Minako lived in England for awhile before coming to Japan, having a successful acting career as Sailor V. She was fluent in English, making it easy for her to speak with American visitors when they came to Japan. While in England, she had two good friends named Alan and Katarina. She loved Alan, but Alan and Katarina loved each other. She fought crime with them as Sailor V, and after an explosion occured in a place she was investigating with Katarina, she learned of their love and left, leaving them believing her to have been killed. She enrolled in a different school from Ami, Usagi, and Makoto, but they were in the same school during high school. Her character, Sailor V, was made into various merchandise, anime, manga, video games, etc. in Japan, so the girls knew of her character and Usagi idolized her.

In both the anime and the manga, Minako loves volleyball and sports. In Sailor V #1, she is shown playing volleyball, swinging on a bar, running, etc. Due to her prior experience as Sailor V, she didn't need the training the other Senshi did when she was discovered. She is emotional and gets upset when her friends are in bad situations, but she'll keep fighting no matter what. While she is normally in a good mood, she will sometimes fake one to mask her actual upset. She loves to chase after guys, and doesn't seem to care who she ends up with; she goes after all of the Three Lights simultaneously.

In the anime, Minako is very kind, but she's incredibly ditzy. She always tries to quote famous sayings and gets them wrong. She giggles all the time and often gets very hyper. She gets along with almost everybody, and seems to get along with little kids well. She is a bad cook and makes mistakes alot. Despite her frequent lapses into laughter, she is very determined and dedicated to the Senshi. In the first season, however, she seemed to be more mature and less giggle-prone.

In the manga, Sailorvenus can be considered the true leader of the Inner Senshi, and she has a sword to symbolize her leadership. Minako is more mature compared to her anime side, but she still gets those giggle attacks. She can go hysterical sometimes, sometimes overly so; when two of the Senshi died, she was so wrapped up in distraught that Uranus had to slap her to make her snap out of it.

Minako has long, pale blond hair. In the anime, she always wears it with the top section fastened with a red ribbon, however, in the manga she sometimes wears it with a scrunchie instead or even down. Her eyes are cerulean blue. She usually wears small studs for earrings. She's about average height. When she isn't in her school uniform, she dresses like a typical teenager.

As Venus, her powers are based upon gold and love; her weapon is a chain of gold hearts (a sword as well in the manga). Her fuku is orange with a blue bow, the back bow being yellow. Her shoes are orange highheels with a strap across her ankle. The thick stripes on her collar are placed right next to each other.

My Opinion:

Minako is absolutely hilarious! How can you not laugh at her antics? Especially episode 109... with all those silly attempts to prove she was pure hearted, and the whole "Ta... ta... ta..."... And 180, when she tried to call in the concert hotline, and was leaning back with only the phone cord for support, screaming... Her misquotes... Minako will definitely cheer you up :) I do appreciate how she does show a softer, sadder side sometimes. See, she's human! :)


Senshi Name: Sailorvenus
Real Name: Minako Aino
Meaning of Name: Beautiful Child of Love (roughly)
First Appearance (anime): Episode #33
First Appearance (manga): Sailor V #1; in BSSM - Acts 7 and 8
Aura color: Gold
Favorite colors: Yellow and red
Birthday: October 22
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Lives with: Artemis
Favorite Food: Curry
Least Favorite Food: Shiitake mushrooms
Hobbies: Volleyball, idol chasing, talking
School: Juuban
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Math and English
Seiyuu: Fukami Rica