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I haven't had the chance to see any of Jennifer Lopez's movies, but I got her CD and was blown away by it. Boy, can this gal sing! I just love her music! I think it's pretty humorous how all these magazines and shows are making such a big deal about her butt. C'mon, it's a butt for goodness sakes! But anatomy aside, she is a phenomenal woman and makes a great desktop.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez continued
A beautiful image of her in a black dress, set against black. She blends into the background, pretty cool looking! In a silvery-green top, set on a gray-green background. She's almost hugging herself.
A really neat picture of her in a pale blue shirt with a fluffy trim. A nice image of her in a red shirt and skirt. There's a paler mirror image to the left.
A cool angle on Jennifer in a brown bikini top, her hands in front of the camera. A gorgeous image of her in a golden yellow dress with black lace trim, set in a white circle with a golden yellow background. Her hair has chunky streaks in it.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Magic Knights Rayearth

Danger Girl

Jennifer Lopez

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