Haruka apparently didn't live with her parents, even before moving in with Michiru. She participated in many sports, but the only one that could hold her interest was track, where she competed with a girl named Elza Grey. She always beat Elza, even though Elza was considered one of the top runners in the country for sprinting and hurdling. Haruka loved motor-sports and raced frequently. She kept having strange visions though, where a sailor-suited girl appeared to her and told her their destiny. Elza introduced her to Michiru, and Haruka recognized her as the girl in the dream and treated her coldly, afraid to accept her fate, but after Michiru transformed into Sailorneptune in front of her to save her from a daimon, she became a Senshi and grew close to her, somewhere along the way moving into an apartment together. They attended school at Mugen Gakuen together, and shared the mission of protecting Earth from outside invasions and to find the Talismans in order to form the Holy Grail and save the world [note: they already had the Talismans in the manga]. They didn't realize it, but they were actually the ones with two of the Talismans.

In both the anime and the manga, Haruka is into sports and also plays the piano. She's very famous for her car racing, being the top Formula 1 racer in Japan, and is incredibly rich. She's arrogant and gets mad easily, yet she's always at ease around Michiru. She doesn't show emotions that much, and very rarely cries or blushes, especially in the anime. She often flirts with other girls, especially Usagi, making Michiru mad, but she is only interested in Michiru. Michiru is her lover, and they are extremely close to each other. She, along with Michiru and Setsuna, take care of Hotaru during SuperS and Stars; in the manga because her father was killed, in the anime because he got hurt bad and, well, Setsuna just kinda took Hotaru from him. She is dedicated to her mission and would make any sacrifice to complete it.

In the anime, Haruka is often mistaken for a man because of the way she dresses. When she first met Minako and Usagi, they mistook her for a guy and followed her around all day. The two told the others about the cute "guy" they'd met, and when Michiru showed up to introduce her, she looked quite obviously like a girl. She's much more tomboyish than she is in the manga. She hangs around the Crown Center occasionally. She is obviously distrustful of the Starlights, even more so than in the manga.

In the manga, Haruka first appears looking exactly like a guy, but in later Acts she is shown looking exactly like girl; this has caused a lot of rumors online, but Naoko Takeuchi confirmed that Haruka is a girl, always has been, always will be (so everyone who thinks she's a hermaphrodite or changes genders somehow, you're wrong). She acts a bit more reserved and is more feminine.

In the anime, Haruka has short, boy-cut dark blond hair, and dark teal eyes, but in the manga, her hair is a bit more feminine, white, and her eyes are silver. For the S season in the anime, her left ear was pierced and she wore a gold hoop in it, but in Stars, both ears are pierced. In the manga, both are always pierced. She's the tallest of the original ten senshi; Starmaker appears to be a bit taller than her. In the anime, she always wears guy clothes or only slightly feminine, but in the manga, once she appears looking like a girl, she's seen in skirts, dresses, and other girlish clothes, as well as guy's clothes.

As Uranus, her powers deal with the Heavens, as in the skies, and her weapon is her Talisman, the Space Sword. In the manga, she can change its length, apparently whenever she feels like it. Her fuku is dark blue with a golden yellow bow, the back bow being dark blue. She has ankle-length, highheeled boots. Her collar has no stripes, and unlike the other Outer Senshi, she has nothing adorning her choker; this changes when she gets her Super form though. She has shorter gloves than the Inner Senshi.

Note on her last name: "Tenno" is not the correct spelling, nor is it an acceptable spelling. "Tenno" uses different kanji and means "the Emperor".

My Opinion:

Haruka is simply the best. Argue all you want, you can't make me budge on that. She has great attacks and a great henshin, the best voice, she's gorgeous (especially in the manga), a great singing voice, and a great personality. She and Michiru are the cutest couple around. There's no one else like her. You just have to like her!


Senshi Name: Sailoruranus
Real Name: Haruka Ten'ou
Meaning of Name: Distant Sky/Heaven King
First Appearance (anime): Episode 90 (shadowed), 92
First Appearance (manga): Act 24
Aura color: In manga - deep blue; in anime - sometimes deep blue, sometimes gold
Favorite color: Gold
Birthday: January 27
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Significant other: Michiru
Lives with: Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: Natto (Fermented soybeans)
Hobbies: Driving, flirting, piano
School: Mugen Gakuen, later Juuban (manga only)
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Japanese
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi (yay!)