner and easier to navigate... hopefully it's prettier and takes less downloading time. No more image maps! No more separate sectionals! Some new stuff, too. Episode reviews page is up, but no reviews are up yet. The stuff page is back! Some season descriptions shortened due to excessive coverage of a specific episode rather than the season. Links now have descriptions as well; a couple things removed and some moved around since I have two separate pages for it now. Both surveys have been updated and editted. Some pages are split up into separate sections for less loading time, corrections to links on bottom of pages for the new layout, and the Picture gallery was updated. More of my artwork up. Changed the title of the Seasons section since they really weren't "summaries," were they? Oh, I forgot to mention last time-- in the Outer Senshi shrine, the pictures are separated by who's in them instead that huge long list. . For those of you who care, the main site, The World of Immora, was updated. Or did you not know it was there? :P

April 18, 1999- Villains page is now up, but only SM and SMR villains are available for now. More song reviews are up, and finally, the YKYWTSTMW is updated! *scream!*

April 16, 1999-- Picture gallery now opened! Yay! The links list has some changes; some screwy links removed, some new ones, plus... I've been reviewed by three groups, yay! I'm working on making some corrections to things people pointed out that were wrong... like some of the painfully bright text colors... So you'll notice here and there some changes with that. Still working on it. I have to make picture logos for some pages still... Also, I'm planning on condensing the site somewhat; instead of having separate "Entertainment," "Information," and what-not pages, they will just be listed as that secion on the index... it will look better than it sounds, trust me. Also... anyone know how to jusify text??? Fixed my surveys so they aren't so huge-seeming, edited some questions, etc. Only 3 people have taken the surveys... a bit disappointing. I'm starting to cross-reference some pages; you'll notice I've started to do that here. Some of the newer links still have underlines though (yuck) but I'll fix that soon. More other fanfiction up; see the page for complete updates with that. Background updated slightly. And expect me to update more since we finished our drama production; I won't be stuck at school so long :) I've started on the Villains section and it's coming along nicely. It won't be nearly as thorough as the Senshi profiles, but I hope to cover all the villains. I'm pretty far into the second chapter of Pathetic Soldier Sailormoon and am getting reasonably far in Dark Skies, Bright Heavens... okay, chapter 9, about 180 or so pages and 410 KB, that's pretty good, right? o.O (and they say Tim Nolan writes epics...) Interested in prereading it??? Send e-mail to me! My name below is a link to my e-mail. If that doesn't work for you, it's

March 25, 1999-- Moments.txt has been updated yet again; no new "moments" exactly, there's descriptions of two LD covers, translations of song lyrics and prologues, and my added "Analysis/Arguments". I haven't had time to upload my artwork, sorry... our drama show coming up, and rehearsals have been long... Hey, how come only two people took my surveys, one for each? Come on, people, I need the feedback! ^.^ ;;

March 19, 1999-- Just finishing up the uploads. I haven't been able to upload the new artwork yet, so if some of it doesn't work, I apologize. Two surveys now up; one about the site, the other about my fanfiction. Please take them!

March 18, 1999-- Whoa, long time no update! I've been very busy with going to school, homework, club meetings, projects, etc., and haven't had time to work on the page. Well, now that I'm back, I changed the look of the whole site, and all profiles and season summaries (yes, even Kakyuu, Tuxedo Kamen, and SuperS!) are up with new looks and an additional comments/ratings tacked onto them (if you care...). A new comedy fanfic by me is up, some preview stuff for Dark Skies, Bright Heavens, more of my art, the reviews are completely rewritten with many additions, a fanfiction section with a ton of other people's stuff... *gasp!* Took down the Tour of the Silver Millennium to be completed, the individual character shrines in the Outer Senshi Shrine to be completed, updated the Moments list, and links have also been updated. I might be forgetting something! I might do more updates later... who knows?

November 04, 1998-- The look on almost all the pages has been changed. The page is now divided into larger sections with smaller subsections. A page of background information has been added as well. Minor updates to the Stuff page.

October 15, 1998-- The entire Outer Senshi shrine should be up now. I haven't had time to check every single picture to see if they uploaded correctly, but all the pages are there.

October 14, 1998-- Now, don't have a heart attack or anything, Silvermoon fans, but the newest part is finally available! Yay! :) All Silvermoon-related pages are now up as well, and all the artwork that goes with it.

October 13, 1998-- Everything besides the Outer Senshi and Silvermoon sections are now available here and only here.

September 20, 1998-- The nice new index page created, along with this page :)

September 19, 1998-- This site starts up at this address; starting to move over from Geocities.

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