The world of Quenhol isn't really a planet. It's just a place, hanging out in space somewhere just beyond Pluto. No one really knows how many people live there. There are Humans, Pure Elves, Forest Elves, Dragana, Katrisa, and many other races living there in relative harmony. The world is covered in rivers and forests; the enormous trees towering high, wider than the Earth invention called a "gymnasium." There's no monetary system; none is needed.

On a particularly chilly autumn morning, a woman named Lorenada was out walking to reach the capital city, Immonu. Lorenada was a Pure Elf, and immortal being gifted with sorcery. She had lavender skin; slanting purple eyes; long, pointed ears; and purple hair tinged magenta that fell past her waist. She had a youthful appearance as all Pure Elves do; they do not age after reaching 25. She was over 10,000 years old, the oldest and one of the most respected sorceress in the world.

Lorenada was passing through one of the few areas on Quenhol that didn't have trees. The grass grew tall in most places, and distances were hard to judge since the land was flat and lacked trees. Stone arches marked the distances, however, to help travelers. A special magic signal built into them kept track of those who passed.

Magic and sorcery aren't the same thing. Lorenada was one of the first people to realize that. In fact, her reason for going to Immonu was to explain this to some of the new students. Sorcery was a gift all people of both Elvin races had, and it utilized nature to cast spells, with no words needed. All Elves had a particular "element" they worked best with; elements being things like fire, water, love, the mind, almost anything imaginable. Magic was something Humans had and not many were born with the gift. Spells had to be cast using phrases and chants, and only if the mage attained the archmage level would they be able to use a spell with only thoughts. There was currently only one archmage living, the first in several millennia. Mages trained in many different elements and tapped into the "spirits" of things, be they inanimate or living. The races could, however, use each other's gifts, but it was painful to do so and took a long time to master.

As Lorenada passed under one of the arches, she was surprised to see a man lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. The man was a Katrisa; those who can shift between Human, feline, and something in-between. He lay there in his in-between form-his eyes had slits for pupils, his cat ears were on top of his head (no Human ears were present), he had long whiskers on his cheeks, a furry tail, long claws, and the rest Human.

Lorenada examined him and noticed a long trail of bloody claw marks on his side. After healing him, she woke him up. He looked around frantically before changing into a panther and running off.

*Odd,* she thought, *there is no one else around. What is he afraid of?*

As she listened carefully, she heard the beating of leathery wings. Eyes wide with fear, she looked around and tried to find some way to shield herself.

*A Dragana!... all the way out here?!*

The Dragana were a race of women with pale green skin, almost Elvin forms but for claws, fangs, and large Dragon-like wings. No one was certain how they came to exist. All knew them to be deadly, murderous, and one of the few things keeping real peace from settling on Quenhol.

Lorenada readied lightning bolts in preparation for the certain attack. The Dragana wasted no time and dove at her immediately. Lorenada shocked it a bit with the lightning, but the Dragana quickly retaliated and grabbed her around the neck.

"Silly Elf... don't you know? We Dragana have lightning powers, too!"

The Dragana turned Lorenada's power against her, practically killing her with an electrical shock. Leaving the Elf lying by the arch, she flew off.

*One less traveler to Immonu,* she thought as she examined her claws, stained with Katrisa blood. *One less chance to live under the heel of the Quenholtian government. They don't even realize what "peace" would really mean here.*

Note: Ok, this is really cheesy. You have to understand, I originally wrote it on paper in ink, I didn't type it! ^.^;; I kinda couldn't edit it... And I decided to leave it as it was originally instead of editting it once I did type it up. I did rewrite it for the novel I've worked on-and-off on for the past... four years? And I started over from scratch awhile ago, yikes! Anyyyyways... It will be much better for the novel!

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