Makoto's parents were killed in an airplane crash when she was younger, and since then, she's had a great fear of airplanes and has lived in an apartment alone. Her original school kicked her out because she got into alot of fights, so she switched to Juuban, where Usagi and Ami attended. She wasn't able to wear the uniform; she was too tall. At first, many kids were too afraid to approach her because of her reputation, but Usagi did and they became friends. Makoto dated someone for awhile, but he eventually dumped her, and her close friend, Shinozuki, came to her side immediately [note: this is in the anime only]. In the manga, she is apparently attracted to a boy named Asanuma; I'm not entirely certain of their relationship, but I've seen a scan of a page where she grabs him and kisses his forehead.

In both the anime and the manga, Makoto is very kind, a bit silly occasionally, but she strikes me as pretty mature despite her boy-craziness. She is very protective of her friends [I'm pretty certain this stems from the fact that they're all she has]. She had to transfer to Juuban after getting kicked out of her old school for getting into too many fights. She loves cooking and actually enjoys housework; in the manga, she spends days cleaning her apartment and in the anime is only too happy to clean up Motoki's apartment. She isn't involved with anyone, but she always seems to be keeping her eye out for prospective boyfriends. She couldn't wear the uniform at Juuban Junior High; for some reason, they didn't have one her size, so she just wore her old uniform.

In the anime, Makoto seems a bit more wild and a tad more tomboyish than in the manga. I can't remember if they specifically say how her parents died.

In the manga, Makoto is more feminine and seems calmer and more mature.

Makoto has long, wavy auburn hair (more on the brown side in the anime), with a thin, long piece on either side in front of her ears. In the anime, it's always worn up with a green fasten, but I've seen art volume pics of her with her hair styled differently or worn down. Her eyes are emerald green, but are sometimes colored brown by mistake in the anime. She always wears a pair of magenta rose earrings. She's very tall; only Haruka and Setsuna are taller than her. When not in school uniform, she dresses casually, but occasionally in nicer clothes.

As Jupiter, her powers are based on thunder/lightning, as well as abilities dealing with trees. Her fuku is dark green with pink bows. In the manga, the antenna in her tiara is usually extended whether using an attack or not. She has dark green ankle boots. She has two thick stripes on her collar that are only slightly separated.

My Opinion:

Some of you might remember how I jokingly had her in the Outer Senshi Shrine as a "should've been" Outer Senshi ^.- Basically, I think she's the coolest Inner Senshi, and she should've been an Outer cuz she's just so cool, and they're the best, after all ;) Jupiter is an outer planet... Anyways, Mako-chan is a very great character, and plus I love her voice [DiC did her a terrible injustice with that six-pack-a-day V.A. they got her >:( ]


Senshi Name: Sailorjupiter
Real Name: Makoto Kino
Meaning of Name: Sincerity of Wood
First Appearance (anime): Episode 25
First Appearance (manga): Briefly in Act 4, fully in Act 5
Aura color: Green
Favorite color: Pink
Birthday: December 5
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Lives with: No one
Favorite Food: Cherry pie
Least Favorite Food: None Hobbies: Bargain-hunting, cooking, housework
School: Juuban
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Physics
Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi