Haruka and Michiru in a loving embrace


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     Haruka and Michiru are arguably the best couple in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. They were attracted to each other from the beginning, unlike Usagi and Mamoru, though Haruka denied her feelings because she was afraid of her destiny as a Sailor Senshi. These two women show a deep love for each other through actions and words, yet many people refuse to accept their relationship, saying they are "just friends" or making up rumors that Haruka was a man in her past life. Some people just don't think there's enough proof that they are lovers.

     This is a list of things that happen in the episodes Haruka and Michiru appear in that would imply they are lovers. This also has translations for their songs and prologues that suggest they are lovers, plus pictures from the episodes and the occasional RealVideo clip. I thought my fellow fans might like to look over everything that's happened between them (I know I sometimes buy episodes just for things that happen between them)... but also to prove to those silly people out there that they are lovers... Those that think Haruka and Michiru are "just friends," that we are just misinterpreting their relationship due to cultural differences, or that the dialogue between them has been mistranslated and therefore misinterpreted as suggesting a relationship... Either these people are very homophobic or they're just ignorant. There are so many things that happen, it wouldn't matter if one line was wrong... there's so many others that prove their love! I want people to see just how much stuff happened between them in the anime alone that shows they are lovers. Hopefully some of you (like this wacko) will come to your senses --;;;

     While I own a good amount of episodes and both the movies they appear in, I don't own all the episodes. I have, however, read many episode summaries, seen screenshots, read scripts, etc., for the episodes which I do not have. The episodes I have are subtitled by VKLL. Oh yeah, just ignore the comments I make if you want... they're just there to emphasize the significance of the dialogue and actions ^^;;

     This is updated from the version I originally created for ZA's issue review of Haruka and Michiru's relationship, quite significantly. Many more moments have been added or corrected (now that I've seen more episodes and have more scripts rather than summaries). I've also numbered the incidents within episodes with my analysis/arguments regarding the said event. I simply refered to this as A/A for simplicity's sake.

     If you want to download a text version of Moments, click here. This may be freely distributed but it must be credited to me, Immora. The HTML version may not be used for any purpose. There are some things missing from this file.

     I may provide a zip of all the files here so it can be easily viewed offline.

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