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I only have the first issue of Danger Girl ( ^^;;; ) but I am nuts about J. Scott Campbell's artwork. One day, I just sat down and churned out desktops o_O Surprisingly, they turned out pretty cool ^_^

Danger Girl

Danger Girl continued
Abbey sitting on the ground, gun over one shoulder as she looks over the other. She's in a solid white circle surrounded by outlined black circles, set on a muted blue. Natalia sharpening a knife, in a white circle, with outlined circles around her. The whole picture is blue toned.
Full length shot of Abbey in a pale blue dress, body facing away, looking over her shoulder with a smile. She's in a solid white circle surrounded by outlined black circles, set on pale blue. Full-length Natalia reaching to Abbey (not pictured) from a rope ladder, her hair billowing out above her. From issue #1.
Black-and-white picture of Abbey holding up a gun, body facing away, looking over her shoulder. Full-length Natalia with her arms crossed over her chest, holding her knives. She's in the white section of a muted purple to white shade.
Black-and-white bust shot of Abbey, circular, set on white. Black-and-white Sydney, standing at a slight side angle, leaning forward with her whip tucked over her shoulder. JSC drew this for Clay from
Black-and-white Abbey sitting on the ground, a smoking gun held in one hand while she props herself up with the other. Full-length shot of Sydney holding her whip, in a solid white oval, with a deep blue background.
Full-length Abbey fiddling with something on her belt, set in a white rectangle, separated from the dark blue background by green and black lines. Full-length side shot of Sydney leaning against a wall, with a white background.
Full-length Abbey holding a gun high with one hand on her waist, with a white circle behind her that doesn't completely enclose her. Muted blue background. Full-length shot of Sydney looking a bit out of it, holding her whip, set in a white rectangle with a background of thick and thin stripes in black and blue.
An unusually posed Abbey partially lying on her stomach, in a pale blue dress, with a smoking gun held over her head. Set on a shaded red. Sydney holding her whip with a smile, leaning against the corner of the picture, white background.
Abbey leaning back as she fires a gun, from the cover of issue #1. Outlined circles of green and dark blue are around her. Travis Charest's picture of Natalia, Abbey, and Sydney with respective weapons, set on white, with green to blue shades on either side.
Full-length shot of Abbey holding a gun, smiling nicely, set in a white rectangle with a larger green one to the side, the whole picture thickly bordered in dark blue. Valerie kneeling in her gear, in a funkily curved seagreen section, with a black background that has "Silicon" and "Valerie" in varying sizes and shades of seagreen.
Black-and-white full-length shot of Natalia with her hands on her hips. Full-length shot of Valerie in scuba gear; she's just a medium aqua (no shading) and the background is aqua.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Magic Knights Rayearth

Danger Girl

Jennifer Lopez

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