Usagi was just a normal teenager living with her mom, Ikuko; dad, Kenji; and brother, Shingo. She had been at the hospital when her brother was born and met a boy named Mamoru there, giving him a rose because he was sad. She had good friends, Naru and Umino, and attended school. On the way to school one day, she found a group of boys surrounding a black cat, picking on it. She rescued it, and found that it had a gold crescent moon on its forehead. Later at her house, the cat spoke to her, saying her name was Luna, and revealing to Usagi that she was Sailormoon, a sailor-suited heroine who fought evil. Usagi became Moon and fought the forces of evil, meeting up with more Sailor Senshi like herself along the way. She discovered she was the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, princess of the moon during the Silver Millennium, and Mamoru, the "annoying boy" she'd met on the way home one day was the reincarnation of her fiance, Prince Endymion of Earth. She was able to retrieve the ginzuishou, which her mother Queen Serenity had used to send her and her court into the future with, and meet her daughter from the future [Where she's Neo-Queen Serenity], whom she calls Chibi-Usa.

In both the anime and the manga, Usagi is kind, loving, friendly, but lazy, not terribly bright, and whiny. She is dedicated, however, and tries hard to be a Senshi, even though she'd rather be eating or sleeping. She loves to play video games at the Crown Game Center. She isn't terribly fond of Shingo, and argues constantly with Chibi-Usa. She can be overly sappy sometimes with Mamoru, but still loves him very much. She sees the good in people that most see as bad or evil. Everyone else thought Ami was strange, Makoto was a bully, Rei a real jerk, Hotaru a freak, etc., but she saw past that and became their friends. She wants everyone to be happy, and even tries to appeal to their enemies to turn to the side of good.

In the anime, Usagi is supposedly the Messiah of Light [I'm not sure if this holds true for the manga.] She is more at odds with Chibi-Usa, IMHO.

In the manga, Chibi-Chibi represents her fighting spirit. Usagi seems a bit more mature than in the anime.

Usagi has very long blond hair, which she wears pulled up on either side of her head in round buns with a long section of hair falling from each, and fluffy bangs. Her eyes are blue. She wears small studs for earrings. She's short compared to most people. When she isn't in her school uniform, she wears the typical teenager's clothes.

As Moon, she has unusual attacks-- she throws her tiara, she heals, she purifies, she destroys, and she uses the ginzuishou occasionally. She has several different rods and staffs that she uses for her attacks. Her original and second fuku are blue with red/magenta bows, with a brooch in the center of her top bow. She wears dangling crescent moons for earrings, a tiara with a gem, and has an unadorned choker. In her Super form, she has a blue collar with gold stripes [it shades gold to green to blue in the manga], gold choker with a red heart, magenta front bow with a heart brooch, transparent sleeves, a huge transparent back bow, a gold and a white skirt separator with a heart brooch in the center, and a skirt that shades white to yellow to green to blue. She has in her hair interesting barrettes, two on either side, which consist of three white pearls with a "petal" coming from each, crescents for earrings, and her tiara has a crescent moon in place of a gem. In both these forms, her gloves come to her elbows, and her boots are red/magenta, come to her knees, and have white trim. In her Eternal form, she has a navy collar with gold stripes, a series of wings instead of a front bow with a heart and moon brooch, huge puffed pink sleeves with two bands of magenta at the bottom, really tall gloves with adornments like her barrettes on them, plus a sort of bracelet around the wrist, huge white wings, a thin magenta ribbon in the back, a gold and a magenta ribbon with a crescent moon in the center instead of the usual skirt separator, three skirts on top of each other-- gold, magenta, then navy. Her boots are tall, white, and have a triangle top in the opposite direction with magenta lining. She just has a crescent moon on her forehead instead of a tiara, barrettes, a magenta choker with a gold heart on it, and crescents moons plus stars for her earrings. In all forms, her buns have a round red/magenta barrette with a thick white trim around them.

My Opinion:

... Well, she's rather amusing... even if I'm usually laughing at her and not with her... Ok, I'm not a huge fan of Moon, which I think is funny since she is the main character... oh well! Basically, I find her annoying most of the time and I think it makes no sense that she and Mamoru hooked up just cuz they'd been lovers in a past life (they hated each other this time around! Not a good basis for a relationship!) Ah well.


Senshi Name: Sailormoon, also Supersailormoon and Eternal Sailormoon

Real Name: Usagi Tsukino

Meaning of Name: Rabbit on the moon

First Appearance (anime): Episode 1

First Appearance (manga): Act 1

Aura color: Pink, sometimes silver

Favorite colors: Pink and white

Birthday: June 30

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Blood type: O

Significant other: Mamoru

Lives with: Her parents and brother, Shingo

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Hobbies: Eating cake, eating, and sleeping

School: Juuban

Favorite Subject: Home economics

Least Favorite Subject: Math, English

Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono