Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon

Well, last summer I got bored and didn't feel
like writing something serious. I wanted to
write something kooky and silly for once. I
wanted to write a parody like no other.

And so, Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon was
born. God help us all.

So, if you aren't frightened away yet, here's
the story and two things relating to it:

Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon : Episode I
Pathetic "Soldier" Sailormoon : Episode II
Lyrics - Songs parodies, SM and other.
Sailor Losers - A picture of the infamous Muststudy, Dee-itz, Maso, and Jerkyturd.

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The Sailor Losers, from Episode I. Clockwise from top: Jerkyturd, Dee-itz, Muststudy, and Maso