Immora's Outer Senshi Shrine

Please note that some pictures have been shruken to half their original size [in height and width] to reduce the file size and downloading time. I did not scan any of these pictures myself; I found them all over the 'net. I've included in the descriptions the size in pixels and the file size of each picture so you can decide whether or not to waste your time on them, and have made .jpgs with thumbnails of the pictures and their numbers so you can use those as well to choose which pictures to download. Whenever possible, I included the source for the pictures; source meaning original source, not the webpage. There are 190 pictures included here, and I hope to add more later. Enjoy.

Setsuna/Sailorpluto Pictures
Haruka/Sailoruranus Pictures
Michiru/Sailorneptune Pictures
Hotaru/Sailorsaturn Pictures
Haruka and Michiru Pictures
Outer Senshi
Group Pictures w/ Inner Senshi

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