Taiki, as (s)he is known, came from Kinmoku, where (s)he served under Princess Kakyuu and lived with Yaten and Seiya. Galaxia attacked, and they fled, Princess Kakyuu disappearing. They came to Earth in search of her, and becoming an idol singing group, the Three Lights, so they'd gain more visibility and hopefully she'd hear of them. Taiki plays the guitar. They attended Juuban in the same class as the Inner Senshi there.

In both the anime and the manga, Taiki is quiet, and is obviously very school-geared. His/her intelligence seems to rival that of Ami. (S)he loves poetry and sushi. (S)he reads frequently and is often breaking up arguments between Seiya and Yaten. (S)he isn't very active and doesn't seem to enjoy the attention they receive as idols.

In the anime, Taiki is a man who turns into a female Senshi when transforming. He is interested in astronomy it seems, for in an episode he becomes friends with a man who named a comet

In the manga, according to reports from Naoko Takeuchi's appearance at a San Diego convention, the Three Lights are all females. The Starlights are killed by Animemates. All the Senshi's spirits are sent to their planets and are reborn, so we have to assume the Starlights were, too.

Taiki has long, stringy brown hair which he pulls back into a ponytail, violet eyes, and a rather large forehead. He's very tall and dresses conservatively, and has both ears pierced.

As Starmaker, her powers are drawn from Kinmoku. Her fuku is a black leather bikini top, shorts, tall gloves and boots. She has two strips of purple with studs on them around her neck, and coming out of the top of her gloves are purple things. Her tiara is a thin gold line with a gold star in the center, with gold stars for earrings.

My Opinion:

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... I really hate Taiki ^^;; Taiki is so dull, so boring... All (s)he does is study and act like (s)he's oh so perfect. Ugh! I can at least put up with Mercury, but not Taiki. And that stupid "Star Gentle Uterus"... I fast-forward through it everytime. It's just too stupid. Why did they have to create Taiki? Why?


Senshi Name: Sailorstarfighter
Real Name:
Kou Taiki
Meaning of Name: Atmospheric Light
First Appearance (anime):
Episode 173
First Appearance (manga): Act 43
Aura color:
Probably pink
Favorite color: ???
May 30
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood type:
Lives with: Seiya and Yaten
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Hobbies: Poetry, studying
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject:
Seiyuu: Tsunoda Narumi