Immora's Outer Senshi Shrine

Outer Senshi-related Music

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Outer Senshi music. Includes their transformation music, intro music, attack music, and the BGM played when Uranus and Neptune fought Moon. MP2, 1.27 MB.
Saturn BGM. Saturn's sorta New Age sounding music, with all that weird "la la" singing. MP2, 147 KB.
Moonlight Densetsu. Opening theme for the first four seasons. Midi, 19.3 KB.
Tuxedo Mirage. Ending theme song for SMS, the third season. Midi, 11.0 KB.
Sailor Stars opening theme. Theme song for the 5th season; full-length version. Midi, 79.4 KB.
Kaze mo, Sora mo, Kitto. Ending song for the 5th season. Midi, 18.2 KB.
Outer Senshi henshin. Music played whenever the Outers transform. Midi, 38.2 KB.
Ten'ou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru. A piano and violin duet, very pretty. Midi, 29.6 KB.
Song from episode 110. REALLY quiet, sad song that's heard in episode 110. Midi, 4.35 KB.
Kaze ni Nari Tai. "I Want to Become the Wind". Haruka's image song from SMS. This midi turned it into a shorter piano song. Midi, 6.31 KB.
Unmei wa Utsukushiku. "Fate is so Beautiful". Michiru's image song from SMS. Midi, 66.8 KB.
Saturn's sad BGM. A violin song played when Saturn was preparing to leave to defeat Master Pharoah 90. Midi, 13.9 KB.
Don't Fear Please. Played in episode 167 when baby Hotaru had a vision of Neo-Queen Serenity becoming Eternalsailormoon. Midi, 8.15 KB.
Desubasutazu no Yabou. The Deathbusters' theme, played almost every time there's a scene in Professor Tomoe's lab in SMS. Midi, 32.4 KB.
Ai no Senshi. "Soldiers of Love". More commonly known from the Inners' battle with the Ayakashi Sisters, was played when Usagi was in the car with Haruka and Michiru in episode 102. Midi, 49.1 KB.

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