You've just turned on your television to watch a show you've never seen before, and out of nowhere, you hear a great deal of swearing, several punches are thrown, and maybe an over-abundance of skin is shown. Inappropriate content such as this is becoming more and more common than ever, and it needs to be stopped.

Anyone who owns a television is at risk for being exposed to these materials. Just because a show is shown late at night doesn't mean that a younger viewer won't ever see it. Some kids stay up past the time "safe" shows [those appropriate for children] are on, particularly on weekends, and all it takes is a click of the remote for them to be exposed to things they shouldn't be. Some children may have negative reactions to seeing harmful material and there is even a risk of mental trauma from seeing things like excessive violence. Adults who find such content offensive could stumble across it while channel surfing. The rating box on the screen shown at the beginning of a program is probably ignored by most young people, and their parents might not be able to argue that a show is wrong for them to watch if they missed seeing it as well.

Maybe it would be unfair to people who don't disapprove of these things to completely censor these things, but those who disapprove need to be protected from seeing it. There are products available that can block out signals from offending channels, and many satellite dishes can be programmed to not receive those shows. By doing this, everyone wins. Parents should keep track of what their children are watching, and restrict the amount of television watched and what shows are seen.

If you only watch television for specific shows that you know the content of, you probably won't come across the harmful types. If, however, you are the type of person that turns on the television and browses programs when you have nothing else to do, you'll probably see/hear something you'll wish you hadn't. I feel the best method of censorship is by far the simple solution of avoiding television as much as possible. Why willingly put yourself at risk?

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