This site was previously owned by Mel, and before that Kimiki, the founder, who named it Rootbeer Reviews. In December 1999, it was handed over to Immora (me) since Mel could no longer maintain it. The name was changed to reflect the new owner and my style of reviewing. Hopefully it won't need to be handed down again!

The Team: Immora has teamed up with z e t t a i . ni . a y a k a s h i to form a lovely little... well, team. The Ayakashi Sisters are filled with comedy to brighten your day, including a parody of webpage reviewers, tacky KiSS dolls (made by Immora,) adoptions, and more to come. Though controversial, they are well-loved by many (though they have their share of enemies!) Immora provides the serious part of the team, reviewing sites that want to be reviewed (unlike many reviewers who pick and choose.)

The Review Format: All sites are graded according to this format, based on the rainbow (the site's namesake.) You may want to refer to this since it may get confusing!

Red: Dedication. Is this site full of life, always changing for the better? Or does it seem dead and forgotten? Is the author making an effort or leaving the site to rot? Is effort obvious, or does it seem empty even though updates are frequent?
Orange: Fulfillment.
Does the content satisfy your thirst for knowledge, entertainment, and amusement?
Yellow: Confidence.
Does the author defend his/her views and speak their mind, or do they hide behind trends and follow the crowd? Are they outspoken without being egotistical?
Green: Uniqueness.
Are things original to the site or stolen from others? Are there direct links to other people's files? Is credit given where it is due?
Blue: Clarity.
Is everything clear and organized? Is information accurate and well-written? Are there too many spelling mistakes that are easily avoided?
Purple: Beauty.
Does this site have an attractive appearance? Is it cluttered or organized? Do the layouts seem part of a whole or random pages that are supposedly part of a larger collection?

Each area is graded on a score of 0 to 5, and a description of why it earned that score follows. The scores are then added up and divided by the number of areas (6) to get the average score. This determines the ranking:
Perfect 5
Between 4 and 4.9
Between 3 and 3.9
Between 2 and 2.9
Between 1 and 1.9
Under 1
The rankings represent what would be found in that pot at the end of the rainbow :)

Anyone scoring in the Copper or Lead categories will be contacted for permission to make their review public. I don't want anyone to be publicly embarrassed by a low score. I'm here to help sites, and humiliating them isn't the way to do it!